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Paul Fassa as a natural health journalist started researching natural healing to overcome his unhealthy lifestyle. He is amazed at the ignorance about natural healing and how beneficial foods and herbs are constantly ignored or vilified in order to promote toxic foods and patented drugs by Big Pharma, the FDA, USDA, and the AMA, which he calls the “Medical Mafia”. Paul Fassa sees the struggle for health freedom and the need for improving and preserving our food supply as key issues in today’s ill and diseased world. He has contributed hundreds of article to Natural News, Align Life, Natural Society, The Best Years In Life and the Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine.

Paul Fassa Articles, Commentary & Opinions:

Why Is Natural Healing Called Alternative?   (Part 1)

Colloidal Silver Science-Based Evidence of Efficacy and Safety is Ignored

Colloidal Silver-Not A Toxic Heavy Metal At Any Level

Cartel Rules Mainstream Medicine

Challenging the Taboo on Salt

Survive the Flu Naturally- Part 3

Survive The Flu Naturally- Part 2

Survive the Flu Naturally- Part 1

The Truth and Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver Axes Neoplasms

Surprising Applications for Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver Pet Panacea

Statins May Be Downright Dangerous

Ghee Even Better than Butter

Potatoes Are Healthy and Are Good Survival Foods

Naturally Preventing Memory Loss and Dementia-2

Naturally Preventing Memory Loss and Dementia Part 1

Ketogenic Diet to Create Better Health

Avoid Surgery with Natural Skin Cancer Remedies

Can Colloidal Gold Help Kill Destructive Cells?

Colloidal Silver Axes Neoplasms

Protect Yourself from Toxic Water

Colloidal Silver is  Better Than I Thought

Colloidal Silver is Anti-Cancer (Why I’d Nebulize Colloidal Silver to Treat Lung Cancer (video) by Robert Scott Bell)

Colloidal Silver A Healing Panacea for Pets

Cancer Fighting Foods That Most Don’t Know About

The Continuing War on Natural Healing

Coffee Health Considerations Have Changed

Yet Another CDC-WHO Media Promoted Fake Epidemic

Another Insider is Picked to Head the FDA

Cancer Genius On Trial Yet Again

Be Skeptical of Cancer Diagnoses

Why Pregnant Women Should Avoid Vaccinations

The Demise of GMO Agricultural Control

Another Reason to Use Colloidal Silver Over Antibiotics

Important Aspects of Healing Cancer Naturally

Industrial Hemp Can Help Detoxify the Planet

Exaggerated Holistic Doctor Death Hype

Stages of Cancer and How to Handle Them Naturally

Glyphosate Is Ignored As A Possible Carcinogen

Have Your Bread and Eat It Too

Boosting Your Mineral Levels With a Sweet Tooth

Inflammation Is the Root of Most Disease

Many Foods Labeled Natural Contain GMOs

Iodine Should Not Be Ignored

Help Stop Government Attacks on Supplements

Declaration of Independence

Added Sugars are the Real Culprits

The Benefits of Colloidal Gold

The Truth About Water Fluoridation

Statins May Be A Death Sentence and Not A Solution

Hypocrisy of the AMA’s Standard of Care

Enzymes Not Only Aid Digestion But Also Prevent Cancer

The Root of All Disease Goes Deeper Than We Think

Identifying the Hidden Dangers of MSG

Protection From Toxic Chemicals in Clothing

When Mainstream Medicine is Appropriate

Why Alternative Cancer Remedies Sometimes Don’t Work

Fight and Prevent Disease by Alkalizing Our Inner Terrain

Protection From Toxic Chemicals in Clothing

Dirt Makes Kids and Gardeners Healthier

Avoid Microbial Chemo by Using Colloidal Silver

Two People Who Overcame MS Without Drugs

Biologist Rejects GMOs and Counters Hunger with a Better Way

Honest MDs Go Natural and Reject Mainstream Medicine

Most People are Deficient of Vitamin B12 and Their Symptoms Are Misdiagnosed

Boost Your Body Mineral Levels With Blackstrap Molasses

Don’t Let Laetrile Disinformation Discourage You From Using It

Foolish to Think You Can Fool Mother Nature-Butter is Better

Roundup is Worse Than Formerly Understood

Avoid Influenza by Using Elderberry Extracts

Colloidal Silver Should Be Used Instead of Dangerous Antibiotics

Microwave Cooking- Convenience For Cancer

Importance of Dietary Silica and Diatomaceous Earth

The Linus Pauling Approach For Heart Health

Don’t Listen to Laetrile Disinformation

Zeolite Protects From Heavy Metal Toxicity

The Good The Bad and The Ugly of Mainstream Medicine

Eliminating Vaccine Dangers By Greening Is Bogus

Colloidal Silver is Anti-Cancer

The Wonders of Colloidal Gold

FDA Approves Human Cancer Cells to Make Vaccines

Dr Ken’s Heroic Fight Against the Medical Mafia

Exposing the Polio Vaccine Fraud

The Real Quacks Are Those Who Cry Quack the Most, Pt 1

The Real Quacks Are Those Who Cry Quack the Most, Pt 2

Vaccinations Are All Risks and No Benefits, Pt 1

Vaccinations Are All Risks and No Benefits, Pt 2

Mainstream Medicine, A House of Cards, Pt 1

Mainstream Medicine A House of Cards, Pt 2

What To Do About the Ebola Scare

Understanding Colloidal Silver

A Casualty of the War On Cancer

Use Zeolite Often for Detoxing

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