Vegetarians Are Less Healthy Than Meat Eaters

by Ben Taylor

(SilverBulletin) Contrary to what many in the vegetarian community believe, a strictly vegetarian diet is usually very unhealthy. A new study out of Austria shows that overall vegetarians are less healthy than meat eaters, especially in combination with vegetables.  I have never met anyone who was strictly a meat eater void of any vegetables. It is very difficult to obtain the amount of fats and protein required to keep our bodies healthy without some meat intake. When I look at the many people I know, there are two groups that stand out to me as being the most unhealthy. One group is the strictly vegetarian and the other is the one that over-indulgences in food and drink in general.

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I will point out that there is a time and place for a strictly vegetarian diet which should not be discounted. That is when one is trying to heal from serious disease such as cancer, hepatitis, and other serious diseases.  During those times, a strictly vegetable and fruit diet (especially raw organic) is almost always beneficial to the healing process as the digestion of meat is more difficult and puts undue stress on the gut, the kidneys, and the liver. But even a temporary vegetarian diet can be harmful unless one has access to vegetables grown in soil that has been well supplemented with a broad spectrum of trace minerals. Most food growing soils today have been severely depleted of most minerals and commercial farming operations usually add only phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. These big three mainstream fertilizers may make the fruits and vegetables look big and beautiful, but they are sorely lacking in essential trace mineral nutrition. You can usually tell by their lack of taste. This mineral deficiency may well be the primary reason that a solely vegetarian diet is so health damaging.

On the other hand, a strictly meat diet devoid of vegetables is itself a recipe for disease, especially cancer, so don’t read into this study more than it is actually saying. Most commercially raised meat is not fit for human consumption either as it is fed GMO grains, steroids, and antibiotics. A meat and dairy diet can only be truly healthy if it is grass fed in open pastures rather than in the mud and pollution of commercial feedlots created by concentrations of urine and feces. This debate has many moving parts and is not as clear cut as it may seem, so be cognizant of the peripheral issues that make this topic somewhat more complicated than it sounds. The real truth that we cannot get around is the fact that to be healthy we need a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, and fruits from the right sources.

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