Two Essential Oils You Should Have on Hand

May 26, 2017; Megan Heimer ( We’ve all been there — that moment of bliss as we dived into the world of essential oil woo and addressed our first health catastrophe with something that supposedly has no medicinal benefit whatsoever. Using essential oils worked so poorly for us the first time that we decided to spend more of our money on more of what doesn’t work. This is how we educated, “on the cutting edge of all things common sense” roll.

The problem, is that even in our own like-minded circles we are overwhelmed with options and that desperate need to have every single essential oil known to man on hand. After all, there are 200 million things that could happen to our kids, so we need at least 67 oils on lock so we’re even remotely equipped to address them. Having less than all of 500 oils could spell drama, coma, or life-in-peril.

 Peppermint oil

If we’re being honest, we also get excited by the pretty bottles and lovely smells, caught up in the marketing and options, and succumb to the belief that each oil is limited to one purpose. While it’s true that essential oils have different chemical properties, it’s straight up false that you can’t get your game on with a few. Confining one oil to one issue is like believing you can only walk with one pair of shoes. It’s also not practical, affordable, or feasible for our budgets. CONTINUE READING–>



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