The Tattoo Generation and the Lurking Toxicity to Our Health

July 20, 2018; by Briana McDonald ( This is the generation of tattoos, in fact it’s become increasingly rare to meet someone in my age group that does not have a single tattoo. I myself even have eight! As I’ve gotten older I’ve looked into the ingredients in inks and the carriers tattoo artists use and I’ve realized the toxicity of tattoos is not something anyone wants to mess around with. This is the tattoo generation and the lurking toxicity to our health should be of real concern to all.

The Facts About Tattoos 

  1. Most tattoo pigments are based on inorganic compounds with low solubility such as iron, titanium, cadmium and copper. Black pigments usually consist of the fine particles of carbon. The health effects of exposure to these metals include allergies, kidney, bone and reproductive system malfunction, it can also damage the nervous and cardiovascular systems. (1)
  1. A 2012 survey of chemical substances in consumer products analyzed several inks from a single supplier and found the heavy metals cadmium, cobalt, chromium, and nickel in all of them. Most of the inks also contained mercury! (2)
  1. A 2010 study of black inks based on carbon found that most of them contained polycyclin aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which are known to be carcinogenic. (3)
  1. Researchers from Germany and France wanted to know whether or not tattoo ink affects the body and if so, how. The team collected tissue samples from six people who had donated their bodies to science upon death. Four of the bodies had tattoos and two did not. Two of the four inked corpses had ink in their lymph nodes. Aluminum, chromium, iron, nickel, copper, and titanium were also present in elevated amounts in the tattooed bodies. (4)
  1. A study in the British Journal of Dermatology found that particles in black tattoo ink are carcinogenic and may cause toxic effects in the brain and could cause nerve damage. Since we’ve seen that tattoo ink can travel throughout the body and not simply just reside in the surface of the skin, this is a huge concern. The absorbancy ability of the epidermal  organ (the skin) may be as great as the internal digestive system. The effectiveness of nicotine and other topical patch delivery systems demonstrates this.

Considering the toxicity of tattoos, if you do not have one, do not get one! And if you do have some (…like me; see the pictures posted in this article.) here are some things you can do to support a heavy metal detox.

Heavy Metal Detox 

Bentonite Clay may be your best friend when it comes to pulling toxins out off the body.  When bentonite clay is added to water it produces a negative electrical charge which attracts heavy metals (that have positive charges) and other toxins, binds with them, and then your body expels it all.

Taking Bentonite Clay internally is the best way to reap its healing benefits. Soak the clay in water for it to gain its electrical charge that makes it such an effective toxin remover. Avoid storing the clay in a metal container or using a metal spoon as that can remove it’s ability to produce a charge. A few times a week add about 1 tsp of bentonite clay to a small glass of water in the evening and the next morning drink the mixture. Do not eat or take supplements or medications for an hour after drinking your concoction as it will make them less effective.

Simply add enough water to form a paste to the bentonite clay and apply to any area of the skin that may need treated. It can be used to heal cuts, eczema, rashes, bug bites, poison ivy and more. You can also add it to your bath water for an overall detox. You can even make your own teeth cleaner with it to help remineralize and whiten your teeth! Just add a little clay to water adn swirl it around in your mouth.

  • Zeolite For Removing Heavy Metals:
    Zeolite may be the best naturally occurring minerals for drawing out and absorbing so-called “heavy metals” such as mercury, lead, and others.  According,  “Zeolite is a supplement that works at the cellular level by trapping heavy metals and toxins and safely removing them from the body. Zeolite is also very effective in removing radiation, as shown in the cleanup after the Chernobyl nuclear accident.  The people showed a 30% reduction in radioactive isotopes after the very first application of Zeolite! Continued use shows increased benefits.””The actual Clinoptilolite Zeolite molecule is shaped like a honey-comb and carries a natural negative (-) charge. When this type of Zeolite is ingested into the body all of the positively charged (+) heavy metals, toxins, and harmful chemicals bond with the zeolite and are flushed out through the urine within 6-8 hours.” (5) (Note: Zeolite is usually consumed with a teaspoon in a glass of water (6-8 oz). It is often grainy, so do not chew or grind with the teeth, simply swish around in the glass and shallow.)

A Word of Caution 

What’s the catch you say? Well there is one thing…do not over consume! Remember that this stuff binds with toxins in the body so it actually swells to many times its size. Bentonite clay is not like a Mack truck that loads up and carries stuff out, its a magnet that attracts things to it so it will expand! It is also very dense so it will have a hard time pushing through the colon if you consume too much, especially if you do not drink enough water. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day when consuming calcium bentonite clay. (Note: that not be used for extended periods unless one is taking a good mineral supplement to replace essential trace minerals that may also be eliminated. Remember that there are minerals absolutely essential to good health that can also be toxic at high levels, …such as iron, copper, etc.

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Briana McDonald-is a natural health writer and contributor to the Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine (Utopia Silver Supplements). She does free-lance health article writing as well as website and ad design.

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