The Rest of The Story: Why Is Natural Healing Called Alternative

June 20, 2018; by Paul Fassa (SilverBulletin e-News Magazine) How Pharmaceutical Companies Originally Derailed Other Natural Healing Practices to Monopolize Healthcare: This is the rest of the story: Why is natural healing called alternative ?  First please realize that I understand “heroic interventions” from mainstream medicine are necessary after physical trauma from accident or burns or extreme life and death emergencies. This is where orthodox or mainstream modern medicine excels.

But its approach to handling illness and disease with synthetic chemicals usually leads to other diseases from side effects without curing the original problem. Sometimes death is a side effect.

And both private and government medical insurance plans cover only what the medical monopoly says is medicine. This prevents most folks from making healthy choices for their benefit. But it keeps the pharmaceutical industry healthily wealthy.

What’s weird is that real medical practices labeled alternative are incredibly cheaper and lead to better health without side effects. Something is wrong with this picture. Here’s at it all started.

The rise of pharmaceutical medicine’s acceptance to push herbal and homeopathic medicine out of popular use began with John D. Rockefeller’s oil monopoly. As his petroleum industry monopoly was underway, petrochemical products from petroleum were being discovered and created. These petrochemical products also included pharmaceutical drugs.

In order to establish a medical system that depended on petrochemical medicine, so he started by donating to medical schools, beginning with the University of Chicago’s School of Medicine. The donations came with stipulations that only pharmaceutical-based medicine would be taught.

Then he hired Abraham Flexner to tour medical schools of other traditions throughout the nation “evaluating” the treatments they taught. From that came the 1906 Flexner Report, which was sufficient to persuade lawmakers into creating legislation that would license only physicians trained in patented chemical based pharmacology and surgery.

Meanwhile, John D. Rockefeller recruited JP Morgan and Dale Carnegie as partners for buying a controlling share of the German drug cartel I.G. Farben.

The AMA had been in existence since 1847 as an allopathic physician’s union. It came into prominence as a ruling medical non-government agency from 1920 on, with exclusive power over granting and revoking medical licensing.

The AMA would ridicule other non-synthetic drug medical practices as “quackery” and ensure those practitioners were driven out of business. After all, competition is a sin, J.D. Rockefeller once quipped. Ironically, it’s reported that during this whole time, the Rockefeller family used homeopathy for their medical needs.

Morris Fishbein’s tenure as head of the AMA and editor of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) from 1924 to 1950 set the precedent for terrorizing medical practitioners who strayed from accepted surgical and pharmaceutical dogma.

Occasionally, there have been Sherman Anti-Trust Lawsuits against the AMA that succeeded. The most famous was when chiropractors sued and won in court, enabling them to practice without being harassed by the medical monopolists.

The FDA soon became an enforcer of the AMA’s tyranny. It supported the pharmaceutical drug cartel by cracking down on successful natural medical models. And a few years ago, the drug makers began rewarding the FDA by paying $2 million plus for each drug licensed to market as part of “fast-track approval” legislation.

The Fitzgerald Report Hardly Anyone Knows About

After some of those drugs have wreaked adverse health havoc and death on thousands of consumers, the FDA either takes the drug off the market or puts its most severe “black box” warning on it, which too many doctors tend to ignore. But by then, the drug makers have made a healthy profit.

Some of you may be aware of widespread tragedies from thalidomide and Vioxx. There have been others of course. Class action suits today are settled with what amounts to the cost of doing business with hush money. Settlement agreements involve non-disclosure of the court’s data and allow the defendant to claim no guilt.

This monopolistic tyranny even managed to get around Senator Benedict Fitzgerald’s scathing congressional committee report in 1953. That’s because the report was conveniently buried in congressional archives until recently retrieved by medical freedom crusader Dr. Stanley Monteith.

That report was originally ordered by Congressman Charles Toby, whose son was cured of terminal cancer by an alternative practitioner. Toby wanted to know why these cancer therapies were not easily accessible to the general public.

Fitzgerald’s team tracked down every institute and publication involved with the cancer industry and carefully reviewed cases of suppressed alternative cancer treatments. The cancer industry’s history and calculated tyranny of suppressing natural treatments had been exposed.

Fitzgerald said of the report, “Behind this is the weirdest conglomeration of corrupt motives, intrigue, jealousy, selfishness, obstruction, and conspiracy I have ever seen.”

Conclusion: We have been denied health freedom and forced into Big Pharma’s business scheme, which has many others riding on its cash flowing coat-tails. But we can educate ourselves to learn how to create and maintain good health with diet, exercise, supplements, and natural healing products that are continually threatened out of existence by the FDA.

You can access and excellent video presentation by clicking on this title, “How the Rockefeller’s Have Mind Programmed Doctors since the 1920’s”





Paul Fassa as a natural health journalist started researching natural healing to overcome his unhealthy lifestyle. He is amazed at the ignorance about natural healing and how beneficial foods and herbs are constantly ignored or vilified in order to promote toxic foods and patented drugs by Big Pharma, the FDA, USDA, and the AMA, which he calls the “Medical Mafia”. Paul Fassa sees the struggle for health freedom and the need for improving and preserving our food supply as key issues in today’s ill and diseased world. He has contributed hundreds of article to Natural News, Align Life, Natural Society, and the Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine.

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