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by Ben Taylor

( It is a common mantra by government agencies and mainstream medicine that, “there are no clinical case studies proving the safety and efficacy of colloidal silver”. The denial isn’t limited to colloidal silver, but to silver in general for that matter. If there were an admission that silver kills germs, then it stands to reason that silver in water will do no less. Therefore the lie is repeated over and over as a very effective propaganda tool. Ironically, the mainstream has even in modern medical times accepted the use of silver in some situations, burn wards for example in their use of silver bandages and silver impregnated creme and in drops for baby’s eyes to prevent bacterial infection at birth. The notion that there are no clinical studies proving the effectiveness and safety of silver is simply not true.

Colloidal Silver, the biggest threat

Mainstream medicine, pharmaceutical companies, and even government agencies like to claim that there is no colloidal silver research & clinical studies proving the effectiveness of silver. The list below proves that simply isn’t true. Colloidal Silver may be the biggest threat to the pharmaceutical cartel’s mega-money making antibiotic industry. They simply do not want any competition, even from a simple mineral with possibly the oldest historical use of any health and healing agent or mineral supplement. It matters not to the medical mainstream that the effectiveness of antibiotics is limited only to bacterial infections and even that use is becoming less and less effective. Colloidal silver is not a new product, not a new supplement, nor is it a new medicine; it is simply a natural mineral in suspension or in solution in a water medium. Silver’s historical use as an anti-microbial agent in various forms is undeniable and until the advent of more profitable patented medicine development by the pharmaceutical industry was even accepted by mainstream medicine. Ironically, that is when colloidal silver regardless of its unparalleled germ killing ability became the whipping-boy of mainstream medicine and government alike. This is one of those many cases in the self-protection mindset of modern medicine and their government agencies protectors where truth, science, and the public health be damned in favor of mainstream medical industry profits.

Fear of more effective germ killer

Although mainstream studies using colloidal silver (silver in water) may be limited, it is because of their fear of re-discovering a more effective antibacterial agent than antibiotics and then having to publicly admit it. Logically and factually, the mineral silver works the same to kill pathogens/germs whether used in a creme, a bandage, or taken internally in a water suspension. Following is a list of a number of clinical studies concerning the use of silver in various forms, from silver anti-microbial wound dressings to anti-microbial silver polymer for the treatment of venous leg ulcers to the use of ionic silver to promote healing:

Colloidal Silver Research & Clinical Studies

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  2. Nametka, Mary, RN, MSN, CS CWS, WCN, Associates in Wound Care, Kenosha, WI Oct. 2000
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  11. Paz-Altschul, Oscar M.D., FACS , Desert Regional Medical Center, Palm Springs, CA April 2003
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  12. Tamulonis, Ruth RN, MS, CWOCN , Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center, Marshalltown, IA April 2003 The Use of a Unique Delivery Method of Ionic Silver: A Case Series
  13. Brandy, J. Christopher, MD, FACS, Caromont Wound Center Gastonia, NC April 2003
    Understanding the Role of Ionic Silver in Wound Bed Preparation
  14. Tamulonis, Ruth RN, MS, CWOCN , Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center, Marshalltown, IA June 2003 A Paradigm Shift in Wound Management
  15. Trowsdale, Helen RN, BSN and Olveda, Mary RN, BSN A-Plus Family Care, SanAntonio, TX
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  16. Agbim, Salome ND CNS APRN BC and Miner, Kimberly ND CNS CWCN Wound Care Associates, Englewood, CO Bioburden Control through the use of Silve Anti-moicrobial Gel on Contaminated Stage IV Pressure Ulcer
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  18. Marjorie Groom, RN, CWOCN, MSHCA, DAPWCA, Memorial Hosptial Belleville, IL April 2005 “Enhancing Venous Leg Ulcer Health with an Ionic Silver Hydrogel”
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  21. Gibbins, Bruce PhD and Karandikar, Bhalchandra PhD AcryMed, Inc., Portland, OR July 2005 “Novel Silver Antimicrobial Treatment”
  22. Susan Girolami, BSN, RN, CWOCN Therapy Support, Inc., Cincinnati, OH April 2006 “Combining Ionic Silver Wound Hydrogel and Negative Pressure for Limb Salvage”
  23. Cameron Field, DPM and Kenneth Morgan, DPM HealthOne Alliance Presbyterian/St. Lukes, Denver, CO April 2006 “External Fixation Pin Care Protocol Utilizing Ionic Silver Site Dressings”
  24. Mary Webb, RN, BSN, MA, CIC San Mateo Medical Center, San Mateo, CA April 2006 “Use of Ionic Silver and Collagen to Reduce Bioburden and Promote Healing for Improved Quality of Life in a Complex Patient”

Man’s knowledge of and use of silver is as old as mankind’s history and there has been volumes of research on silver for many decades. Alfred B. Searle, the founder of Searle Pharmaceuticals, which later became Monsanto Chemical Co., did scientific studies on silver and wrote a book about his research in the 1920s. Anyone claiming that credible research has not been done concerning silver is either intentionally lying or is simply ignorant of the truth and should not be in anything resembling a position of authority.

To view a Silver Research Bibliography assembled by Dr. A. Bart Flick, the developer of Silverlon, click here.

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