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What causes a viral infection?
Consider these symptoms: runny noses, headaches, muscle aches, fever, cough, croup, nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramps. What do they have in common? They are all usually caused by a virus. Virus germs are behind virtually all colds and most run-of-the-mill cases of flu. But occasionally, there can be a bacteria-based infection like an ear infection, sinus infection, tonsillitis or bacterial pneumonia. Sometimes a bacterial infection develops after a child’s resistance has been lowered by a viral infection, and sometimes they occur on their own.

Opinion 1
Thank you for shipping my latest case of colloidal silver promptly. As a Hidradenitis Suppurativa suffer for over thirty years, I can attest to the excellent results that I received over the past several months. After repeated surgeries, prolonged antibiotic therapy; isotretinoin and vaccine therapy colloidal silver had done what nothing else has, namely controlled this incurable disease. The infections are gone, and so is the pain. It’s nice to feel well again!!!!!! I highly recommend your product.

Best regards to all of you.

Paul (Please withhold my last name)

PS–You will probably get thousands of orders from this testimonial. There are 10’s of thousands of people like me.

Opinion 2
I just wanted to let you know that i had chronic sinusitis that had gone into infections that my doctor could not get rid of. I even had sinus surgery and have used every medication over the counter and antibiotics from my doctor. That never seemed to help and just out of desperation i tried colloidal silver after reading all the testimonials thinking what do i have to lose and the first day i could not believe the affect it had in my sinuses. I had always had a bad odor inside my nose from the chronic infection and had fatigue from the sinusitis. I had first put it in a spray bottle to spray up my nose and after the first minute i could tell that it had killed all of the bacteria in my sinuses because the odor was gone! After that i started taking it orally and i feel great. I have energy and i feel happy and i don’t even have as much as a sniffle thank you all. You have changed my life! And i will be sure to tell everyone about this
miracle called colloidal silver!

cured from sinus misery! 

Opinion 3
For 5 years in a row, I would get a sinus infection in September, from my allergies. Three years ago, I went to the Health food store to see if I could get something for a sinus infection I had. It always would turn into bronchitis before it was done. The lady at the store suggested I try the colloidal silver. BOY……AM I GLAD TOO………. I put 2 drops in each nostril and by the middle of the next day, my sinus infection was cleared up. I love this amazing product. After reading the many things it was good for, I also put drops in my daughter’s ear, when she came down with an ear infection. Usually it takes 3 to 4 days of medication for her to get over an ear ache, and with the silver, her ear ache was gone the next morning. I am NEVER…without this in my home. The kind I have, came in an eye dropper bottle and was a brown color. If I feel a cold or fever coming on, I put 2 drops under my tongue, and it always does the trick. We have not had the flu, sinus infections, sore throats, or any of the many cold related illnesses since we have had the Colloidal Silver. I would recommend this to ANYONE…….and I can honestly say……I BELIEVE IN THIS PRODUCT WITH ALL MY HEART. I am 53 years old, and I also give it to my 16 year old daughter and my 12 year old son. This should be advertised on TV……

Opinion 4
Our son (now 6) had had chronic sinus infections (at least every 6 weeks) so when he was 3 years old, we gave in and had the sinus surgery done.
Well…the infections continued to crop up on a regular basis. About 18 months ago, we discovered colloidal silver!! We have been spraying it up his nose every day or 2 and this child has been free from sinus infections.
He is used to the routine and knows that it is the “silver” that keeps him free from that horrible pain. It also cleared up the many clusters of warts on his fingers as a bonus. We thank the Lord for the wonderful, natural alternatives He has provided!
Catherine in East Tennessee

Opinion 5
My name is Colleen Jones, and I live in the small gold mining town of Norseman in Western Australia. I have lived here for nearly 10 years now. My husband and I came out from New Zealand to Western Australia in 1986. I am quite excited to find out about such a wonderful product the silver colloidal has proved to be for so many people. I have suffered for 18 years from recurrent bladder infections, and I am so sick of having to rely on antibiotics time and time again. Having found no relief from any other natural remedies, I am so relieved at last to have stumbled across such a wonderful product. And to think it has been there all this time, I wonder why it took so long to come across it. My older sister actually put me onto it, when she posted me a bottle only about 3 weeks ago. Her boyfriend was seriously burned as a child and the Dr’s used the colloidal silver to treat him, and with great success. I have also been using cortisone cream on my hands for quite some time, but after taking colloidal silver 3 times a day for only a week my skin is healing up remarkably. Needless to say it must be killing off the candida albicans.

Colleen Jones

Opinion 6
Just wanted to write and let you know that I am taking a teaspoon twice each day to hopefully overcome the Hep C virus that I have as a result of a make-up transfusion for open heart surgery in 1965. I am fortunately asymptomatic but the HCV shows up in the blood tests at a level of over 600,000 IU’s/ML (about an average load), my ALT levels are at about 75 (0-65 being normal – over 1,000 being a problem). So I feel that I have time to experiment because I am not too sure about taking the traditional treatments at this stage. I am giving the Silver 6 months to do whatever it can do. After that I will seek a more traditional approach. I will keep you posted.

The thing that I wanted to report was that I have not suffered as the result of a cold since I have been taking the Silver. My girlfriend is not taking it and she has gotten two colds that I have nursed her through and purposely stayed close to her (kissing and all) just to test the effectiveness of the silver. The worst that I had was a little throat irritation and tickle for a couple of days, but absolutely nothing else. So at least for the common viruses out there Colloidal Silver works very well.

Now if it will work as well on the HCV I will be praising the value and pushing it to everyone I know. As I say, I will keep you posted and thank you for the work you are doing. It must be very satisfying to know that you help so many.

God Bless,

Steve Harney
Largo, Florida

Opinion 7
I just wanted to write and tell you about a friend of mine. He had been diagnosed with a fungal infection on his hands. The drs said that there was nothing they could do for him just to keep it bandaged up and that he would probably lose it in about 6 months. Well that was a year ago and he heard about the colloidal silver and now he’s been using it for 6 months and the fungal infection is 85% gone. The drs said it was amazing and a miracle and friend says that it was the colloidal silver that did it for him. He is truly happy that he found it and using it because he still has both of his hands and now can even use them more than before with the fungal infection.


Opinion 8
When I first stumbled upon your website and the testimonials of others, I was very doubtful that CS could really do all it did, but, I had a history of frequent UTI’s and was looking for a way to prevent them. So I figured, “What the heck” and bought a bottle of CS. Since taking that first dose 6 months ago, I haven’t had a UTI since! (I take approximately 1/2 to 1 tsp. every day). I have also noticed that my entire immune system is stronger. Sometimes people at work have had viruses and other colds and surprisingly enough – even though I come in fairly close contact with these people and the files that they touch, I have not gotten sick once since taking CS.

In addition, I recently had a toenail infection. Besides taking my normal dose of CS, I also applied an eyedropper full right to the infected site once a day, for 2 days. (It might be easier for someone to soak their toe in CS rather than balance a few drops on their toe while watching tv.) I swear to you that this was the only treatment that I did for the infected toenail and the infection was gone in 2 days flat! (I figured I’d try the CS on my toe because it’s summer time and I love showing off my pedicures and I didn’t want a sticky bandage on my toe for a week with an antibiotic cream while the infection healed. CS was a much cleaner solution to my problem.)

Thanks for making CS available!
Laura (Hillsborough, NJ)

Opinion 9
Sunday, July 21, 2002 Greetings Monica! [Head of our order department] Our best friend breeds some of the most beautiful Labrador Retrievers we’ve ever seen. On previous occasions entire litters of these gorgeous puppies have been destroyed by the insidious Canine Parvo Virus in spite of the best efforts of her veterinary team. This happened before we knew about the in-credible power of Colloidal Silver. She recently bought a male puppy for her breeding program from the #1 ranked Labrador Retriever (male) in the United States. A few days after she got him he came down with the deadly Canine Parvo Virus. After five days in the veterinary hospital the doctor allowed her to bring him home (to die, in my opinion). That same day I received my order of the regular Colloidal Silver, so I took one of the 8-ounce bottles to her house rather late that evening. Frankly, when I saw the puppy he looked like a living corpse! He looked so terrible that I wondered if even Colloidal Silver could save him. The disease itself is frequently fatal (it happens fast!), but five days of powerful antibiotics had undoubtedly taken their toll as well. He was very weak & his weight-loss was quite substantial because he hadn’t eaten since he became sick. With-out a literal miracle I was certain this little fellow would be dead by morning.  The puppy was immediately started on small doses of Colloidal Silver at regular intervals. Unlike medicines, properly made Colloidal Silver is safe in virtually any quantity short of absurdity. (ABSURDITY: Somebody, somewhere, at some time probably drowned five mice (one-at-a-time) in a bucketful of C.S. and then claimed that “…laboratory tests conducted at the University of Muckity-Muck by Dr. Know-It-All proves conclusively that C.S. killed the test-subject mice in repeated clinical trials…”   Of course all this nonsense will be buried in medical-sounding multi syllabic Latin allegedly uttered by a bunch of guys with more degrees than a thermometer whose personal and professional integrity stops right where their funding source demands that it stop!) Early the very next morning our friend called and excitedly told us that there was such a turnaround in his condition during the night that it was hard to believe he was the same puppy I’d seen only a few hours earlier. She continued the same dosage and intervals over the next few days to make certain that ALL the Parvo Virus in his body was destroyed. He quickly regained his normal appetite for food, his normal thirst for water, and he regained his strength and the weight that was lost during his terrible ordeal. He’s now in excellent health and ALL our thanks belong to God and to the wonderful Silver mineral He created for our benefit along with the knowledge of the colloid-generating process to maximize its effectiveness.  I do indeed praise Him for ALL His wonderful blessings!!

Yours brother in Christ,
Jack L. Bonham
Fallbrook, California

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