Understanding Colloidal Silver

February 11, 2015; by Paul Fassa, Natural Health Journalist; (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) You are no doubt somewhat aware of colloidal silver maybe you’re wondering why colloidal silver is sold as a supplement only instead of using colloidal silver as the powerful antibiotic and anti-viral it is. For starters, with understanding colloidal silver keep in mind that pharmaceutical antibiotics are for bacterial pathogens only. Colloidal silver is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Colloidal silver is even anti-fungal.


So why aren’t doctors using it? Why has the EU banned colloidal silver sales even as a supplement from January of 2010 on? In the USA, after the FDA failed to ban colloidal silver sales, they made it clear that colloidal silver products could not be promoted to cure anything.

Despite colloidal silver’s rich history of use in 19th and early 20th Century Western medicine, the official reason is that colloidal silver hasn’t been proven effective and safe per FDA guidelines. But the FDA is nothing more than a clearing house for Big Pharma, which pays fees for the FDA’s approval of trials the pharmaceutical companies perform themselves. More than a conflict of interest – it’s a totally corrupt system.

The facts are that pharmaceutical medicines are patented and trials are rigged by Big Pharma to allow the FDA’s approval, again, for a fee. Colloidal silver had been used by doctors up until penicillin’s mass production was patented during the 1940s. The FDA has the power to ban any product that isn’t from Big Pharma and claims to have medicinal qualities.

Such is the case with colloidal silver and other substances with historical empirical evidence, which is simply obvious healing observed. The whole system of Big Pharma and the FDA is a partnership in the crimes of promoting toxic remedies that don’t cure and withholding effective safe remedies from nature or traditional medicine, such as colloidal silver.

Since colloidal silver is available in the States as a supplement, Big Pharma resorts to scare tactics and outright lies to keep people away from using colloidal silver. Big Pharma won’t allow colloidal silver to put a dent on their multi-billion dollar antibiotics revenue and anti-viral dangerous medicine market. So as a good business partner, the FDA helps keep colloidal silver in the dark.

That darkness includes Quack Watch shills, with a little help from Big Pharma, and their claims that colloidal silver is “all risk and no benefit.” These medical mafia PR groups may offer trials to prove their points. But medicine tests and trials can and are often “cooked” to achieve any purpose.

Most publicized trials with colloidal silver are rigged to come out negative, and there have been several scandals exposing bogus pharmaceutical trials to present positive outcomes.

What Does Colloidal Mean?

The 1980 Webster’s New Dictionary offers this definition:
A solid, liquid, or gaseous substance made up of very small, insoluble, non diffusible particles (as single large molecules or masses of smaller molecules) that remain in suspension in a surrounding solid, liquid, or gaseous medium of different matter. A state of matter consisting of such a substance dispersed in a surrounding medium. All living matter contains colloidal material, and a colloid has only a negligible effect on the freezing point, boiling point, or vapor tension of the surrounding medium.

So colloidal silver is a suspension of tiny silver nanometer particles that stay apart uniformly and don’t clump together. Colloidal silver is not a solution or tincture the way we normally think of them. As a matter of fact, colloidal silver’s inconsistent clinical and test results can be at least partly attributed to medical silver products being labeled colloidal silver when they were not colloidal.

During the early 1900s, over 100 medicines used were labeled colloidal silver, but technically most were not true colloidal silver because they didn’t consist of enough tiny silver particles in permanent suspension. When the FDA was formed, medicines used prior to 1938, including colloidal silver and other silver products were grandfathered into to the pharmacopoeia of acceptable medicines.

In 1997, the FDA managed to restrict colloidal silver products as supplements without any promotion of healing or curing. Then the active scare campaign began soon after with the blue man and his Argyria (ar-ji-re-a), a permanent blue-gray skin coloring that is purely cosmetic. But the blue man made his own not so colloidal silver, or ionic silver, and drank a lot of it daily. He never got sick, but he looked like a smurf with his white beard.
Unfortunately, although ionic silver does have positive anti-microbial features, it is too often called colloidal silver. There may be some micro silver particles in the water, but not enough. What happens is the ions, which are positively charged atoms with a missing electron, tend to attract other atoms or each other and clump the silver into uneven particles. Thus the surface area of silver ingested is diminished from these products mislabeled as colloidal silver.

Products that are predominately ionic silver, that is 90 percent or more, can be effective topically. But the ions have a hard time getting through the digestive system. True colloidal silver particles do get through the digestive system and maintain their integrity in the bloodstream without becoming another compound.

Manufacturing true colloidal silver is a more labor intensive process that requires more equipment than the do-it-yourself (DIY) devices that are sold online. If the concentration of silver ions is high, those positively charged atoms lacking electrons will combine with chlorides in the body to form silver chlorides, which are not soluble. Those insoluble silver chloride compounds can create Argyria when over consumed.

But true colloidal silver contains mostly whole neutrally charged silver nanoparticles. As whole atoms with no missing electrons, the colloidal silver particles repel each other to maintain separation while not attracting chloride molecules in the blood system to form silver chloride.

Size Per Particle and Parts Per Million

This can be confusing with determining colloidal silver efficacy. Larger sized colloidal silver particles are obviously not as efficient as smaller nanometer (a millionth of a meter) sizes. Not only are the smaller colloidal silver particles more bio-available and able to reach into the cells within human or animal tissues, the smaller sizes offer more surface area coverage than larger sized particles can manage.

Remember, these colloidal silver particles are whirling around rapidly. A true colloidal silver should be at least 50 percent nanoparticles of silver. A really top level colloidal silver should be close to 80 percent nanoparticles of silver with the rest as silver ions. As for parts per million, that’s an area where many colloidal silver products can and do fudge, especially if what they’re producing is ionic silver more than colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver PPM (parts per million) is a weight measurement of silver in milligrams to one liter of water, which should be distilled or de-ionized. But colloidal silver with smaller particles of a lesser PPM than a colloidal silver of higher PPMs can be many times more effective because the smaller particles of colloidal silver have more exposed surface area.

Colloidal Silver Regulation

How to make colloidal silver at home



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