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What is shingles?

Shingles is an outbreak of a rash or blisters on the skin that may be associated with severe pain. The pain is generally on one side of the body or face.

Who is at risk for developing shingles?

Although it is most common in people over age 50, anyone who has had chickenpox is at risk for developing shingles. Shingles is also more common in people with weakened immune systems from HIV infection, chemotherapy or radiation treatment, transplant operations and stress.

What are the symptoms of shingles?

Early signs of shingles include burning or shooting pain and tingling or itching generally located on one side of the body or face. The rash or blisters are present anywhere from one to 14 days.

Are other complications associated with shingles?

Yes. If shingles appears on the face, it can lead to complications in hearing and vision. For instance, if shingles affects the eye, the cornea can become infected and lead to temporary or permanent blindness. Another complication of the virus is postherpetic neuralgia (PHN), a condition where the pain from shingles persists for months, sometimes years, after the shingles rash has healed.

Opinion 1
A few days ago, a dear friend of ours submitted an order for some silver wire for replacement of our electrodes ,and she { Portia Battista, Also living here in Vegas } Related to you my apparent success , at least at this point of being free of the virus causing acne rosacea. First , let me state that I had emailed you over a year ago telling you how skeptical I was over what some related to me what was a ” snake oil treatment ” for shingles, and how I agreed to try your colloidal silver for no other reason than to prove to my wife that this would just be another useless ” tonic ” like some of the other remedies suggested by well meaning friends. So I did take internally and topical the silver and not only did I discover my shingles disappeared but also the horrible congestion in my throat which caused me to nearly constantly clear my throat . You had asked me at that time if you could use that as a testimonial to which I did not respond, sorry. But now Bill, I must respond because at this date, March 24 th of the year 2001, I have been off of tetracycline for 84 days. .

Please let me explain. I am not writing this to help make someone in this col. silver business more sales. If it does that, that is o.k. too, but the real reason I am telling you this is that it can help others like me to get away from this horrible malady. And if anyone does not think that acne rosacea is not a horribly disfiguring, embarrassing disease to be afflicted with, just bring it up on the web. and observe the disfigurement it can cause. I was diagnosed in 1973 as having Lupus Erythematosus and treated by a Dr. in WA. for a time and then unable to arrest the problem of swollen nose with pustules all over it, I tried treating it topically with hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic jells, etc. then I was referred to a dermatologist in Olympia WA who said that tests showed that it was acne rosacea and not lupus and the real treatment was to take tetracycline the rest of my life or until such time that some other treatment was discovered. That was 27 years ago and I have been on that antibiotic for all that time except for the periodic trial of not taking it in the hopes that It might have gone away. Always, after about 4 days my nose and face would swell, become very red and break out with pustules again, so back to the meds. and only after a week or so even doubling up on the antibiotic some days would my nose become anywhere near normal. Well to shorten the story, in order to have my arrhythmia meds and tetracycline prescriptions renewed {I had enrolled in a HMO plan and had to change DR`s. ] and after being examined by him he said I had atrial fib. and the arrhythmia med was not necessary that I must go on coumaden and so when going off the arrhythmia med I thought I might just as well give the going off of tetracycline another try, which I did and it has now been 84 days and absolutely no sign of my rosacea returning. I can only attribute this to the Colloidal silver which I must take on a frequent basis for the control of the junk in my throat so that I don’t drive my wife nuts from constant throat clearing. I brought up the rosacea web site and wanted to tell them of this, but chose to wait longer to make sure I would not give someone false hopes. The Rosacea society has sent me monthly bulletins and the bottom line has always been that there is no cure, only certain life styles to conform to, such as no caffeine, alcohol, spices, sunlight and on and on. I live in Vegas, plenty of sun, and all the other no no`s which I now enjoy, and I only hope that silver could do the same for others if they could only give it an honest try. It has been nice talking to you Bill and if there is anything I can do or say in this regard, please feel free to use all or any part of this email to help others, and if just one can gain relief from this I will consider it a blessing.

your friend Robert Weaver

Opinion 2
I just learned about your site on Colloidal Silver from a friend who knows I love it. I was so glad to see it and to read the many testimonies on its healing values. I have been using Colloidal Silver for nearly 10 years. But it was hard to find and sometimes so very expensive. Then to my delight, I found a place that sold the generators and bought my own. I used to hoard it and use it very sparingly. But now I can use it for everything and have found how it works so well for so many things.

The experience that I would like to add to your testimonies is this:

My mother is 84, and last year she got shingles on her face and in her hair. I had just read that Colloidal Silver was good for shingles, and as I live some 70 miles from her, I took a quart of Colloidal Silver and headed for her home. When I got there I started by giving her a fourth of a cup internally (which we did twice a day ) and started spraying the effected area with a spritz bottle. It started feeling much better almost immediately, as it took the itching and soreness away. She sprayed it as many times a day as she wanted or felt it needed it. Two days later she went back to the Dr. and he was amazed. He told her she was doing so well she would not have to come back. It took a week or so for all the scabs to heal. Sense then several people I know have used the Colloidal Silver for shingles with the same results. Saying it was the only thing that really helped. I also know two people who are now using it for chronic sinus infections which they have had for years and have had none since starting to use the silver . I am so grateful it is being made available to everyone. I believe every home should have its own generator, to provide for there own families.

Lois Woodcox
Fountain Green, Ut.

Opinion 3
My turn. Ok I have been told about two years ago about colloidal silver and its special qualities. I did my due diligence on the internet searching for answers, and found both pro and con. I read stories about the “blue people” and wondered. After all, blue is my favorite color..*joking* So I decided to put it to the test. I first ordered from utopiasilver their colloidal gold/silver compound. I have fibromyalgia and in constant pain. My muscles and nerves were always in pain. I took an ounce every day. Not sure if it did anything, but I sure didn’t feel bad, which is a usual for me, while I did take it. Ok perhaps mental wishing I thought. I should continue in moderation and see what happens.

Then when it ran out, I decided to buy the generator they offered here at Utopia and start making it. I found everyone strongly advised to make it with distilled water. I got the meter to test the ppm in water, and found a big difference with tap and Reverse Osmosis water, but nothing was as clean as distilled bottled water, so I ventured to make my own. I got the 10-12 ppm as told I would on my first small batch. I learned in CS chats sites that unless the water is pure distilled, the silver makes other metals in the water toxic perhaps causing the “Blue” effect over time and abuse. I trusted 1 ounce per 150# of body weight was sufficient as it could purify water in minutes with less. That is what sold me.

Then my mother and brother came to visit. My mom with severe diabetes and neuropathy, my brother with skin cancer from chemical exposure and always a bloody scarred mess. My mom stubbed her toe, a very dangerous situation for her, but I put some CS on a cotton ball and taped it to her toe. Next day. unbelievable.. it was pink and practically healed. We kept that up for a few more days until it was completely healed and her toes were a pink color again. Her injuries take forever to heal and usually always get a bad infection. I told my brother to keep a mist spray of this on his arms and legs and see what effect it would have…in five days his conditions was completely gone and he has been thrilled, and will even wear shorts now! Then it came to me. One problem I had was a reoccurring fungus/virus under both my toenails (like a fever blister). Its a condition similar to the chicken pox “herpes simplex” that can reoccur in high stress situations in ones body due to an immune deficiency, so the doctor removed them both, treated them with everything under the sun, which caused me to breakout and blister even more and I could barely walk. Having FMS, makes me severely sensitive to most medications. I too, put CS on cotton balls and taped them to my toes, and changed them several times a day for 4 days. Not only is my toenail growing back normal but the condition is gone. I also took an ounce of CS in OJ daily too. I had to call my doctor and tell him. I also asked for the $70 in crap he sold me to get rid of it! I keep a bit in the dog and cats water bowl, and its cleared up those runny eyes, and sneezes they had too. It even appeared to killed a tape worm infestation in my 14 year old cat in a week.

My mom called and said she recently broke out in shingles again, and was blistered and in pain all over her back and torso and legs. I reminded her or her CS I gave her, and she started immediately. A week has gone by, no more blisters, no more pain, itching, or fevers. She drank an ounce a day and sprayed her sores every time they started itching. This condition usually has taken her 6-8 weeks to stop and its horrible what she goes through during that time. Not this time. Think someone should had told David Letterman about CS? Had I thought about it, I would have! I have since shared CS with all my friends, with diaper rash, ear aches, sinus infections, psoriasis, HepC, heat rashes and a bladder infection with a catheter. All have been amazed at the immediate results CS has had on their problems, which has added to my testimony of the quality of this simple solution in a bottle. I thank those of you, especially Bill & Denise, who convinced me this is worth trying. I appreciate all the comments I hear on this “Silver Nuggets” newsletter, gives me lots of eye-opening idea’s too. I am careful because I am concerned, but when I need it to get through an incident, trust me its “CS time” I wont ever be without it. I have turned many of my friends on to this site and newsletter and told them to make their own choice.


I am beginning to make a bunch of it up, concerned and wanting to be prepared in case of an emergency. I think having this around in quantity is a great idea. As precious as water in my book.

Bill or Denise…Would you know if there a shelf life for this, as long as we store it in a dark bottle? [We recommend storage in dark glass for about 3-6 months]

My sincere Thanks!
Cherie Whitaker
Coarsegold, California
[Please keep in mind, this is Cherie’s report. It is up to you to decide what to make of it.]

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