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Opinion 1
Dear Utopia Silver:

I am very grateful for finding out about the good effect of colloidal silver from your web site! I have had chronic sinus disease for over 15 years which was treated by conventional doctors with antihistamines, steroid sprays, antibiotics for the frequent infections, and surgery to remove polyps when the antibiotics no longer worked. A few years ago a nutritionist taught me that cow’s milk was a major cause of the inflammation and mucus causing sinus headaches. Changing this, and other things in my diet helped a lot! However, I was still affected by allergens and after having a cold or flu I usually came away with a sinus infection that was increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Most recently I had tried a course of treatment with a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist–which helped some until getting a slight cold which sent me back to square one. Then, while searching the web, I happened upon your site, and now feel I have found the means to be and stay well from now on! When I received my first bottle of your colloidal silver, I was suffering from severe headaches from the infection, combined with the unusually high pollen this spring. I drank two teaspoons and dripped two droppers-full into my nose before sleeping, and woke up for the first time in weeks with no headache or face pain!!! I continued to feel better over the next days, and resolved to try it for the six to eight weeks suggested for a chronic condition–both orally and in my nostrils morning and night. As I improved I told other friends who also found benefits from your colloidal silver, and decided to buy your generator package. I make my own solution now, which has a good effect on my complexion, helped a burn on my finger heal very fast with almost no scar, and cleared up a friend’s poison ivy in less than a week! (Our interjection: In my experience, poison ivy goes away in a week or so. No miracle here) Though I had a temporary setback during a very high pollen week, and needed to increase my dosage to three tablespoons a day (due to the weaker strength of my homemade solution), I persevered with the help of decongestants. Am I glad I did! This week was just under three months of taking silver, and I have no sign of infection, and have regained my long lost sense of smell !!! I cannot thank you enough for being there!!! Thank you, too, for being there on the other end of the telephone to answer my frequent questions about dosages and how to properly make the colloidal silver. I hope your company prospers to your benefit and the benefit of so many people! Again, thank you for your careful research about colloidal silver, and for providing a product and services that are so useful to people!!

Marion Fennell
We say, humbly, “Thanks Marion”……………….

Opinion 2
After 40 years of dealing with constant sinus pressure, headaches and infections and enduring all the side effects of prescription and over the counter cures, I finally tried Colloidal Silver. I have not had a sinus headache since!! The pressure and pain are gone and I feel so much better and can think much more clearly too without all that other stuff going on in my head. It’s great that there are no side effects like drowsiness or irritability.

Sincerely, Gary Salamone,
Houston, TX

Opinion 3


I’m writing to let you know how much I appreciate your website and all the information on CS. My DR. told me to get some for my daughter. She has Epstein-Barr Virus with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She contracted it when she was 14. She is now 18 and nothing seemed to be helping her much when she was having an attack so I got the CS (50ppm) and she’s been taking it for about 2 months. I`ve never seen her with so much energy. She gets home from Cosmetology school and starts in cleaning the house and then goes out and starts in the yard. My husband and I haven’t touched a lawn mower all summer. I started taking it myself for my sinuses. I was needing antibiotics every month or two and was getting tired of taking them. I put some in a spray bottle and started spraying in my nose and I`ve not been on any antibiotics since. One day I got a severe headache and thought oh no, more antibiotics but went on a site and found out how to drop some in my nose and hold my head back so it could get into all my sinus cavities and I haven’t had a headache yet. Also my husband was taking allergy med. every day and since he started it right after I did, he’s not had to take any more med. either. I love it. A friend built me a generator the other day and I`ve made my first batch this week. I found your site just by typing in CS in the internet and have forwarded it to several people and they all love it. Thanks for all your information and testimonies. ……..

We feel great here.
Will keep you posted.
Pam in Florida

Opinion 4
Greetings, I reside in Austin, TX. (affectionately known as the cedar fever and sinus infection capital of Texas). I’ve suffered with sinus problems including severe sinus headaches since my arrival in Austin in1999. I’ve had intermittent headaches due to sinuses and bacterial infections for years, but they have remained almost constant since my arrival here. The headaches have been treated through a number of local allergists and pain management specialists and treatments have included everything from NSAIDS, allergy shots, nasal drops, and high level doses of Opiate-based pain killers and potentially lethal seizure medications. Being a single custodial parent of 2 minor daughters, I could not continue on that type of regimen and maintain custody and control of my children and our lives. The problems and excruciating pain in and around the right eye were getting so dramatic that I even considered suicide at one time. I know that sounds extremely drastic, but during these cycles one will do almost anything to find relief. The sinus infections became so bad they triggered what are known as “cluster headaches” which were diagnosed by 3 local Neurologists and deemed as the worst migraine headache pain imaginable times 100. Many cluster headache sufferers have been known to actually harm themselves in an attempt to escape the debilitating cycle of pain and suffering. Well, during one of these cycles, I was at my wit’s end. I had taken Imitrex, both the nasal spray and tablets, Prednisone, and finally had to be taken to the emergency room to receive an injection of Demerol 100mg and phenegran 25 mg to get relief from the stabbing, throbbing pain. I got about an hour or so of relief, and they headaches started up again. A friend of mine who is a self-taught herbalist and homeopathic medicine student suggested I try using your product. She mixed it and put it in a nasal spray bottle that creates it’s own pressure with a small pump. She had me lay back with my head at 45 degrees or so, and sprayed the Colloidal Silver thoroughly into both sinus cavities. I waited for approximately 15 minutes, which seemed like hours, and she sprayed again. Within 10 minutes, the headaches stopped! Completely stopped! She recommended that I continue to spray the colloidal silver preparation into the nasal passages and down into the sinus cavities every 4 to 6 hours. I continued to use the spray as directed for the next 7 days. I began to evacuate the most foul smelling, dark green mucous from my nose whenever I would blow it. My face above, underneath, and behind my eyes and temple areas actually hurt whenever I would blow my nose. This continued for about 7 days, and finally the mucous became clear, the sinus infection cleared up and I haven’t had another headache or infection for over 4 months. Not a single one! I told my doctor about the Colloidal Silver treatments. He scoffed and said it was like many other types of “placebo” remedies on the market. If you think it will work, many times it will. He dismissed my recovery as my putting “mind over matter” and the body finally decided to “heal” itself. I was simply shocked by his callous attitude and the fact that he wasn’t willing to admit or even consider that treating me with various high dosage antibiotics, NSAIDS and steroids such as Prednisone and others I can’t even pronounce, experimental medicines like Topomax which is still under study by the FDA for this type of therapy, a variety of strong high dosage migraine medications taken orally, nasally and finally self-injected, and extremely heavy doses of narcotic pain medication such as oxycontin 80mg, Norco 20mg, oral dissolving morphine, and duregisic 120 mcg patches, all extremely addictive and highly controlled, weren’t working to break the “cycle” of headaches and infections and all could have been replaced by a relatively inexpensive, easy to use and self-administered product such as your Colloidal Silver preparation. I began to investigate this product, specifically for any information or reports of side-effects or contraindications. I could not find anything that would cause me concern for possible side-effects. I also found this to be compatible with all of my other medications that I take for non-headache and infection related ailments. I have since had a few friends whom I had met through his office and also suffered from allergy/bacterial induced sinus infections and various triggers for extreme “cluster” or migraine type headaches. Many have been placed on a new medication called “Topomax” and another called “Neurontin”. In researching these, I discovered they were developed and are quite effective on people suffering from epileptic seizures and various types of neural brain disorders including ADHD patients. The side effects for these two medications actually filled up 1 and 1/2 pages of an insert placed in the products. They have recently been used by Neurologists in the treatment of Chronic Cluster Headache syndrome triggered by a variety of “maladies” from sinus bacterial infection, vassal constriction, oxygen depletion, blood pressure, stress, the list goes on and on. Results of the experimental treatments are monitored biweekly and reported to the American Neurological Association and AMA along with many other interested medical groups. These medicines are not even known to be effective, yet they will push these over something like Colloidal Silver. At my Doctor’s insistence, I was prescribed these medications and took them on a trial basis for approx. 60 days. They did very little to relieve the pain or constant pressure in my face and right frontal lobe area and did not mix well with the antibiotics. As far as my writing to you, beside the fact your product was the only item that helped me in over 3 years and I’ve seen it help a number of other people that I’ve recommended it to.

Sincerely, RW

Opinion 5
As an Army Brat, I’ve traveled far and wide. I’ve suffered from  mostly juniper, ragweed, and mold for the past 31 years, that is  until I finally got brave enough to try CS. I did a lot of research  in advance and decided I would only try it topically. When my first  order arrived I had such sinus pressure I found myself trying OC  medicines I’d never tried before just to get relief. The headaches  from the pressure were there when I went to sleep and were there when  I woke up. I had no time to be sick or have headaches so out of  desperation, I went ahead and tried CS internally with one tablespoon  a day the first week. That was the second week of December 01 and  since then I’ve been without any type of OC medicine at all!! We were  spending a lot of money on Tylenol Sinus, day and then night time  medicines. Aleve 12 hour tablet worked on me for 10 hours and left me  with the jitters. There are no jitters with the CS and I know that 2002  is going to be the best year for me healthwise. I’ve had remarkable  improvement in my health and I’m so glad to be off medicines.

What a  blessing CS is!!
Thank you, Lynn P.

Opinion 6
Dear Utopia,
I just came across this, very surprised it was here. I’ve had trouble with colds, headaches, sorethroat. My daughter in FL. took me to buy some and not only took it by mouth I rubbed on on on my throat, chest, and I swear by it. I showed my Dr. and he wanted a copy of it. I think its great you put it on the web, and internet. keep going. I would like to start a little business up north with it. I think if we had more people using silver there would be less sickness, less money spent on medicines. thank-you for putting this on . I am going to sent it to all the people i know and get the word out there.That there’s always hope for the better.

Leanna Young of Honesdale, PA
[We are developing a great affilliate program which will help many of you to start your own business selling our products]

Opinion 7
Dear Utopia Silver,

I have not had any sinus congestion/headaches since I started using CS last year. Fall is usually my worst time for sinus infections. I just put a drop into each nostril and inhale 1-2 times a day. It seems to be working!

Also, my friend had a badly abscessed tooth. His cheek was painfully swollen and hard. Since it was the weekend and no dentists were open, I urged him to try my CS. He took approximately 1 tsp. per 2 hours and it cleared up before the weekend was over. No need for a dentist now!

One more story… our two guinea pigs were quite lethargic and had what looked like infected feet. When guinea pigs get sick, there is usually no hope. But, I added CS and some crushed vitamin C to their drinking water, and they came around and are healthy as ever! Amazing.

Also, I would like some info on what is involved in becoming a distributor for CS.

[The affiliate program info will be in a future newsletter. Stay tuned.]

Thank you,
Debbie in PA

Opinion 8
Dear Utopia Silver,
I was diagnosed with “possible” Hep C in Feb. 2001. After several more tests, I was sent to a gastroenterologist who said as far as he was concerned I had Hep C and should have a biopsy (he explained how that was done– forget it!)then he said I would start interferon treatments and explained that too. (yuk yuk yuk–forget it for sure). I would be losing my hair, have no energy, be nauseous most of the time, probably not be able to work. and the zinger was… it was about 35 -40% effective. AND it was only to hold off the Hepatitis until a cure was found or a liver transplant became available.

I am a natural solutions person. So I started researching and found milk thistle, cats claw, alpha lipoic acid which I started taking regularly. 3 months later I had another liver panel done and the ALT (the only one I remember off hand– but I can look up the rest) which had been 110 was now 90. The rest had come down in equal proportion.

Now mind you, all this time, I am not feeling badly at all. I had no fatigue, no headaches, no weight loss or gain (any more than ever before), the tests were a result of a negative number on a regular yearly exam… which had never ever been out of line before. In fact, I had never had any blood tests that showed anything negative of any kind until that point. Then more and more tests were ordered until it was decided that I had Hepatitis C and had probably been carrying it around for up to 30 years. but I STILL FELT FINE. At this point it was 9 months after my diagnosis and 6 months after I started taking milk thistle etc. I then read about Colloidal Silver. I ordered the most expensive version (???) at around $85 for 3 bottles and took 1 tbs three times a day.

Last month I had another Liver Panel run and this time, the ALT (again the only one I remember without looking it up) was at 50. The allowable range is from 10 (I think) to 40).

I am now taking Colloidal Silver (the one that costs $15 per bottle) as my finances are very tight and of course insurance doesn’t cover this. I also want to keep taking the milk thistle etc as I don’t know where to go to get advise on whether or not to stop it and I know it can’t hurt me. I am taking a tablespoon twice a day now of the Colloidal silver. To this date I have not felt any of the signs of Hep C I was told to expect. When I said this to the doctors, they said that I could go for 30 years and not know I had it (which I apparently had done) and then as soon as it started showing up in the blood, I would begin to develop the symptoms. Well, It has shown up there and I haven’t had any of the symptoms. The numbers just keep going down. I feel angry about the doctor’s brushing off my questions and simply assuring me I will just get worse unless I take the treatments. They were very angry at me that I refused to start any treatment. And when my latest results came back, the doctor didn’t speak to me he just had his nurse mail me the results with “Better” written across the page.

I believe I will be be taking Colloidal Silver for the rest of my life as there have been other minor little things that have cleared up, not to mention when I put the silver on wounds or cuts, they heal up quickly without scars.

Vera Mello

Opinion 9
Hi !

Here is another testimonial for Colloidal Silver. My husband had severe  sinus problmes for over 2 years…3 sinus surgeries & on antibiotics almost non-stop for 2 years. Also, on Prednisone for 9 months! After taking CS, he began to improve & has not been on an antibiotic for about  8 weeks now. Also, we are weaning him off the 20 mg per day Prednisone.  He’s down to 5 mg a day now & soon will be off of it completely with the  help of God & CS. Wished we would have learned of CS sooner. After 3 sinus  surgeries he has lost his sense of taste & smell. Who knows? Maybe CS will  heal that, too, in time. Have you heard of anyone’s smell & taste coming back  after about a year & a half??? [actually, yes we have heard of cases where  taste and smell return]

Thanks for a great product & the wonderful testimonials. I, too, have not had  sinus headaches since taking CS. My son uses it on his face for acne & it helps.  I also use it for a fungal infection in the folds of my skin that was very itchy.  I sprayed it on & used the blow dryer to dry it. I am no longer itchy!! Nothing  else I used helped.

Thanks for everything!!! I take it 2 or 3 times daily, no matter what…more if I have a specific problem.

Opinion 10
I wanted to pass along my husband’s and my experience with colloidal silver. He was diagnosed with severe prostatitis, about five years ago. It was so severe that he broke all the blood veins in his eyes from the strain, and he treated with two seperate doctors before the second doctor started him on a very aggressive antibiotic regimen. Unfortunately, everytime he attempted to go off of the antibiotics, the infection would come back as strong as ever. He fought this for longer than three years, before I heard of a remedy suggested by a local Vitamin & Health food store. We started my husband on 6 droppers of 1100ppm of Colloidal Silver, 500 mg of Olive Leaf extract, and digestive enzimes. After about three months he could get off his prescriptions and after tapering off of the natural remedies for another two months, he could remain free of infection. Then at the prompting of a friend, we visited a doctor who ascribes to alternative healing measures and he suggested we use the silver for a sinus spray as well. I have less headaches now, and my husbands allergies have all but dissappeared. he says he also sleeps better because his breathing is not impared by blocked sinuses. I don’t know if this sounds farfetched or not, but it’s true. We just purchased one of your silver generators, so we will never have to be caught without a supply. We even take colloidal silver as a caution during cold and flu season, and we never fall victim to our co-workers germfests.

[We do not recommend the high ppm colloidal silver mentioned here and the FDA says (unofficially) that 25 ppm is as high as it should be made]



Twenty million Americans see their doctors each year because of a headache.  Although headaches can be very uncomfortable and temporarily disabling, most are not associated with serious illness.  They can often be relieved by resting in a quiet room or by taking a nonprescription painkiller such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Headaches are one of the most common pain-related health problems in both children and adults. You may have a headache along with another minor health problem such as a sore throat, cold, or sinus problem.

When a person has a headache, several areas of the head can hurt, including a network of nerves that extends over the scalp and certain nerves in the face, mouth and throat.

Illustration of Tension headache: areas of pain

Rarely, headache is a symptom of a dangerous condition such cerebral aneurysm, brain tumor, stroke, TIA, meningitis, or encephalitis.  Very high blood pressure can cause headaches and this situation is a medical emergency.  However, high blood pressure usually causes no symptoms at all, despite the damage that years of high blood pressure can do to blood vessels, heart, brain, and kidneys.  If you have any doubt about your headache, contact your physician.

Basics of Headache:
The most common type of headache is “tension headache.”  Tension headaches generally develop gradually, often involve the entire head as well as the neck and shoulders.  They probably are not actually caused by increased muscle tension, although muscle relaxation techniques can be very useful in treatment.  Most people get tension headaches occasionally and these can usually be treated simply.  Some people get them often, but there are usually some useful interventions to help decrease the number of sick days.

Cluster headaches are headaches lasting minutes to hours that occur day after day at a similar time over a period of weeks.  They are sharp.  People with cluster headaches often describe the pain as similar to an icepick.

They are more common in men, and are more difficult to treat than most headaches.  Interestingly, oxygen therapy will often stop a daily cluster headache.  Many of the medications used to prevent or treat migraine headaches are used to treat cluster headaches.

Migraine headaches are “severe headaches.”  With classic migraine, the headache is preceeded by a feeling that a headache will develop (prodrome) followed by visual phenomena such as dark or bright spots, streaks of light, or tunnel vision (aura).  The headache then develops, usually on one side.  It is throbbing in nature, accompanied by nausea and increased sensitivity to light and noise.

Most people with migraine headaches do not experience prodrome or aura.  Common migraine headache, like classic migraine headache is treatable and often preventable.

Migraineurs, those who develop migraine headaches often have a family history of migraine headache and they have headache triggers.  People who get headaches when they don’t have enough of their daily caffeine are migraineurs.  They would have fewer migraines if they completely eliminated caffeine.  Chocolate, red wines, nuts and cheeses are common food triggers. Migraines before or during menstrual periods are common.  Not all migraineurs get terrible headaches, but some certainly do. Migraine is an important cause of lost days of school, work and enjoyment.

Sinus headaches are those frontal headaches that some people experience with sinus infection and with changes in the weather.  Allergies can also provoke them.

Women who smoke and who experience migraine headaches with aura have more than twice the risk of stroke if they take estrogen-containing birth control pills than those who use nonestrogen-based contraception.  Changing to a nonestrogen or very low-estrogen contraceptive not only can reduce the risk of stroke but can dramatically decrease the number of headaches.

Headache Causes:

Common causes of headaches include:

  • Alcohol, caffeine, or other medicine use or withdrawal.
  • Changes in the levels of chemicals in the body (neurotransmitters).
  • Coughing or sneezing.
  • Dehydration.
  • Dental problems or procedures, such as pain from grinding the teeth or from a root canal.
  • Eating or drinking cold foods and fluids.
  • Emotional stress.
  • Exposure to smoke or fumes from chemicals, including carbon monoxide.
  • Eyestrain.
  • Fever.
  • High altitude. Lower oxygen levels at high altitudes can cause headaches.
  • Medical procedures, such as the aftereffects of a lumbar puncture (spinal tap).
  • Medications. Many medications can cause headaches.
  • Muscle strain in the neck, upper back, or shoulder muscles.

Upper respiratory infections.

Other Health Conditions Associated to Headaches:

Other health conditions that can cause or contribute to headaches include:

  • Alcohol, caffeine, or medicine abuse, overuse, or withdrawal.
  • Fibromyalgia, a condition that causes widespread muscle and soft tissue pain and tenderness.
  • Glaucoma, an eye disease that damages the nerves at the back of the eye.
  • High blood pressure (hypertension).
  • High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).
  • Infection in the sinuses, such as sinusitis or an abscess.
  • Inflammatory problems , such as arthritis, lupus, or temporal arteritis.
  • Kidney disease, which causes wastes to build up in the blood.
  • Low calcium levels in the blood (hypocalcemia) or overactivity of the gland that helps control the release of calcium into the blood (hyperparathyroidism).
  • Lyme disease, a bacterial infection spread by certain types of ticks.
  • Mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression.
  • Problems with pregnancy, such as severe high blood pressure (preeclampsia).
  • Sleep problems, such as insomnia or sleep apnea.

Thyroid problems, such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Headaches With other Serious Symptoms:

Although rare, a headache may be a sign of a serious illness. Other symptoms, such as vomiting, dizziness, or changes in vision, may also be present. The following serious illnesses or injuries can cause headaches.

  • A head injury:
    • Injury to the brain
    • Fracture of the skull
    • Bleeding in or around the brain
  • Brain tumor, which causes swelling within the brain.
  • Infection in the brain (encephalitis) or of the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord (meningitis).
  • Stroke, a problem that occurs when a blood vessel (artery) that supplies blood to the brain bursts or is blocked by a blood clot.

A rupture of a blood vessel with bleeding in or around the brain (aneurysm)

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