The Continuing War On Natural Healing

March 7, 2016 (by Paul Fassa, Natural Health Journalist) ( The Alliance for National Health (ANH), Andrew Saul, editor of Orthomolecular Medical News Service and author of Fire Your Doctor, and Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, author of Death by Modern Medicine justifiably jumped all over a recent PBS Frontline documentary “Supplements and Safety”. (This anti-supplement hit-piece was more evidence of the continuing war on natural healing.)

That documentary was basically shilling for Big Pharma and using lies to propagandize imagined supplement dangers while totally ignoring pharmaceutical dangers. A key spokesperson in the documentary was the notorious Dr. Paul Offit, author of several books condemning supplements and vaccine exemptions.

He’s the pediatrician who has capitalized financially big time on his patent share for Rotateq, a rotovirus vaccine that is part of the CDC schedule of vaccinations for infants. And he is mainstream media’s most quoted and interviewed MD these days.

Offit is the same character who once claimed an infant should have no problems with receiving 10,000 vaccinations, which he reportedly later reduced to a thousand. He also asserted that pregnant women should receive vaccinations because the aluminum used in vaccines helps the fetus develop properly. I think most of us know that aluminum is a neurological toxin at any amount.

But supplements are dangerous according to media darling Dr. Offit, who calls Linus Pauling, PhD, a quack for his vitamin C research. In the documentary, Offit used this absurd straw argument to explain how supplements aren’t necessary, even dangerous:

One 1000 milligram tablet of vitamin C is equivalent to eating “seven or eight entire cantaloupes,” and that this is bad because the body was not meant to eat so much.

Amazingly, Offit gets away with this nonsense over and over. Yet there are numerous studies showing that over 90 percent of the population is vitamin and mineral deficient. Decades ago, a study submitted to a congressman explained that due to increasingly poor mega-farming monoculture techniques, our nation’s topsoil minerals were being depleted.

Andrew Saul searched a national database on supplement use and discovered no one died from vitamins during 2014. (Source below, How many die from correctly prescribed and used pharmaceuticals? Depends on who did the latest study.

The most conservative study was done by a Johns Hopkins MD, Dr. Barbara Stanfield, and placed in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2006. The annual death toll then was 100,000. Deaths by hospital error or over the counter medicines were not included. Dr. Carolyn Dean, in her book Death by Modern Medicine, has come up with higher death tolls for pharmaceutical medicines taken as prescribed.

Other Disinformation from PBS’s Frontline Anti-Supplement Documentary

The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements:

Not true. The FDA regulate supplement manufacturing standards and components and do inspections. The FTC and FDA jump all over any claims of supplements treating or preventing any disease.

The FDA thoroughly tests pharmaceutical medicines before they’re marketed:

False, pharmaceutical companies do their own testing and submit them to the FDA for approval. There have been many reports, even from prestigious medical journals, citing examples of outright fudging and fraud with those submitted reports. At best, cherry picking their tests results in their favor.

Usually, after a pharmaceutical has been marketed for some years, creating a serious death toll or chronic illnesses or deformed newborns and amassing huge class action suits and/or fines, do those medicines get removed from the market place. By then the profits are usually huge enough to more than cover suit settlements and/or fines as merely the cost of doing business successfully.

Going beyond the government’s medical RDA is dangerous:

RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance for vitamins and minerals. They are incredibly low, and it has been clinically proven repeatedly that going beyond RDAs is successful for both treating and preventing disease.

Fish oil supplements are dangerous; use synthetic pharmaceutical products for omega-3 and vitamin D instead:

To prove this in the PBS report, Preston Mason, PhD, cuts open fish oil supplements and points out how different they are from a pharmaceutical medicine meant to replace fish oils.

Dr. Mason is very familiar with that particular medicine called Vascepa. For several years he has worked as an advocate for the medicine. He even lobbied the FDA on behalf of Amarin Pharma, the medicine’s manufacturer, to broaden the uses it was originally approved for.

His remuneration doesn’t have to be reported under the rules of the Sunshine Act because he’s not an MD. But the fact of obvious conflict of interest was not even implied by the PBS report; further evidence of the continuing war on natural healing.

And Yet There’s More Evidence of The Continuing War On Natural Healing

Recently the FDA has included curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric, in its list of natural substances that cannot be compounded by pharmaceutical or supplement companies. Curcumin is the most tested natural compound in the world currently. It has even shown strong evidence for safely killing only cancer cells. And there are others in this list that may shock you.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman went on a crusade to get Congressional investigations on behalf of the FDA to ramp up regulations on supplements. Schneiderman even had his formal letter to Congress signed by 13 other state AGs. This despite his early negative studies on specific supplements were discredited as faulty and inadequate.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) effort to attack supplements have been thwarted but he manages to come back with other legislative efforts supported by some of his congressional cronies. He and Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA) asked the Government Accounting Office to review supplement adverse event reports (AERs).

In 2013 the GAO completed its report—which overwhelmingly demonstrated that supplements are safe. Over half of this nation’s population, 157 million, use supplements. But the GAO report showed just under 1600 adverse event reports (AER) annually over the three year period from 2008 to 2011.

Yet in 2008 alone, there were over a half-million AERs for FDA-approved pharmaceutical medicines, with over 275,000 considered serious.

The struggle to prevent supplement restrictions goes on and on. In Europe, sales of colloidal silver have been banned. EU citizens are suffering the most from Codex Alimentarius efforts at making consumer choice of supplements and supplement dosages impossible. This commission meets annually and has only one small group from the USA representing us for freedom of supplement choice.

Our legal shields that protect us against this tyranny are being eroded by the mainstream media’s cooperation with our mainstream medical quacks. Find out more about Codex Alimentarius and the continuing war on natural healing here.


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