The Science and Politics of Cancer Therapy

August 30, 2019; When I was a child, my Grandmother born in the 1880’s was curing warts and skin cancer with Fig tree sap- the gooey white fluid that oozes from figs and fig leaves when broken from a branch. There are old Aboriginal American Indian remedies using a herbal mix of bloodroot and wood sorrel (aka sheep’s sorrel, sheepshire or sheepshar) that can be effective, but is much more gentle than modern patented methods.

If you get to it in time, there are countless natural ways coupled with diet to heal Cancer without the use of dangerous drugs or surgery. Almost everyone knows the serious damage done by mainstream Cancer treatments, whether chemo, radiation, or surgery. I don’t necessarily hold in disdain those who go to mainstream means to treat Cancer, but what shocks my logical mind is that knowing the dangers almost everyone doesn’t at least try natural treatments first. The first of which should be a radical diet change.

The problem is Cancer has become such an industry with unbelievable profits that it is doubtful that mainstream medicine will ever intentionally find a real cure and market it. Note: The chemical and radiation cures touted by the mainstream sometimes work short-term, but are themselves known to cause all kinds of horrible side effects as well as Cancer. The short films below by Ty and Charlene Bollinger interviewing G. Edward Griffin will give some degree of insight into the science and the politics of Cancer therapy. —Ben Taylor-Utopia Silver.

( Video on You have to talk about the science of cancer therapy in order to put the politics into perspective. The science is not too complicated; but the politics is.



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