Colloidal Silver for Pets

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Pets more often than not are treated as a member of the family. As a member of the family, they are given equal care as a human being. Care includes vaccinations, preventive care, diet, exercises, and a well balanced nutrition. Health care centers for pets, at present are well-organized and a profitable business.

As with human beings, pets are also emotionally bond. As a child in your household would require care and attention, so does a pet. Rather a pet requires more care and love than a human being, because human beings understand certain things like busy and hurry. Pets don’t recognize these factors. Happiness of a pet, keeps your pet healthy. Pet requires protection from some problems, like vaccinations, and a six monthly or annual examination. You should give balanced diet with nutrients to keep your pet active, and avoid over feeding. More active pet needs more protein and fats for boosting the stamina, while a lesser active pet needs a lower calorie diet.

The maximum life a dog is 30 years, but most dogs do not last 12 to 15 years. This is because of inappropriate nutrition or shortage of protein. Pets are also vulnerable to food additives. Chemical as well as dyes can cause dangerous side effects in their body. A dog must be given uncooked bone for his better health. As per the studies processed foods may cause many diseases such as arthritis, obesity and cancer. Many pets do not require any exercise, but dogs do require a daily run. A fence of electronic containment may be more suitable for a working pet owner. Electronic containment fence can provide your pet, fearless free movement in the secure confines of your garden and allows safe staying away or indoors, it can also prevent your pet from entering certain areas in the house.

Pet care is very essential for making sure that your pets live for more time with sound health. Pet owners should spend time learning about looking after their pets. First time pet owners can read up books, or enquire from a pet store regarding care of their pets. Technology has brought this to our doorstep with information about pet care available on the internet. You should make sure that pets are eating healthy and nutritious food. Many brands of suitable quality, foods for pets are available in the market; you need only to choose from them. You should know what type of food should not be given to your pets because certain foods that are good for humans are harmful for pets. Space is another factor that needs to be looked into when choosing a pet. Dogs need more space to move around; if space is a constraint, then you should go in for pets like fish or a cat.

Opinion 1

Dear Catherine
Your credit card was declined. However after hearing about your sweet little dog, we are sending you a bottle free of charge. Hope this helps him. Regards,

Dear people at utopia silver, i want to thank you for being so generous and thinking of me. I am emperor nero, 2.3 lbs., an akc registered smooth coat chihuahua, and my grandfather was wee valentino. I come from a long line of champions and love to enter the chihuahua shows and show off my stuff. Unfortunately a crow bigger than me, attacked me, when i was eating from my food bowl. I screamed and my owner came running, too late to stop the big bird from trying to peck my eye out. We went to the doctor who saw the damage and after examining said,” it is would be better to operate and close the eye shut.” but, to take no chances since the eyeball was pierced and oozing, removal would be the best. We needed time to decide so after shots and medication we had an appointment for the next morn for the operation. My owner called many breeders for advice, and similar accidents had happened to other chihuahuas resulting with eyeball loss. We had heard of silver drops and somehow got a e-mail of a company that sold this precious liquid. We had just paid a large vet bill, and for part of the operation that was forthcoming.the next day my owner called you and asked if maybe the liquid would help heal the eye, as the risk of infection could kill a little guy like me. She, was so crazy with indecision and ordered a bottle little realizing the check card was out of funds.monday morning the eyeball was bulging out of the socket, and it was and oozing pus. The antibiotics did not help and now i was to have the eye removed. As we were leaving for the vet a truck pulled up and said there was a package for us. We felt it might be a sign from higher power and started putting the liquid in my eyes, as the other eye was also looking infected. She gave me a teaspoon every hour oral and at the same time drops in the eye. By the next morn, we knew i would keep my eye. The treatment continued and within a few days some of the swelling had gone has been 5 weeks, and i can close the eye lids but the cornea remains opaque. I can see light and shadows.i want to thank you, because without your kindness and generosity, i would have surely had to have had the eye removed. Here is a picture of me taken last year so you can see how handsome i was. I will be in touch. My owner raves about the silver water and is placing an on- line order. Best regards, emperor nero

“you know science says that there is a blueprint in the dna of each cell of the body, that contains the information of what the body and organs consisted of before trauma, and or injury. Given a chance, and stopping and eliminating any opportunistic pathogens and infections, the body will heal itself, restore itself, and regenerate healthy tissue.” my mamma read this to me from a science journal. Maybe some other doggie might be saved any unnecessary suffering for lack of its owners alternative choice and information.

Thank you.

Opinion 2
I just wanted to let you know that after i got my order i have been putting a teaspoon of the silver in buddy’s (the dog) water dish every day. he has been prone to either allergies, dry skin, whatever. he has itched almost nonstop for a long time. he has been on prescription diets, cortisone shots, prescription antihistamines, etc. you get the picture! nothing really seemed to help. he almost couldn’t go from one end of the house to the other without stopping to scratch!!! he has been on it for about a week or so now. he doesn’t itch nearly as much!!! he has been itching less and less as the days go by!! i am really thrilled!!!!!! i was starting to feel guilty because he seemed so miserable and nothing helped. thanks so much. and buddy thanks you, too!!! woof!
A. Gibson

Opinion 3
My little dog “Sammy” , came down with a very bad cough. It would get so bad he would choke and sometime cough up phlegm. I put about 4 teaspoons of silver in his water and sprayed some down his throat, about twice a day for three days. After the third day his coughing had almost completely stopped. It is now the sixth day and he has completely stopped coughing.

Steve Schillinger

Opinion 4
My name is Melody Nail and I’ve been buying the silver and gold for a few months now. I started taking the silver when I read the testimonials about it helping Hep C, which I have. Well, I guess I have the virus, but no symptoms according to the doctors. Even though I’m tired a lot, they blame it on getting older, no exercise, depression, sleeping disorders, menopause, and on and on. Anyway I have a lot more energy after taking the silver and a lot more will power since taking the gold. My mother has had a bout with a bladder infection for about a year. I finally asked to go with her to her doctor to talk to him about why it keeps coming back. Their answer was that that is what some older people have to put up with and to just take sulphur when she would feel it coming on. I couldn’t believe it. I told my mom that I would get on the internet to try and find out how to help her. I had forgotten about the testimonials about bladder infections. When I did and search for bladder infections, your site came up again, just like when I did a search for Hep C. I can’t thank you enough for posting all the testimonials and information you have. My family thinks I’m a little weird (sometimes a lot weird) because of all the things I’ve tried for my Hep C, so I thought I might have a hard time convincing my mom to try it. Well, the sulphur wasn’t helping her at all this time, so she was feeling very sick and very desperate. She was ready to try anything. She took some late that afternoon and was feeling better by that night. I can tell you she’s a believer now!!! I printed out the testimonials and other info from your website and took it over to her. She has had some kind of fungus underneath her toenails forever, so she tried it on that… has cleared up. She’s just ecstatic about it. She even asked me if she could try the gold!! I take the silver and swish it around in my mouth and swallow it. My dentist asked if I had started using the fuzzy side of the toothbrush, because he didn’t have to scrape at my teeth to get them clean. I can’t sing the praises for silver and gold enough!!

Thanks so much for your products,
P.S. One of my dogs had several oozing sores underneath his legs. I have no idea what they were, but the silver got rid of them!!!! I put some in his food and also swabbed them with a -tip.

Opinion 5
Dear , 
I have been using this product for a while. My Chiropractor recommended it for an earache and it worked wonders. Also my son was bitten by a dog and we used it and the bite healed very quickly. Also a few days ago I had a urinary tract infection. I was hurting so bad. It was hard for me to walk I had read about douching with it and did. In about 3 hours all the pain was gone and I felt great. Thank you for you silver. I recommend it to everyone.

God Bless Diane from Little Rock Arkansas 

Opinion 6
Hi ,
I bought the Vick’s Ultrasonic Humidifier and used Advanced Colloidal Silver diluted 3:1 with distilled water. I had sinus surgery on Jan. 15 and was in great pain and fearful of infection setting in as I have hepatitis C and am greatly immuno compromised. Using the humidifier was a great benefit. Even
though I am still recovering from the surgery, I have felt “under attack” from cold/sinus infections several times since returning to work and the outside world. Advanced Colloidal Silver has truly turned things around. I have been able to avoid getting sick each time thankfully. I take one tablespoon in the morning and one at night as well as sniffing a bit up my nose as needed. I carry a small bottle of it with me at all times now. It is such a relief and very much like a secondary immune system. It gives me peace of mind too since I’m less fearful of getting whatever happens to be going around. I have a 4 year old son who was sick with a cold before and during my surgery. Normally, I would have gotten what he had in a second…but not this time!!! Incredible! I am so grateful. He appreciated the humidifier also saying: “let’s breath some steam mommy” – his cold which was lingering cleared up immediately.

I’ve also used the ACS on my pets. My dog had hot spots and I’d tried many things – only the ACS got rid of them – quickly! Also, my cat had a draining eye with discolored discharge and it cleared that also.

Julie A. Ostoich

Opinion 7

Hello !
I could write volumes about CS in our lives!! — I began using it out of curiosity about 5 years ago, but I had had no idea that it could work on so many things! We used it as a topical spray for cuts and burns. Worked overnight to heal! I was amazed! A house guest was scratched badly in the face by one of our overly exuberant dogs one evening. It looked very bad, but she didn’t want to go to the doctor, and she had to show up for work the next morning. I prayed CS on the long sore across her cheek. Next morning she went to work. the scratch was hardly noticeable and did not leave a scar! both my friend and I were “hooked”. and we paid over $22 for 4 oz of this “miracle water”. A few months ago I found your site and was so pleased that I could buy it for less and still get the “good stuff”! Now I find out that CS is even more mighty! This awful flu that came though this year made my aunt very ill! but barely grazed me, and didn’t touch my son. difference? You guessed it! Auntie was not taking CS, I only used it after I found I had the symptoms. My son had been taking a tsp. per day for another problem he had .

Thanks for “being there” to supply our needs! You (and the sliver!) are an answer to many prayers!

Opinion 8
I just wanted you people at utopia silver to know that i started using colloidal silver about two month ago for a sinus infection and it wiped it out but i kept taking it as a preventive for sinus infection, i am thirty-five years old and i started too lose some of my hair about five years ago and i started getting fine lines and wrinkles also. but there was nothing much i could do about that so i just went with it being that hair transplants and face lifts are way over my finances, around a week ago i noticed that my hair felt full and when i brushed it back it looked dark and full and where it had been falling out baby hairs were growing in i couldn’t believe my eyes! and i thought maybe i was just seeing things but my friends and family have noticed and have made comments about my hair looking fuller and my face looking younger. it wasn’t until i started taking colloidal silver that i started getting these compliments thank you all again! for another MIRACLE

Signed, revitalized

Opinion 9

Hi! Just wanted to tell you that I am using the generator you sent me and my chronic ear infection is GONE!!!! My friend with Hepatitis C is going to start using it too, and we will let you know the Outcome.

Thanks so much!
Sherry Ann “Sam” Binkley 

Opinion 10
I found your website by accident, and I am very glad that I did! I spent most of the afternoon reading the information and the testimonials, and by the end of the day I was convinced that I needed to try this! I myself do not suffer from any ailments, but am genuinely interested in staying healthy, so I purchased some CS and could not wait to try it. My 17 year old son has asthma and allergies that keep him pretty congested during the spring time, I convinced him that he should take CS with me to see if it helped him with that, after explaining the testimonials I had read pertaining to these ailments. I must also explain that this kid has grown two feet in the past two years, and has complained of joint pain in his knee, hip and ankles for the past two years. The doctor has attributed the pain as “growing pains”. An hour after he took the first dose of CS, he came out of his room and I asked him if he felt any difference in his congestion, or anything different….he looked at me kind of strange and said, “yeah, this is weird, but my knee does not hurt, and my hip and ankles don’t hurt” Then I told him about the testimonies that I had read about pain relief. He had no idea that it had any of those qualities, so it was not mind over matter in any way shape or form. Actually he was pretty shocked.

That alone convinced me that your product is incredible! I plan on incorporating CS into the rest of my family and my friends. Thank you again!

SIC Utah

Opinion 11
Our 18 year old male cat, Sumo, has been declared to be on his last legs for the past three years. The vet wanted to to put him to sleep 2 years ago, but he held on until he got an abcessed tooth which infected his face and eyes. The infection also spread to his intestines and he developed chronic diarrhea.
I thought he was a “goner” this time.

A friend of mine gave me me a bottle of colloidal silver with instructions to give him a teapoon a day and put drops in his eyes. He was nothing but
skin and bones and was a dying cat, anyway, so I figured what did we have to lose by trying out the new remedy.

Within two days, the infection in his eyes subsided but the amazing thing is that along with the silver, boiled rice and some grated cheese added
to his daily fare of canned cat food and crunchies his diarrhea has all but disappeared He has gained two pounds in the past three weeks. I found your site on the net and ordered the nine bottle package. With eight cats in the family, I intend to keep a permanent supply of Colloidal Silver on hand.

Bobbie Hart O’Neill
Yuma, Arizona 

Opinion 12

How Martha Pratt’s dog, Chelsea was saved with colloidal silver.

Hi, Just a quick testimonial about how CS helped my dog over the weekend. My blonde Cocker, Chelsea, will be 12 in May , and has had some physical problems in the past. This last Sunday morning she needed to go out about 4 a.m., and was fine. After coming back indoors, within about 15 minutes, she began hyperventilating, was dis-oriented, and so weak she couldn’t stand. This went on for some time, and I become VERY concerned., I had never seen her that bad, and I really felt I was going to lose her.

Then I remembered the CS I had, and poured 2 spoonfuls in her mouth. Within 30 minutes she calmed down, and began to rest. Later on during the day, she was back to her old self, and has been doing well since. I don’t know what hit her but I do think the CS got her over it. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Martha Pratt,
Stevensville, Michigan

Opinion 13

Coughing Dachshund (Weiner dog) rescued by colloidal silver.

Let me share with you the results of ONE DAY of colloidal silver on our 17 year old miniature smooth Dachshund. Eliza has had a heart/lung wet cough for about two years, no medicine would help. It had intensified to the point we would fret all day long as she did it continually. Silver……..ONE DAY…..she coughs ONCE (slightly) in the morning, a tiny half cough about evening. THAT IS IT! We are so grateful to silver. We’ve been showing dogs and in the business related to animals for 40 years, thrilled to have this product in our shops for “just in case” use.

Thank you again.

Opinion 14

Betty’s Chihuahuas healed, Rotweiler’s eye recovers, elderly people skip flu shots, trusting cs.

Good-morning Bill, I have a small kennel of Chihuahuas, and when ever there seems to be anything wrong, I give them CS, sore eyes, a cough, just whatever. What really sold me was my Rottie, had a sore eye for a long time, Oh, I had put med. in it, BUT, just three times of putting CS in it, it has been fine ever since. It is so hard to get folks to understand just how good CS is. My 83 yr.old brother takes it and so do I, every morning, and we didn’t get the flu shot, and we haven’t had the flu or a cold.

I tell folks about it, but it is so hard to get them to understand, a lot of them know how bad my dog’s eye was, and I tell them what I did and they can see how good it is now. I really do believe that it would help this SARS, is anyone going to see if it will? [Nothing we can do about seeing if it would work. Believe it or not, the medical industry is working hardest at trying to patent the virus!


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