What To Do About the Ebola Scare

August 11, 2014

by Paul Fassa

(SilverBulletin e-News Magazine) The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) warns the Ebola is coming soon from West Africa, where thousands have been dying from the disease for years. Even alternative health writers who have experienced several bogus pandemic alarms over the past few years are jumping all over this – you know, “if it bleeds it leads” journalism.  (Publisher’s Note: This is what to do about the Ebola scare without falling prey to mainstream medicine.)

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But that is what’s scary about Ebola. It’s a hemorrhagic fever virus that causes fatal internal bleeding in its later stages. So any remedy should be applied in its early stages before internal organs disintegrate.

Health officials also announce there’s no cure for Ebola. Antibiotics are for bacteria. Ebola is a viral blood infection that’s serum borne, not air borne, which makes it less contagious than a seasonal or any other flu. Only vaccines can supposedly prevent viral infections, and Big Pharma doesn’t have one yet. After all, it hasn’t been a popular disease here. So there’s no money in it.

An Unheralded Solution

But breathe deeply and relax. There is an unpublicized in vitro (Petri dish) study proving colloidal silver can destroy Ebola virus strains. Silver is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

The study was funded by the DOD (Department of Defense) and carried out by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in order to determine what defense was feasible for stopping a hemorrhagic fever virus, of which there is more than one, with Ebola having the highest mortality rate.

The ensuing report is titled: “Silver nano-particle neutralization of hemorrhagic fever viruses
Novel Nanotechnology-Based Antiviral Agents: Silver nano-particle neutralization of hemorrhagic
fever viruses.”

It was performed in 2008 and at first classified as confidential. But even after being declassified and available for public release, almost nothing was mentioned by the mainstream media about this study’s findings.

Apparently, trials on Ebola victims in West Africa with colloidal silver were not attempted. Maybe the DOD wanted to determine what it could use to protect future invading troops in West Africa, where Ebola is a fairly popular disease, or simply find an antidote against Ebola bio-warfare.

Big Pharma wouldn’t want to pay for human trials or let that information leak. Colloidal silver is not a synthetic medicine. It can’t be patented. But it can be banned, as it has been in the EU. Big Pharma does not allow for any competition. That’s why I use the term “Medical Mafia” for the pharmaceutical industry.

So this trial study remains at in vitro, (in lab glass cultures) and not in vivo (live mammals). The study’s conclusions were dramatic, demonstrating that silver nanoparticles contained in colloidal silver completely stifled proliferation of Ebola viral replication within the blood or tissue cells of infected serum from African green monkey blood cultures that were infected with synthetically produced Ebola viruses.

This means exact dosages haven’t been determined for humans. But colloidal silver can be used liberally upon awareness of any viral symptoms. And it’s not nearly as expensive as anything the medical mafia comes up with. But it does wipe out the good bacteria needed for digestion and overall immunity. So an hour or more after each colloidal silver dose, a good Probiotic should be used to restore the collateral damage to intestinal Probiotic flora.

You can get the PDF study report in the sources below, but you may need some decoding to read it: Ag is the symbol for silver; nano = one billionth; NP stands for nanoparticles; ug/ml = microgram per milliliter; Vero cells are lineages of cells from African green monkeys used in cell cultures; TCRV stands for T-cell receptor variable; eVLP mimics enveloped viruses for vaccine research.

So just in case there’s any reality to the fear mongering hype that evokes imagery from any Hollywood movie depicting an epidemic moving so rapidly it wipes out hundreds of thousands in weeks, it’s wise to have a good amount of colloidal silver on hand, or know where to get it, or have a device to generate your own.

Apparently the only caveat from the study offered by another colloidal silver expert is the silver needs to have already been in use or used quickly upon exposure to Ebola, in which case nebulizing colloidal silver may prove the fastest way to get it into your system. Small oral daily dosing as a preventative is another way to go.

Silver Handles a More Real Existing Threat

Currently there is a very real bacteria threat here that is worse than anything from Ebola. But that’s old news and Big Pharma doesn’t want that exposure anyway. That threat is MRSA, (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), the antibiotic resistant super bug that has spread from hospitals for which there is no pharmaceutical answer.

This bug usually infects the skin, but a little cut or opening from a surgical wound on the mend can enable this MRSA bug to crawl inside and become lethal at a one-in-five per victim clip. But wait! Colloidal silver to the rescue again! Yes, MRSA can’t handle colloidal silver, but colloidal silver handles MRSA. (Source below)

And there are other bacterial infections that have developed resistance to pharmaceutical antibiotics, which have nasty side effects other than having to replace the collateral biotic damage with Probiotics.

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, steady use of colloidal silver doesn’t cause tendons to rip or folks to become paralyzed or so immune deficient damaged they get sick more often even after the original infection is eliminated. This happened to my wife, by the way. Recent studies demonstrate how heavy pharmaceutical antibiotic users are more cancer prone.

Your immune system is your best bet against getting infected. You can use pH strips to determine your alkaline balance level as an indicator of your immune system’s strength. An ideal blood level pH number should be close to 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. But pH strips are for reading saliva, which gives a lower reading that’s ideal at 6.4 to 6.8. (Source below)

Urine pH strip readings tend to be lower and can vary wildly, as they are filled with acidic waste products. Stress and an acidic diet affect your alkalinity adversely. So focus on those areas to improve your immune system’s strength.

The West African natives are extremely stressed by violent civil war activity, extreme poverty, and filthy infected water without any village sanitation systems. Many of their symptoms are borne from these conditions alone! Some say the kill rate is probably higher from flu pneumococcal complications here than the Ebola rate kill rate is in West Africa even under those conditions.

So yes, I think this another exaggerated media pandemic to increase fear and compliance for more government control. But just in case, be ready for anything.

Silver for Ebola (see decoder above) – http://www.thesilveredge.com/pdf/defense-threat-reduction-agency-silver-nanoparticles-neutralize-hemorrhagic-fever-viruses.pdf
Silver for MRSA – http://www.colloidalsilvercuresmrsa.com/
About pH readings – http://www.drlam.com/opinion/ph.asp

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