Is Vitamin K Really Necessary for Infants?

By Briana McDonald; ( Dr. Suzanne Humphries speaks on giving Vitamin K to newborns, saying “my opinion is that the more I read about Vitamin K, the more I can’t believe that it’s injected into newborn infants…my scientific endeavors have shown me that by and large, nature on overall, didn’t make mistakes like this….nature didn’t leave out Vitamin K from babies and that until babies are 6 months old, they’re not actually having a full coagulation, or a normal coagulation, and this is for a reason…just like babies are programmed to be anti-inflammatory, I believe that babies are programmed not to have numerously higher levels of coagulation than adults.” Is Vitamin K really necessary for infants? Did God make any mistakes in his grand design?

What does Vitamin K Do?

It has been standard procedure for almost every birth since around the 1970’s in the United States for every child to be given a Vitamin K shot on their first day of life. This has been done due to the concern that the child could develop an intracranial hemorrhage which of course could be problematic. The fact is that we have applied this to every birth rather than just the vastly small percentage of children of which this could actually occur. About 30% of babies will have micro-hemorrhages in the brain during a normal, healthy delivery. Unfortunately, due to premature cord clamping, a lot of the stem cells that are present in the placenta which are actually able to go into the baby and clean up any damage done during birth, are cut off when the doctor clamps and cuts the cord. If you thicken the blood around 2,000 times more with the very large dose of Vitamin K, which makes the blood tend to clot, it’s much harder for what stem cells are present to go in and clear any damage up than if it were just left alone.

Does my baby really need it?

This is your baby, you know what is best for your particular situation but please read a lot about Vitamin K first and get very informed on it then, if you feel better about giving it, then only give the drops. Dr. Suzanne Humphries remarks “…most people I know who understand the difference don’t give any at all and maybe if you do give it, it would just be after an extremely traumatic birth…” An important question to meditate on is “if the baby’s clotting is not full until 6 months of age, how long does the Vitamin K injection going to work for? Is Vitamin K really necessary for Infants? Did God make any mistakes in his grand design?” You probably already know the answer.

What can I do to naturally get more Vitamin K during pregnancy?

It is very important that a pregnant mother is getting lots and lots of greens during the entire pregnancy if possible because not only is she getting lots of Vitamin K which can be given to the baby in normal amounts if they need it, but she is also getting folic acid and magnesium and lots of other minerals that are required to build a baby.

Foods high in Vitamin K:

  • Dried Basil
  • Kale
  • Spring Onions/Scallions
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Chili Powder and hot spices
  • Asparagus
  • Fennel
  • Leeks
  • Okra
  • Pickles
  • Cucumber
  • Soybeans
  • Olive Oil
  • Dried Fruit

Is Vitamin K really necessary for infants? We all need to take a closer look at birth and ask ourselves these questions because women have been having babies for a lot longer than vitamin k shots have been around.



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