Zika Mosquito Insecticide and Microcephaly

August 18, 2016;  By Tony Isaacs; Continued From Page 1: The Link Between the Zika Mosquito Insecticide and Microcephaly; (UtopiaSilver.com) The Zika scare has unleashed a dangerous campaign to spray a neurotoxic pesticide over the city of Miami and surrounding areas. The pesticide is Naled (trade name Dibrom), an organophosphate pesticide that is considered one of the most toxic and, like many other organophosphates, has been banned in many places, including Europe.

The CDC has written that using insecticides (including Naled) to target adult mosquitoes is one of the LEAST effective methods of controlling mosquito populations and has produced only short term gains. Naled is no exception. For example, researchers from the New York Department of Health showed that 11 years of Naled spraying was “successful in achieving short-term reductions in mosquito abundance, but populations of the disease-carrying mosquito of concern “increased 15-fold over the 11 years of spraying.

Naled is a potent organophosphate. Organophosphates attack the human nervous system the same way as chemical weapons such as sarin gas. At acute levels of the pesticide, a person’s neurotransmitters stop working and they die painfully from suffocation due to essentially being paralyzed.

When the CDC tried to sneak Naled into Puerto Rico, the government was incensed and returned the pesticide unused. A 2010 study said organophosphates are responsible for killing 200,000 people a year in developing countries.

But here is the real clincher when it come to it’s use against mosquitoes which supposedly carry Zika: it has been proven to be dangerous to pregnant women and its breakdown product, dichlorvos, actually causes – guess what – microcephaly. Yes, the pesticide being used to supposedly protect against microcephaly, actually causes it!

As can be found in EPA documents, dichlorvos is also a carcinogen.

Are Vaccines the Real Reason for the Zika Scare?

Vaccines are a huge cash cow for mainstream medicine, and literally millions of vaccines have been sold due to health scares – often with bad results for those vaccinated. For example, during the great Swine Flu scare back when Gerald Ford was President, far more people died from the vaccine than from the Swine Flu. Similarly, the HPV vaccines such as Gardasil are responsible for more deaths and adverse events than all other childhood vaccines combined. Even as states are rushing to mandate measles vaccines and as a mandatory vaccination bill is working its way through the U.S. Congress, more people already die from the measles vaccines each year than die from the measles.

As the saying goes, “Never let a good scare go to waste”, and the Zika scare is no exception. Zika vaccines are coming. Already the first human trials are scheduled to begin. We don’t know what the side effects will be, but you can bet there will be side effects and possibly horrific, even fatal, ones. As Dr. James A. Shannon, former director of the National Institute of Health, said:

“The only safe vaccine is one that is never used.”

What You Can do to Protect Yourself Against Zika and Viruses In General

The best protection against viruses is the same as the best protection against virtually all disease and illness: a strong natural immune system. Here is an excellent protocol for building strong natural immunity developed by Dr. Ken O’Neal, MD ND:

Immunity Booster and Unnatural Cell Growth Protocol


Dr. O’Neal has also developed a superb protocol for healing and detoxing in the event that you or someone close to you is forced to vaccinate against their will:

Vaccine and Detoxification Healing Protocol

Note that colloidal silver is a supreme pathogen destroyer. Whenever a virus, including influenza, comes to your area it is a good idea to have plenty of colloidal silver on hand to help ward off the virus as well as help beat the virus quickly and lessen its effects if you do get it.

What You Can do to Protect Yourself Against Sprayed Pesticides and Detox from Pesticide Exposure

When neighborhoods far and wide were being sprayed with pesticides during the West Nile virus scare, this author wrote articles about what to do to protect and detox yourself, your family, your pets and animals, and your garden:

How to Minimize Exposure to Aerial and Ground Spraying of Pesticides

Use These Tips to Detox After Exposure to Aerial or Ground Sprayed Pesticides

It is also worth noting that eating an all-organic diet for only a week can remove up to 90% of pesticides in the body. See:

New Study: Eating an Organic Diet for Only One Week Can Reduce Pesticide Levels by 90%

When it comes to the safety of sprayed pesticides and vaccines, perhaps we should take a clue from then-President George W. Bush, who made sure when pesticides were being sprayed far and wide during the West Nile virus scare that no pesticides were sprayed in or near the neighborhood where he has a home in Dallas. Bush also declined to take a flu shot during another scare, saying he was “saving the dose for someone who needed it”.

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Massive New Study Suggests Pesticide the Cause of Microcephaly — NOT Zika Virus


Massive New Study Suggests Pesticide the Cause of Microcephaly — NOT Zika Virus






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