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Opinion 1 
Dear Utopia Silver,

In 1989 I was victim of non hodgsons lymphoma, for 2 years I had chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplant. one night in 92 I heard my specialist say “to contact my family as I wouldn’t live another day”. I prayed that night not to get well but to go to Heaven if their were such a place, at this time I was not a Christian, well God in his Grace pulled me through, from that day until this very moment I have never had any medication for the cancer that threatened my life, in 97 I gave my life to Him, the greatest physician. Today I use colloidal silver which has healed psoriasis on my leg after 3 years suffering with annoying itch and scaling, removed my warts almost overnight, thank you for the opportunity to 1, praise God, 2. tell of the wonders of these products. Today I tend to buy the gold as there are a few problems in my life caused by the two years of chemotherapy, bad circulation being the worst of them, I will let you know the results. God bless you for your healing power.

Opinion 2

After getting an email about colloidal silver, I stored it in an email address book and forgot about it. After turning 50 and wanting to stay healthy for a good long while, I went back to the email and read every testimonial on your site. Even then, I went to a local health food store and got some cs over the counter and started using it but it was of very low grade. I felt better and had an amazing occurrence with my feet. I had a skin condition on my feet somewhat like psoriasis with a lot of peeling, cracked skin etc. They had been bothering me forever. I noticed them clearing up and began to apply cs topically and they improved to the point of being almost normal. Some of the callous like skin dried up and didn’t come back. Now, they are just like new. I use it every day or so and haven’t had a problem since.

I immediately bought a generator to save money and made my own batch of “cs home brew” and have to say I feel better physically and mentally than I have in years. Also, everyone in my office has been getting sick with the flu. I had one low day and that was it. Also, I am sleeping like a rock! Does CS help your sleeping patterns? [When one is healthy without a lot of pesky infections, one sleeps much better. To that extent, it is a sleep aid] Thanks,

I’ll be using it everyday from now on!
Mike Daush
Memphis, TN

Psoriasis is a chronic but treatable autoimmune skin disease experienced by an estimated 5-6 million Americans and about 80 million people around the world.

While psoriasis is not typically life threatening, it can greatly affect your appearance, self-esteem and overall quality of life. It can develop anywhere on the skin, though it usually appears on the scalp, knees, elbows and torso. It also may affect the nails and joints.

Psoriasis of the skin has several common symptoms. It is often itchy and may cause painful drying, cracking or blistering of the skin. Psoriasis affecting the joints (psoriatic arthritis) can cause pain and make movement more difficult.

Red, raised areas of skin called plaques characterize plaque psoriasis, the most common form of the disease. Plaque psoriasis can range from mild to severe. Approximately 20 to 25 percent of cases are severe. Other forms of the disease include guttate psoriasis, erythrodermic psoriasis and pustular psoriasis.

Many people with psoriasis develop it in their 20s, but the disease can occur at any age, even childhood. It is equally common in men and women, and tends to run in families.  Treatments for psoriasis include the use of skin creams, light therapy, and systemic therapies (pills or injections).

The exact causes of psoriasis are complex and not fully understood, but genetic traits leading to abnormalities in the body’s response to infection are believed to be the underlying basis. A specialized type of white blood cell called a T cell has been identified as playing a key role in the inflammation that eventually leads to psoriasis plaques and related symptoms.

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