Victorious Lawsuit Against Monsanto May Usher In Thousands More Lawsuits

August 16, 2018; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin e-News magazine) You probably never saw or heard a word about this from mainstream media (MSM), but finally, a serious blow was delivered to Monsanto with its glyphosate herbicides Roundup and Ranger Pro by a jury trial that concluded in a San Francisco California State Court August 10, 2018. This victorious lawsuit against Monsanto may usher in thousands more lawsuits by those whose lives have been damaged or destroyed by pesticides.

A coalition of attorneys from representing cancer victim DeWayne “Lee” Johnson as the plaintiff suing Monsanto for hiding Roundup’s carcinogenic potential was awarded $39.2 million personal compensation and $250 million punitive damages totaling $289.2 million by a jury.

Robert Kennedy Jr. was among the attorney coalition that included: Brent Wisner of Baum, Hedlund, Aristei, and Goldman; David Dickens of the Miller Firm; Mark Burton of Audet & Partners LLP.

Some or all of these legal firms are involved with many of an estimated 5,000 pending cases depending on Lee Johnson’s trial outcome to set a precedent for the remaining thousands.

Johnson was the tip of the spear for the other cases nationwide who are lined up for their day in court depending on the outcome of this hearing for the following reasons.

DeWayne Johnson’s condition is terminal, he could die sooner than others who have suits pending against Monsanto.

He used only Monsanto herbicides Roundup and Ranger Pro, whereas farmers often use several other brands of pesticides making it too difficult to prove cancerous causation from Monsanto products alone.

The World Health Organization (WHO) Did A Good Deed by With Its Glyphosate Carcinogenic Ruling

This legal spear aimed at Monsanto was formed after the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an international consortium of independent scientists, declared glyphosate a probable carcinogenic in 2015, rating it in Group 2A. (Source)

The IARC determined the most common type of cancer found among those who use glyphosate herbicides often was non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, the very type of cancer Johnson is currently dying from after using Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicides.

  • Group 1 – Carcinogenic to humans
  • Group 2A – Probably carcinogenic to humans
  • Group 2B – Possibly carcinogenic to humans
  • Group 3 – Not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans
  • Group 4 – Probably not carcinogenic to humans (Source)

As you can see, probable carcinogen is a worse rating than possible cause. Monsanto lobbied Congress and pressured the WHO to have their IARC researchers removed and replaced if the group 2A rating was not removed. After probable, carcinogenic stands without a limiting adjective.

Due to its influence with a key EPA manager of pesticide programs now retired, Jess Rowland, documented with email transcripts plaintiff attorneys discovered between Monsanto and Roland, the EPA managed to kill several damning reports from independent scientists and declare glyphosate “an unlikely carcinogen to humans”.

But the IARC could have rated glyphosate group 1 (carcinogenic) if it were not for but one of the several studies being inconclusive. It was that close.

Monsanto’s leading product is the herbicide Roundup to accommodate Roundup Ready crops such as corn and soy to absorb the week killing herbicide without damaging the genetically engineered crops. Other herbicides with glyphosate as the active ingredient include Roundup-Pro and Ranger-Pro.

Despite the IARC classification and other damning studies from independent scientists, newer applications of Roundup were advanced to include desiccating non-GMO grains to avoid freezing damp weather with earlier harvests.

And in 2013 the EPA increased its toxicity allowance levels, “declaring that even higher amounts of Roundup were safe.”

An Early Bad Omen Was Overcome with a Preponderance of Evidence Presented Skillfully

Although sitting judge for this trial, Suzanne R. Bolanos, of the Superior Court of California, San Francisco County, had some of the plaintiff’s legal team’s documented evidence thrown out of her hearing that an earlier court hearing held to move the case into a jury trial allowed. This was an ominous start of the proceedings.

Roundup is a mixture of glyphosate, surfactant chemicals, and other chemicals considered inert combine energetically to make an even more toxic, penetrating solution than glyphosate alone. It winds up in major GMO crops to be consumed by livestock and humans.

But cancer cases or other ailments from consuming Roundup sprayed crop foods are too difficult to prove in a court of law. This is why cancer victims who used Monsanto’s Roundup or Ranger Pro only regularly were chosen as plaintiffs.

Johnson was a public school groundskeeper who believed Monsanto’s assertions of Roundup’s safety, backed by the EPA, were good enough to allow his steady liberal use of spraying it the before the news had spread of the WHO’s IARC made their evidence-based statement of Roundup’s carcinogenicity.

Johnson testified that had he known of Roundup’s dangers, he would never have used it, especially where it would affect others. So his case depended on the IOAC carcinogenic commentary and his attorneys revealing that Monsanto and the EPA knew of its carcinogenic properties during the 1980s, well before the IOAC figured it out.

Johnson’s attorneys had obtained more than enough Monsanto internal memos favoring the use of paid ghostwritten articles signed by well-paid scientists to “prove” Roundup’s safety. Several scientists were also hired by Monsanto to dispute independent scientific studies proving harm.

Even more damaging were emails between Monsanto and its favored influential contact in the EPA, Jess Rowland, who once bragged he should “receive a medal for killing” reports of Roundup’s carcinogenicity and minimizing Roundup’s dangers on behalf of Monsanto. Could that be a lucrative revolving government agency/corporate hire by Monsanto?

All the incredible efforts of the trial attorneys for Johnson displayed a paper trail of corruption that was more than enough for a “preponderance of evidence” that is all that’s required by civil lawsuits such as this one.

Criminal cases require verdicts made without “a reasonable doubt”. This jury unanimously declared there was a preponderance of evidence to support Monsanto’s deliberate attempts at hiding their glyphosate products’ health dangers since the 1980s.

The battery of attorneys and legal firms involved with this lawsuit, soon to be many more, say that despite the fact that Monsanto’s attorneys will appeal this recent verdict, the addition of what was questionably not allowed by judge Bolanos originally can be used to counter the appeal in addition to what was allowed.

Also, a few legal experts interviewed after the trial expressed doubts whether Monsanto will be able to overturn this case on appeals. But investigative journalist Jon Rappoport warns that appeals are handled by judges, not juries. And a few judges can be and have been influenced, bought, or blackmailed in earlier Monsanto cases. Hopefully, not this time.

There have been no warning labels on any of Monsanto’s glyphosate products. As a matter of fact, over the period of high Roundup sales, Monsanto spokespersons have maintained Roundup is safe enough to drink a whole quart!

See what happens when a Monsanto lobbyist was interviewed on French TV a couple of years back is offered a glass of Roundup to drink.

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