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Opinion 1

A few days ago, a dear friend of ours, Portia Battista, also living here in Vegas, related to you my apparent success, at least at this point of being free of the virus causing acne rosecea. First , let me state that I had emailed you over a year ago telling you how skeptical I was over what some related to me what was a ” snake oil treatment ” for shingles, and how I agreed to try your colloidal silver for no other reason than to prove to my wife that this would just be another useless ” tonic ” like some of the other remedies suggested by well meaning friends. So I did take internally and topical the silver and not only did I discover my shingles disappeared but also the horrible congestion in my throat which caused me to nearly constantly clear my throat. You had asked me at that time if you could use that as a testimonial to which I did not respond, sorry. But now I must respond, because at this date, March 24 th of the year 2001, I have been off of tetracycline for 84 days. Please let me explain. I am not writing this to help make someone in this col. silver business more sales. If it does that, that is o.k. too, but the real reason I am telling you this is that it can help others like me to get away from this horrible malady. And if anyone does not think that acne rosecea is a horribly disfiguring, embarrassing disease to be afflicted with, just bring it up on the web and observe the disfigurement it can cause. I was diagnosed in 1973 as having Lupus Erythematosus and treated by a Dr. in WA. for a time and then unable to arrest the problem of swollen nose with pustules all over it. I tried treating it topically with hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic jells, etc. Then I was referred to a dermatologist in Olympia WA who said that tests showed that it was acne rosecea and not lupus and the real treatment was to take tetracycline the rest of my life or until such time that some other treatment was discovered. That was 27 years ago and I have been on that antibiotic for all that time except for the periodic trial of not taking it in the hopes that it might have gone away. Always, after about 4 days my nose and face would swell, become very red and break out with pustules again, so back to the meds. Only after a week or so of doubling up on the antibiotic some days, would my nose become anywhere near normal. Well to shorten the story, in order to have my arrhythmia meds and tetracycline prescriptions renewed (I had enrolled in a HMO plan and had to change DR`s) and after being examined by him he said I had atrial fib. and the arrhythmia med was not necessary that I must go on coumaden and so when going off the arrhythmia med I thought I might just as well give the going off of tetracycline another try, which I did and it has now been 84 days and absolutely no sign of my rosecea returning. I can only attribute this to the Colloidal silver which I must take on a frequent basis for the control of the junk in my throat so that I don’t drive my wife nuts from constant throat clearing. I brought up the rosecea web site and wanted to tell them of this, but chose to wait longer to make sure I would not give someone false hopes. The Rosecea society has sent me monthly bulletins and the bottom line has always been that there is no cure, only certain life styles to conform to, such as no caffeine, alcohol, spices, sunlight and on and on. I live in Vegas, plenty of sun, and all the other no no’s which I now enjoy, and I only hope that silver could do the same for others if they could only give it an honest try. It has been nice talking to you, and if there is anything I can do or say in this regard, please feel free to use all or any part of this email to help others, and if just one can gain relief from this I will consider it a blessing.

Your friend,
Robert Weaver
Robert Weaver Update: 4/12/01

Opinion 2
I want to write you for two reasons, first of all I now have been off of tetracycline for acne rosacea for 102 days and still no sign whatsoever of the thing returning and am I ever elated. For 27 years, the first thing in the morning was to pop a capsule of tetracycline and now, nothing. The second reason, equally important to me and perhaps you, is that I gave you the wrong email address and I made a mistake in doing that which was my wife’s address. So please change the email address on the testimonials to

Opinion 3
just a quick note …. been taking C.S., and now the blend formula, for the past two months. I have not gotten one single cold, sore throat, or flu while everyone around me are always sick… Also, I began using C.S. on my face to treat my roseca (??) and it is significantly better after one week… my blood pressure seems to be lower than it has in several years… and I feel fabulous…. I am using it to treat my Hep C, but won’t know until May (next blood test) if it is being effective in reducing or eliminating the virus… will write again after the test!

Thanks so much for your wonderful potion!!
Anne Perry

Opinion 4
I have been reading the many testimonials on your web site on the outstanding VALUE of colloidal silver and I am so happy for the many persons that have been and that are being helped by finding out about the great relief that c.silver has brought to them. I have received so many email letters asking a host of questions, including one from a gentleman that used to be the director of an neurological research team in a large University, who decried the stance that the medical profession has taken on some alternative types of beneficial treatments for various health problems. You may remember me Bill, I wrote you a testimonial nearly a year ago telling you that I had taken tetrycycline for acne rosecea for 27 years, and that after finally trying it for shingles for about  2 months and then being taken off of quinaglute for irregular heart beat, I also went off of tetrycycline to see if by chance my rosecea might have gone away, like maybe I had ” outgrown it ” and now Bill today is the 428 th day without tetrycycline and I do all the things that was disallowed when I had rosecea, like avoidance of the Vegas summer sun, alcohol, spices, coffee ect. I now enjoy them all and show not even the slightest symptoms of it returning. I have had so many write me with Rosecea and wanting to know if I was for real etc. and so I have tried to answer somewhere under 100 inquiries and cannot keep up with them all. So basically what they need to know is this. Health food stores c. silver prices are prohibitive so I suggest to them to obtain the silver from you in large lots at reduced prices, or buy a generator following instructions carefully. One ounce of this solution morning, noon and night along with gently dabbing the affected area with  one of my wife’s makeup pads soaked in silver several times letting it air dry between each application and do this 3 or 4 times a day and in several days the results should really be encouraging. This regimen may have to be repeated, I do not know and here is why I say that. I am plagued with phlem in my throat, like most old men are ( I am 78 ) and I sometimes take 1 oz. morning and early evening so I don’t keep my wife awake all night clearing my throat, and it may be that this could, I say COULD contribute to my not having problems with Rosecea, although I don’t think so as I have taken trips in the last year without silver and rosecea did not show up. Anyway there you have it Bill. If any one thinks that my testimonial is for some benefit monitarily for your company, it is not although if it does benefit your company and allow you to continue to sell your product at YOUR prices so that those of us that do need assistance with our med. problems can afford it. then that is great. It has been a real pleasure reading your occasional testimonials, please keep them coming as you get them.

Your friend Robert Weaver in Vegas 

Opinion 5
Dear Just thought I owed you an update on my a. rosecea act.
Today Sept 19th 2001 happens to be the 262 nd day that I have had no tetracycline after you remember 27+ years on the antibiotic and no signs whatsoever of any symptoms of it as yet, however when I do ignore this Vegas sun while doing yard work in 110+ degree weather my nose does get tinted with a pastel red which disappears in a day or so.I still take silver
periodically for the congestion which it holds down nicely and my shingles have failed to put in a reappearance to this date. Point now is what would the folks  say about my A. Rosecea because they have said in the past that once getting it you have it for the rest of your life.
Well friends, again I want to thank you so very much for the fine gift. I
use it every time I generate c.s. because I guess I am like most people, thinking if a little is good, a whole lot must be better, so when generating in the past I used about 10 oz. of water from my own distiller and then added 1 tspn. of filtered tap water, which seemingly gave it more golden color. Now that I have the counter I just generate until I am happy with 18 to 25 ppm.
Bill I also made a generator [ I think I told you about it ] whereby I wired up two miniature switches and If I want to use one, two or three batteries for particle size, I merely set a switch or both switches as necessary and
no taking the unit apart and reassembling . Then I also made two extra generators one with one battery, the next with two and of course the other with three depending on particle size I want.
Well folks, with the problems of terror back East and the same possibility happening most anyplace, it looks like just living in any area could be a challenge in these last days we are living in, but ultimately everything will turn out fine in His appointed time won`t it? Gotta run.
Sincerely your friends Robert and Lillian

Opinion 6

Today is 201 days off of tetracycline. Some of the inquiries state that with
acne rosecea, they can expect to be on antibotics the rest of their lives and if it were not for you and your dear wife I would still be on it . May God bless you and the work you are doing.
My wife and I send you our deepest respects. Robert and Lillian Weaver


What is Rosecea?

By some recent estimates Rosecea afflicts 13 million Americans. Rosecea is a chronic disease which appears as usually first appears as subtle reddening on the face. Over time this may develop into some inflammation and be accompanied by skin eruptions. About half of Rosecea suffers also have some sort of symptoms with their eyes (known as Ocular Rosecea). If left untreated, over time Rosecea can result in the appearance of red lines which result from swollen or damaged veins.

Who Gets Rosecea?
Rosecea most commonly afflicts adults between the ages of 30 and 60 though it has been know to afflict children. Symptoms usually start to appear to people in their 30s or 40s. Men and women are equally likely to to be affected and there seems to be a genetic aspect to the disease. In one survey, forty percent of rosecea sufferers surveyed could identify a relative with the symptoms of rosecea. There is a reasonably common belief the people of Irish or Northern European descent are more likely to be affected though some studies have not necessarily supported this. There is no evidence that Rosecea can be passed from one person to another (i.e: it is not a contagious condition).

What Causes It?
The exact cause of Rosecea is still largely unknown, however the symptoms are reasonably well understood as are a variety of lifestyle factors (such as particular foods and activities) that are known to trigger outbreaks in people that have the disease.


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