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Karen’s Story
Three years ago I went to see my doctor because I believed I must have chronic fatigue syndrome. I had only three or four good hours of energy everyday & then I had to go to bed again. It seemed as if I lived my life in bed with my illness. I was an invalid. The blood tests for my liver enzymes revealed the hepatitis C. The doctor told me this is the incurable form of hepatitis. I was crushed by that information, but what was just as bad was the heartless and demeaning way that he told me; so unfeeling and cold, with the attitude that somehow I was to blame for this. I was shocked and disgusted with his questions. He asked many of them the way it would be in confession and he was the priest. Apparently there is the attitude about this disease that ” you deserve it, you probably brought it on yourself.” Yes, I do admit my alcohol consumption was overboard for many years. I also know the disease can be gotten many other ways. It was virtually unknown until the 1970’s so blood transfusions often were infected. They called it “nonspecific hepatitis” before the 1970’s. Whatever the form of contact, it should not be the business of my doctor to moralize or judge my “imagined” sins or me. I was so angry with him for the things he told me and the booklet he handed to me. It was a pamphlet with skull and crossbones on the cover, and it was like a formal death sentence he was handing me. He said that I should wait until I’m in the advanced stages of the disease before I should seek the interferon treatment, and it will probably make me feel sicker than the disease itself. My whole world collapsed in on me; that was the darkest day of my whole life of forty-three years.

Then came the blessing. I must have had some good karma stored up, because it came my way in the form of my dear husband.

He could not bear to see me so tortured by this any longer and he said, “don’t worry, I’ll get you through this.” I guess it was about a week later when he told me he remembered an article he’d read 20 years ago, in one of those popular mechanics – The subject was colloidal silver. He said the details were foggy, but he knew he was onto something so he researched it on the Internet – a month later I was making up batches of C.S. for my cure. I decided it was time to take control of my health and my destiny. Everything was in the balance. I did go overboard taking the C.S. three times a day for 3 months and once a day thereafter, and I took twice as much as is recommended, but I was fighting mad and determined to stick with it. Those doctors put me up to a challenge and I was ready to fight the “good fight.”

I did experience the commonly known “healing crisis” for about a week, when I was very tired, but not sickish. The C.S. was killing off a tremendous amount of toxins in my liver and that took extra energy on my part, so I was eating extra healthy food at that time.

I don’t know if I was cured in the first three days or if I was cured in the first three months, because my first liver enzyme test was six months after I began the C.S. I was absolutely sure that I was cured. My energy was over the top & I could stay awake 16 hours a day & I began living life happy & free. Sure enough my complete liver panel came back negative for any traces of hep C. This blood panel has been negative now for 3 years, it’s as if I never had hep c, but I did and I suffered long enough with it.

This is more – a lot more than a success story about my health – It is a spiritual healing too. This experience has given me a true purpose in life. I’m not a religious person, but I am deeply spiritual – I know this has got to be way I found out my purpose in life is to help others with hepatitis C by giving them encouragement and hope. It is only fair to share this good news with those who still suffer. The social and medical stigma attached to hep c is caused from pure ignorance and fear. Let’s all overcome that unfortunate attitude and lean on each other to get through. Knowledge is power and the shroud of misinformation can be lifted if we all take control of our own destinies.

My first opportunity to reach out to others came to me when my uncle called me. He said, “I have a friend who has hepatitis C. Would you be willing to talk to him on the phone about your experience?” That was the beginning of my “calling in life”- I simply told him about my success with C.S. and he decided to get a generator to make his own. But he didn’t really do much at first, because he was always sick in bed, so I started sending him the C.S. in the hopes that he would in short order, get out of bed & have the energy to help himself. This was three months ago and today he is feeling good everyday. The first week after he was taking C.S. he jumped out of bed and went to buy a bicycle. He’s been riding five miles a day, and still does a full-time job – This is the best part of all. Just knowing that by simply telling him about my cure, he was able to come to the conclusion that C.S. was his hope for a new life too.

I’m so glad I didn’t buy-into the stigma attached to this illness. I’m fortunate enough to have the energy and good-health to go help others who still suffer, and for this I am MOST grateful.

With Much Gratitude,

Opinion 1
I was diagnosed with hep c 1 1/2 years ago. I’ve been taking vitamins but just started colloidal silver 1 week ago. I think I can feel the difference. I couldn’t get out of bed all last week. Now I have so much energy that I can’t even lie down to take a nap. It’s really kind of spooky. Before, I had to lay down everyday and nap. Now I can’t even force myself to lay down. I feel absolutely great…..

Opinion 2
Dear Utopia Silver
My name is Mark and for the past year or so, I had not been feeling very well. I felt like I had a cold all the time but did not have the runny nose and congestion. I was also plagued by terrific itching and tan colored stools. I decided to go to the doctor this past April. I described my symptoms to him and he felt that he should draw some blood for a liver function test. My liver function test came back abnormal so he then drew
some more blood to check for Hepatitis A, B and C. I was considered at risk for I work in the health care field and I have been exposed to patients’ blood. On June 20, 2001, I received a call from my doctor’s nurse that I tested positive for hep C and that he wanted me to come back in a month and draw some more blood and discuss treatment options. I was devastated when I found out. I felt like walking disease and just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I started doing research on the Internet and came across information on colloidal silver. I was inspired by the testimonies about people recovering from hep C when taking colloidal silver. I purchased Utopia Silver’s 20 PPM solution and started taking it on June 25, 2001. I had spoken to my doctor about it but he advised me against it but did not provide a reason. On the fourth day of taking colloidal silver, I noticed that the night sweats had stopped and that I did not have to take a nap when I got home from work. On July 11, 2001, I went to the doctor to have more blood drawn and to discuss treatment options. I explained to the doctor that I had been feeling really good since I started taking the colloidal silver and that I really did not feel sick anymore. He did not say much and said that I would be placed in a study group that is experimenting with a new medicine. On July 26, 2001, I received a letter from my doctor that I did not have any signs of the virus in my blood and that my liver function test came back normal. He provided two possible explanations, neither of which was colloidal silver. I honestly feel that colloidal silver was what saved my life. I consumed 4 tablespoons of the colloidal silver daily with no ill side effects except for a little diarrhea. I urge everyone that is faced with this terrible disease to try colloidal silver for up to at least six months. My virus count was very low and that is why it took such a short period. I continue to take a tablespoon a day and continue to feel great. I have included copies of the letters from the doctors. I wish everyone who tries this miracle cure the same outcome that I have experienced.
Thank you !!!

Here are those letters in order by date. Copies of them are on file here, but they would not scan well and therefore we have typed them for legibility purposes.

Dear Mark,
I am writing this letter concerning the blood work that was obtained from an outside laboratory on may 24, 2001. As was discussed with my office nurse, this blood work does indicate that you are positive for the hepatitis C virus. Your hepatitis C count is less than 600 particles of virus per cc of blood. This is indeed encouraging, as this is an extremely low viral load. Based on this, I would ask that you keep your follow-up appointment in our office with Mr. Askey on July 11, 2001 for discussion of treatment of hepatitis c.

I hope that this correspondence finds you well. If you have any questions regarding this information, or if any problems arise, please do not hesitate to give me a call at xxx xxx xxxx (Phone number deleted by web master for privacy). I will make every attempt to return your call as expediently as possible.

Michael J Georgetson, MD
Section of Gastroenterology

Dear Mark,
It was a pleasure seeing you during your visit to the Department of Gastroenterology at the Guthrie Clinic on July 11, 2001. I have received the results of the blood work that was drawn following your visit.

I am very pleased to report that your hepatitis C test was negative. There was no indication of current infection. Your hepatitis C RNA by PCR qualitative test, which tells us whether there is virus present, was negative. Your quantitative test, which tells us how much virus is present, failed to detect the virus. This suggests that you are not infected with hepatitis C. This brings up two possibilities. You could have been infected with the virus and cleared it on your own. Up to 15% of the population is able to do this. The second possibility is that the original hepatitis C test was falsely positive. At any rate, there is no indication of virus at this time, and after discussing the results with Dr. Georgetson, he does not believe there is any reason to treat it at this time.

Your Liver function tests are normal at this time as are your blood mineral levels and kidney function tests. Your blood sugar was minimally elevated at 130 (normal 65-110). If you had eaten prior to this test, this is a fairly common finding. Your complete blood count was normal. There was no indication of any inflammation or anemia. Your blood clotting studies were normal indicating that your liver is producing enzymes necessary for blood clotting.

Based on this information, Dr. Georgetson has suggested that you follow up in the office in 6 months at which time we will recheck your hepatitis C test as well as your liver function tests. I have placed you on a reminder list for this.

The blood work does not explain the fatigue that you had been experiencing or the abdominal discomfort. If the fatigue persists, I would ask that you follow up with your primary care provider for further workup. If your abdominal discomfort persists, I would ask that you call our office for further care.

I hope that this correspondence finds you well. If you have any questions regarding this information, or if any problems arise, please do not hesitate to give me a call at  xxx xxx xxxx (Phone number deleted by web master for privacy). I will make every attempt to return your call as expediently as possible.

Bruce D Askey, MS, CRNP
Section of Gastroenterology

Opinion 3
I have been reading testimonials for months now and am now able to give my own or should I say for my husband. Three years ago he was diagnosed with Hep C. He went through the interferon shots and pills. it was terrible, he had to take 3 shots per week as well as 6 pills per day. It got to the point that he had no more fat on his body to give himself the shots. He put his faith in the doctor and after completing the treatment the Hep C came back. We waited until the new treatment came out and started on that. Peg Intron and Rebetol. He started this June 21, 2002. It was almost devastating. He was basically in bed 18 hours a day 7 days a week. He lost his appetite, was unable to work, he could hardly climb the 15 steps to our bedroom without being out of breath. He lost a total of 26 pounds. His hair fell out by the handfuls. He started CS in August 2002. His liver functions continued to go up and down month to month. His viral load was 2,180,000. We had our whole church praying for him. We knew that in December 2002 he would have another viral load done. We prayed harder than ever, read the Bible every day, became closer to God. He put his faith in God totally knowing that it was only God that could heal him. On October 14, 2002, he was at work. He says he got a feeling over his whole body and just felt different that day. He wrote in his Bible that morning that he felt like God had healed him of the Hep C. We could not wait to have the viral load done again on December 6, knowing that the Hep C would be gone. We got the results on December 20, the Hep C was gone. It was the Christmas present we were counting on. We both knew it would be gone we were just waiting for the doctor to confirm it. We don’t know if God leads people to use cs or if he works through the doctors, but one thing is for sure. God took care of the Hep C and to Him goes all the glory! My husband still has to continue the shots and pills through May 2003 for a total of 48 weeks. He is gaining his weight back, his hair has stopped falling out, he feels so much better. We know without a doubt that the Hep C is gone for good. God is good!!


Opinion 4
Greetings from Utopia.
We keep getting more and more great testimonials from people on Hepatitis C. More and more doctors are peeking out of the closet to look around and see if it is okay to come out and look at the possibilities of colloidal silver as a treatment for it. Those who are lock step with the AMA and FDA, quickly dart back into their intellectual closet where it is safe for them. Over time, in the medical community as in all institutions in a free society, the truth will win out. As more and more evidence piles up, the pressure is building for someone to do the studies to officially validate the protocol. Meanwhile, we will just have to be satisfied with results.

[A reported symptom of Hepatitis C is depression and other mental/emotional abnormalities. We have countless testimonials from people who have successfully used colloidal gold to alleviate these problems. You may want to try our colloidal gold to see if it will help you as well. As with all of our products, if it doesn’t work for you, we will cheerfully refund your purchase price.]

Opinion 5
I am changing my ISP. Please change my Email address as I do not want to miss anything about cs. I have been taking advanced cs and it is keeping my Hepatitis C under control. I now want to soon start taking the gold for depression instead of Effexor. I do not like the sluggish feeling it gives me.

My specialist cannot believe how my liver function tests are still in the high normal when the viral load keeps getting lower (hep c). My family doctor, of 40 years just smiles and shakes his head at me, because he knows why [colloidal silver]. Sure am glad I saw your link during some research I was doing 18 or 24 months ago. I will write you a testimonial when I have more definitive results.

Thank You again, Rod, Sr. 

Opinion 6
Just wanted to let you know that I have been taking cs for 4-5 months now. I have Hepatitis C (chronic). I suffered from bleeding gums and terrible, aching teeth. The last two weeks my gums have stopped bleeding. My teeth do not hurt at all! I truly believe that cs has stopped this awful side effect of hep c.
Thank you so much, One of your biggest fans, 
Tracey from Florida 

Opinion 7
I was Diagnosed last December, 2001 with Hep C. My Alt [SGPT] WAS 73. The high was supposed to be not over 40. I did not know anything about Hep C, except the doctors told me it was not curable. I got onto the internet to find out about Hep C and pulled up your website!! I read all the testimonials and I decided to try colloidal silver. I started with the regular and read that most of the people with Hep C were taking Advanced Colloidal Silver. I ordered some Advanced. I then got a machine from you and continued to make my own and take it. After I retested in Aug. of 2002, and found my numbers still going up my Alt [SGPT] then at 106 I decided to get back on the Advanced and take 3oz a day. I just knew it would work because too many other people had good results and I wasn’t going to give up. When I tested again in Dec.2002. and my Alt [SGPT] came down to 52, I was so thrilled because I just knew the silver would work. When I told my Doctor I was taking Silver, he told me Hep C was incurable and people believe what they want. But then I have Kaiser so what can I expect huh? It is really sad when your doctors don’t even follow your results. I have requested both my second and third tests, they haven’t. They told me just to keep an eye on it. It isn’t really bad yet, maybe have a test once a year or so!! To think I am living on unemployment and am paying out of pocket for Kaiser so I can have insurance to be able to get my tests done regularly and that is the attitude I get! I Want to thank Bill and his family and employees for making this website available to all of us who desperately needed something other than conventional medicine, that is not doing the job! I will always take silver to keep healthy even when my Hep C has cleared up! I still make the regular silver with my machine and use it for everything else even my dog’s rash from Allergies. I gave two bottles to my daughter’s roommate for a bad case of psoriases all over his body and all the creams the doctors gave him weren’t working. He called me two weeks later to tell me he could not believe how much had cleared up, it was a miracle he said!

Thank You again.

Opinion 8
Dear Utopia Silver,
I was diagnosed with “possible” Hep C in Feb. 2001. After several more tests, I was sent to a gastroenterologist who said as far as he was concerned I had Hep C and should have a biopsy (he explained how that was done–forget it!) Then he said I would start interferon treatments and explained that too. (yuk yuk yuk–forget it for sure). I would be losing my hair, have no energy, be nauseous most of the time, probably not be able to work. and the zinger was… it was about 35 -40% effective. AND it was only to hold off the Hepatitis until a cure was found or a liver transplant became available.

I am a natural solutions person. So I started researching and found milk thistle, cats claw, alpha lipoic acid which I started taking regularly. 3 months later I had another liver panel done and the ALT (the only one I remember off hand– but I can look up the rest) which had been 110 was now 90. The rest had come down in equal proportion.

Now mind you, all this time, I am not feeling badly at all. I had no fatigue, no headaches, no weight loss or gain (any more than ever before), the tests were a result of a negative number on a regular yearly exam… which had never ever been out of line before. In fact, I had never had any blood tests that showed anything negative of any kind until that point. Then more and more tests were ordered until it was decided that I had Hepatitis C and had probably been carrying it around for up to 30 years. but I STILL FELT FINE. At this point it was 9 months after my diagnosis and 6 months after I started taking milk thistle etc. I then read about Colloidal Silver. I ordered the most expensive version (???) at around $85 for 3 bottles and took 1 tbs three times a day.

Last month I had another Liver Panel run and this time, the ALT (again the only one I remember without looking it up) was at 50. The allowable range is from 10 (I think) to 40). I am now taking Utopia Silver (the one that costs $15 per bottle) as my finances are very tight and of course insurance doesn’t cover this. I also want to keep taking the milk thistle etc as I don’t know where to go to get advise on whether or not to stop it and I know it can’t hurt me. I am taking a tablespoon twice a day now of the Utopia silver. To this date I have not felt any of the signs of Hep C I was told to expect. When I said this to the doctors, they said that I could go for 30 years and not know I had it (which I apparently had done) and then as soon as it started showing up in the blood, I would begin to develop the symptoms. Well, It has shown up there and I haven’t had any of the symptoms. The numbers just keep going down. I feel angry about the doctor’s brushing off my questions and simply assuring me I will just get worse unless I take the treatments. They were very angry at me that I refused to start any treatment. And when my latest results came back, the doctor didn’t speak to me. He just had his nurse mail me the results with “Better” written across the page.

I believe I will be be taking Colloidal Silver for the rest of my life as there have been other minor little things that have cleared up, not to mention when I put the silver on wounds or cuts, they heal up quickly without scars.

Vera Mello

Opinion 9
Thank you for this inspirational news letter. I have had Hep C for 8 years or so. I have taken your Advanced Colloidal Silver for 2 months now. I went to my doctor for routine liver tests and they come back barely elevated, ie: normal, between 18-50 my test was 58. I will continue to take the Advanced and then take another test in the next 6 months for my viral load. I’ll contact you then and give you the results.

Thank you.

Opinion 10
I have Hep C and I want to tell my story. I do not have time right now. I am not the fastest typer. I have been wanting to contact you for awhile, but I lost my job because of Hep C and I am starting up a business so my time is very limited at this point until I hire some people. The main reason I am writing is that I thought about selling your product even before you E-mail me. I am very interested because since I found out 2 years ago I have interfaced with a lot of people with the same virus who need to know about the silver, I have not felt this good in 5 to 7 years.

Opinion 11
I am 46 and tested positive for hep c in dec. 2000. I feel I contracted the virus in the early 70’s and was in the hospital twice for hep c. They called it non a-b hepatitis. I took 8 oz colloidal silver twice daily along with 4 thymuplex, two 60mg coq10, two milk thistle and two alpha lipoic acid. four months later my hcv pcr by rna test showed zero virus count.


Opinion 12
For the past two years my mother has been struggling with HepC. She has no health care and is unable to afford the Interferon treatment. I’ve looked all over the Internet and have spoken with various pharmaceutical companies who may offer it free or with little cost. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to deal with all the red tape and bureaucratic morons in these United States. Well, getting nowhere with that and watching my mother slowly waste away, I decided to look for alternate treatments. On the first try I found your site and Utopia Silver. After reading only one testimony (Karen’s testimony), I was convinced that this was the way to go. What could it hurt after all? So I placed an order and had it sent to her. Without knowing anything about it and simply by trusting that I would not send her something that would harm her, she started taking it as suggested. Within the first two days she said that she was feeling better, and within a week she said that her energy had returned. She was no longer achy or disoriented either. Talking to her on the phone, she has also regained her sense of humor and her positive thinking. Wow, we stuck gold (or in this case, silver). Thank you so much!! From a daughter who suffered herself with the same virus over 6 years ago and had to inject herself for a year with that awful Interferon, I thank you and God for giving me my mother back!

[I then sent Susie an email asking if we could use her email address with this testimonial. Her reply follows. This is what we live for, these poignant reports (there are hundreds)]

Hello and thank you for replying so quickly. Yes, I have no problem with you using my information. After dealing with Hep C for so many years (me and my mother included), I would be very happy to spread the greatness of your product, Utopia Silver.

Thanks again, Susie

Opinion 13
I had liver enzyme test and viral load done in June of 2002. Liver test was 68 and viral load was 1.9 million. I began searching for ways to fight the Hep C without going on the interferon treatment like the dr. wanted. I told him I was going to try the alternative method of treatment. He told me it wouldn’t work. I left his office and began researching and found your website along with some others. I began a regime of vitamins, about 6000 mg of vitamin C a day, aloe Vera juice, milk thistle and your Advanced Colloidal Silver. I found a dr. who believes in the alternative treatments in late October and we did the liver test and viral load again. The liver test is down from 68 to 47,which is close to normal. The viral load was up to 3 million, but the dr. said that could be because I have been under added stress of looking after my mother who had a stroke in June and my father who has had chemo treatment for melanoma on his leg. The dr. said that the main thing is that the liver enzymes are down and that the virus is there but not attacking my liver, which is great. I will continue my regime and look for a dropped viral load when I get tested again in about 6 months. Thanks for the colloidal silver, vitamins, a good diet, visits to the chiropractor and the Good Lord. I feel better and know I can lick the Hep C without the Interferon treatment and it’s terrible side effects.


[Keep in mind, these reports are the thoughts and words of the writers. We do not endorse any treatments. We just offer colloidal silver as a dietary supplement]

Opinion 14
I have gout and hep c. I was getting to the point where I did not want to get out of bed. Then, I started on the medicine combination of Interferon and Ribavirin that my doctor was suggesting. The shots are very expensive and the pills made me anemic; and my doctor said I will probably have hep c even after a year taking the shots. The shots where terrible. I got sicker, not better. I had trouble going to work and focusing on the tasks at hand.

I started researching the hep c virus and I came across your website among many others. I read everything I could about the alternative ways to treat hep c, so I stopped the combination therapy and started taking herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and Advanced Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold. In just two weeks I started felling much better. My energy came back and the pain in my feet stopped cold. I am so amazed at how much better I am feeling. I plan to get tested again this spring and I will forward the results to you after they come back.

Bill Dallas 

Opinion 15
I have hepatitis C, and I was reading your testimonial for CS, and decided to try taking it. I started with what I had at home for colds. (I always use it for colds, works great) Then I bought the things to make it at home. I drink about 4oz – 8oz a day. I keep a bottle on me and just drink it through out the day to keep it in my system. I’ve been taking it for 4 weeks now.

The swelling in my liver has gone down, and the pain is gone. I mean gone! I always had a heck of a time getting up in the morning and now I get up with out the alarm clock and my morning chores seem to get easier. I am going to get blood work done in about 3 months and I will keep you updated. I went to my doctor the other day and had him check for Candida. He checked and I showed no signs of it. I have had Candida all my life. You explain it. I have been putting it in my cat’s water and my one cat whose hair has always been separated and stressed out, now looks soft and fluffy like when he was a kitten. I also get outbreaks of cold sores on my face whenever I eat pork or nuts. My friend invited us over for ribs (which are very scary for me) I had 2. I did not break out at all, not even tingling feelings occurred which is very unusual. It’s wonderful on the kids sunburns too. Helps with the burning and helps them tan and less peeling. Thank you so much for the energy. I don’t feel helpless anymore. I hope to get better and maybe be able to go hiking again. I will keep in touch. I sure hope those who don’t believe that these testimonials are true to just give it a try for one week and make up their own minds. If you do try it you will be totally blessed. I thought there was no hope except for western medicine. And there is no hope there. Just try it. Do it for yourself!

Thanks again
Not stuck in bed!

Opinion 16
Hello to all,
Last October 2001, my husband was diagnosed with Hep C and was referred to a liver transplant Dr. Before he went to that Dr., I went on the web to find all I could about Hep C. I ran across Utopia Silver (by Divine intervention, I believe) and gave the articles of testimonials to my husband who had heard of using silver for healing when he was very young. I ordered a bottle of CS and he started taking a tablespoon every morning. Within a week, he believed he felt better and was working about 12 hrs a day as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic. He was still feeling good and had a lot of energy when it was time to see the Liver Specialist in January 2002 who ran several tests to see the genotype, PCR and all the other medical terms that I can’t recall. The results came back very positive with a genotype 2 (still don’t know quite what that is). He was offered to be on a study of 1 injection weekly of Peg-Interferon with 1200 mg daily of ribavirin. He started taking this regime because the doctor told him that they were having great success (80% cure rate) after some people were on this medicine for 6 months. After his liver biopsy the Dr. told him that if the Hep C wasn’t cured, he might not have a good chance of cure if he waited any longer. In April he started this horrible medicine (really bad). Because he was on this study, he got regular blood tests. Meanwhile he still took the CS every day. After only 1 shot and 4 days of taking the study medicine he had a regular liver function test…It was absolutely normal in every way. The Dr. was very surprised at this. He had already told us that if the medicine was going to work he wouldn’t even know until the 12th week of taking it. It was really at this point that my husband knew that he was healed but from all angles he was persuaded to continue to take the medicine. He only got sicker and sicker from the medicine, causing diarrhea, skin rash, muscle aches and anemia (which he was prescribed Procrit, but he refused to take it). He felt that if the liver was functioning within it’s normal level, then the medicine had nothing to kill except himself. And that’s what he felt like everyday he took the medicine. On June 28, he had another full blood tests that included all the above same tests. He came home from work on July 3rd and said that he would not take another dose of the medicine because he barely made it home form the 30 minute drive. The Procrit had arrived via FedEx on that day but he was done with it all. (Except for the CS). On July 9th, the nurse from the Dr. office called to see how he was doing on the Procrit, I had to tell her that He refused to take anymore medicine. She said that the results from the blood tests showed NO Detectable Virus! Praise The LORD. My husband already knew this early on and I really think (hindsight) he was right about the medicine was killing him. He will have to still get regular checkups because he was on the study but we are leaving a copy of the testimonials from people like us who are X-Hep C positive. I, we are very thankful for your dedication to this product that has been referred to as the “Miracle Drug.” [their words, not mine]

Best Regards,
Danny and Connie Winters

Opinion 17
…….thanks to your silver I will be in business hopefully for many years to come.. you have saved my life so it seems and I greatly appreciate it.. I have young kids and one is disabled and I am divorced.. so once again.. It is working. I started from not being able to hardly lift my head and literally crawl to the bathroom. I was dying. I am stronger everyday and I can take care of my family. bless you. bless you…bless you!!!

[D.J. is (was?) a victim of Hepatitis c]

Opinion 18
I want to THANK YOU! for introducing me to Colloidal Silver. Last year in April I found out that I had Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion when my daughter was born, 30 yrs ago. I went to work and was telling a co-worker about me having it. The next day, she brought me an article about Colloidal Silver. I had a liver biopsy. There was no damage yet. My viral count was high. I was anemic and took thyroid medication. My specialist, Dr. Shatara, was very honest with me, and I was honest with him. He told me that the treatments make people sick, and could cause them to lose their jobs. Couldn’t afford to lose my job, as I am a widow. Also, since I was anemic and had thyroid problems that the treatments could make me worse. It was up to me. I told him about wanting to try this Colloidal Silver Mineral Supplement first. He said that was fine. Wednesday I had the blood work done for the liver function. Today, Friday, the Nurse calls from the doctor’s office. Dr. Shatara said my liver function is normal, and I am not anemic anymore. He canceled my March 28th appointment, and said to keep up with what I am doing, it must be working. Wants to check it again in 6 months to see if it is still Normal. Along with Prayers, and the Colloidal Silver, I Praise the Lord. You see! There are some Doctor’s out there that have faith in alternative medicine. You have my permission to publish this email in your Newsletter.

Gloria Barratt (Indianapolis Area) 

Opinion 19
I just wanted to share with everyone the benefits of colloidal silver in my life, especially since the older I get, the more I seem to suffer from allergies. Not just the traditional seasonal allergies, but also allergies to nickel, antibiotics and the pollution in the air! My uncle in Tennessee, who happens to suffer (but not anymore since C.S.!) with Hep-C, was the one who “turned me onto” Colloidal Silver. As I am a school bus driver, I am subjected to all kinds of pollution, which would get the sinusitis started, which promptly turned into Bronchitis and sometimes, went immediately into Pneumonia. But my first clue that the sinusitis was just around the corner, was I would have trouble breathing–I just couldn’t get that air down into my lungs! It usually was 24 hours before I could get in to see my doctor, and by that time, I was really sick! And he would inform me that I had Asthmatic Bronchitis, so would start the regimen of Prednisone, Albuteral inhalers, sometimes the Nebulizer treatments and a injection of Decadron along with the antibiotics. I’d have to say, that within 3 or 4 bouts of Asthmatic Bronchitis, now I was developing an allergic reaction to some of the more commonly prescribed antibiotics. Not only did I now look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but now I was an itching, hive incrusted Rudolph who couldn’t breath and wheezed her way into her doctors office! In the fall of 2000, I was experiencing the “Rudolph” phase again, but this time it was pneumonia–but a mild form. The prednisone wasn’t working, so my friendly doctor “upped” the dosage to 20mg tabs, but the injection of Decadron wasn’t working either. By the time I got through the illness, I was one wiped out puppy. Just as I was finishing my prescription regimen, it was my Tennessee uncle who suggested that I try the Colloidal Silver. To make a long story short, I was so physically tired from fighting the illness that I had no energy to do the smallest of tasks—and I wasn’t sleeping well either. C.S. finished the job that the Rx’s had started—I quit coughing, breathed better, slept better, worked my way (litterally) through 2 more bouts of Sinusitis WITHOUT making a visit to my doctor and without developing Asthmatic Bronchitis or Pneumonia!!! End of story? No, not yet. Before I had a chance to re-order the silver electrodes………you guessed it, I was sick again. My computer crashed and burned and my only alternative was to go and see my family doctor. And you know what he prescribed………the usual regimen. Getting down to the last day or two of the Prednisone, I hadn’t been sleeping because of all the Albuteral and I was still wheezing. But to make matters worse, when I would lay down, my heart would start pounding—-I felt like I had just finished the Ironman Triathalon! After 2 weeks of feeling like I had, and after an admission to the hospital, where they did all of the traditional testing for someone with heart problems (of which I was given the good news that my heart is indeed, a very healthy one!) I ordered my silver electrodes!!!! Since then, it’s been about 1 month and a half since all of these events, and I FEEL WONDERFUL!!!!!! I will not do without my Silver again, EVER!!!! I’ve also had a few other little things bother me, like an infected cyst, a fungus under my toenails and a little skin cancer on my arms and face that the Colloidal Silver seems to have under control. There is nothing more frightening than not to be able to get a good deep breath of air into your lungs……except when you have to pay $110.00 for one Albuteral inhaler! All I can say is, once you start the colloidal silver and you see that it works for you, and all of the prescription medicines aren’t, – never be caught without it!!!! Signed, A School Bus Driver whose an Ex-Rudolph,

THANKS to Colloidal Silver!!!

Opinion 20
[EDITORS NOTE: Indeed some regular doctors are believers!]

Dear Utopia Silver,
We started one of our clinic patients on colloidal silver two months ago. He has hepatitis C with a very high virus count…over 3 million. After 2 months, it is down to 2.5 million. I wish I knew how high Steve’s count was before going on the CS. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, if anyone has had good results treating either ALS or MS, please have them contact me.

Leslie Polland, M.D.

Opinion 21
I started using cs as an experiment for hep c in the spring of 2002. I used it for approximately three mos. On or about the end of June I discontinued use. In August of same year, I had a doctors appointment to check the viral load of the virus. As usual the nurse drew blood, and a few days later I returned to the office for the results. The doctor says “I’ve got good news. Your results show that the viral load count is so low that it’s as if you don’t have it at all.” Talking about a good feeling, I was so relieved. Therefore I’m going to recontinue using CS. For this reason I’ve noticed in the last 3 or 4 months I’ve felt a little sluggish like when I first discovered I had hep-c . Which to me indicates that CS works. Doctors don’t know everything ! Sometimes you have to use some common sense and stand up for yourself. I tried the Interferon, not once, but twice and both times the viral load was higher than the previous time. At this date Jan 22 03 I’ll be using CS INDEFINITELY.

Joseph James

Opinion 22
Dear Utopia Silver & Denise:

I would like to tell you of my WONDERFUL experiences with Advanced Colloidal Silver.

I have active Hep C. My dr. said I need to take the shots/pills. The pills were fine for me but the shots were thousands of times worse than the actual illness. I finally dumped all the medication ($580 worth AFTER insurance) down the toilet.

A short time later my brother discovered your website and told me about it. When I was able to save up enough money, I purchased three bottles of ACS. After using a teaspoon per day (I couldn’t tolerate 2 tsp a day) for three months, I decided to go to the dr. and get the blood work done. Well, the dr. phoned me the following day and said that the virus is slightly lower than what it originally was! Imagine his surprise.

Also, in spite of being unable to repurchase ACS for the past three months, and during that time my daughter & granddaughter moved back home. Shortly after they moved in, they both got severe cases of strep throat; but guess who didn’t get it! I used to catch colds, sinus infections, pneumonia and bronchitis at the drop of a hat – so far, so good; not bad for living in Montana!

And, the third testimonial of ACS – I have a lump in my breast which was discovered almost 2 yrs ago. The dr & radiologist said just to get xrays every 6 mos to see what it does. Well, before taking ACS the lump stayed the same size. I just had the x-ray taken yesterday and the lump is somewhat smaller than what it was! I don’t know if the ACS has anything to do with it [We don’t either.], but it seems strange that after taking it (ACS), the lump got smaller.

Well folks, those are my testimonies for ACS. As soon as I am financially able, I’ll definitely be ordering more and taking it daily for the rest of my life! My daughter poo-poos the idea, but I’ll be giving it to the granddaughter!

God bless you & yours for all that you do!!!
Janice Wolak 🙂 

Opinion 23
I want to direct this to all those people who read the testimonials and still don’t believe. 3 yrs. ago I was diagnosed with Hep.c. I went on the shots and pills for 1 yr. and hated every day of it. At the end of the treatment my viral count was undetectable. 6 months later it showed up again. The Dr. said he could put me on a more effective new treatment but my insurance wouldn’t cover it, so I accepted the fact that my liver would someday kill me before I retired.

3 months ago I was told about your web site and had a look. After reading all your testimonials I decided to order 3 bottles. I have been drinking 1 oz every morning since then. The last blood test I had (other than today’s) showed me at 4,063,230. That’s the HCV RNA Quantitative. That was 8 months ago. I just walked in the door from my Dr. visit today and had to sit down and write you. The results of the blood test I just had done was 500,000.

Thank you is not a big enough word for you
Jeff Harris
Truck driver
Las Vegas, NV

[This is one of hundreds of such reports we have received, so we are not surprised. We are very happy for Jeff and his family, however and looking forward to reports from brave MD’s (there have been a few) who will break ranks with the allopathic medical community and publish papers on this treatment.]

Opinion 24
Hello Utopians:
My name is Sheryl and I started using Colloidal Silver, the missing link!, for Hepatitis C. What a great product ! I felt the boost in energy. I’ve had trouble with Hep-C for 3 years, but with good nutrition and taking a regimen of supplements, I was able to remove scaring of the liver. The test for this was a Live cell analysis done with blood taken from your finger tip and looked at under a microscope. The test can determine your cellular nutritional status. The technology shows deteriorating cell structures like free radical damage, and liver scaring. I’ve also had a liver panel done and was able to keep the numbers low. I felt good, but there was a missing link. Thank you so much for the testimonies on how colloidal silver works, and it does for sure !!!!! I’ve been studying for a bachelors in Natural Health. I’ve learned that it’s very important to keep our intestinal flora healthy with good bacteria. I noticed the difference in my energy levels with taking a Bifidus & Acidophilus dietary supplement before the Silver Bullet! Colloidal Silver works in the same manner as an antibiotic and that’s why it’s important to take a probiotic-perbiotic dietary supplement. It’s hard to get this good bacteria from our food ! I hope sharing this is helpful and would also like to share that I work with a company that promotes a wonderful line of nutritional products. We don’t sell Colloidal Silver. Sharing the disease of Hep-C, I can give anyone interested dietary guides and supplement information that works! Here’s my link: naturalhealth@centurytel.net  I hope you can share this with others.

Best of Health & Happiness,

Opinion 25
Thanks for the newsletter. I will tell you how cs is working for me. [Mike is talking about hep c]
I took it for one month and my ALT went from 128 to 93. I took another blood test 11/16/2001 and I will let you know how it does. You got my word on it. FEEL FREE TO USE IT ON YOUR TESTIMONIAL PAGE and this email address

Opinion 26
I had liver enzyme test and viral load done in June of 2002. Liver test was 68 and viral load was 1.9 million. I began searching for ways to fight the hep c without going on the interferon treatment like the dr. wanted. I told him I was going to try the alternative method of treatment. He told me it wouldn’t work. I left his office and began researching and found your website along with some others. I began a regime of vitamins, about 6000 mg of vitamin C a day, aloe vera juice, milk thistle and your Advanced Colloidal Silver. I found a dr. who believes in the alternative treatments in late October and we did the liver test and viral load again. The liver test is down from 68 to 47,which is close to normal. The viral load was up to 3 million, but the dr. said that could be because I have been under added stress of looking after my mother who had a stroke in June and my father who has had chemo treatment for melanoma on his leg. The dr. said that the main thing is that the liver enzymes are down and that the virus is there but not attacking my liver, which is great. I will continue my regime and look for a dropped viral load when I get tested again in about 6 months. Thanks for the colloidal silver, vitamins, a good diet, visits to the chiropractor and the Good Lord. I feel better and know I can lick the Hep C without the interferon treatment and it’s terrible side effects.


Opinion 27
I am 44; I’ve had Genotype 1 Hep C for 25 years; My levels exceeded 850,000 IU/ML (the highest the scale will go). On 11/1/02, I commenced both (i) the very expensive PEG/Intron Combination treatment, and (ii) 2 teaspoonful of Advanced CS per day. (I didn’t tell the doctor I was taking CS). On 1/29/03, my Viral load test showed that my ALT levels were now normal for the first time in ten years and my Hep C level was down 75% to 205,000 IU/ML. I am stronger than I have been in years. In spite of these results, the physician says I am a “nonresponder”, that I should stop the PEG/INTRON, and hope that technology will come up with a cure in the future.

In spite of three (3) written requests, he has ignored my request for an explanation how I can be a “nonresponder” when my ALT levels are now normal and my Hep C level is down 75%. I told him for the first time a couple of weeks ago that I was taking the Advanced CS and asked him his opinion. He has ignored me.

So, I plan to increase my dosage of advanced CS, and have added coenzyme-Q and alpha lipoic acid to my daily antioxidant dose. I will independently get another viral load test in 6 months. I can’t prove it, but I suspect that my improvement is due to advanced CS, rather that the PEG Intron.

If you don’t mind, I would like to stay in touch. Thank you for responding to my message.


Opinion 28
In March of 2000 I was diagnosed with Hep C and was told that I should begin Interferon treatments immediately. I decided to get a second opinion and because it appeared that I had very little liver damage, I was told to wait because a new treatment would be coming out soon. The first few months were devastating and then I decided it was time to go on with my life. At the time I had no side effects of the disease other than being tired a lot of the time. And, since I was 45, I wasn’t sure if being tired was a symptom of the disease or just getting older. In February of 2002 a second liver biopsy showed that I was at stage 2. At this time my liver specialist strongly suggested that I begin the Pegylated-Interferon and Rebetol for 48 weeks. I was on the waiting list for months and began the treatment on July 24. While on the waiting list, I heard about Colloidal Silver and began taking a sip once or twice a day. I was quite happy when my two week lab work came back and my virus count had gone from greater than a million to 350,000. This was quite significant when you consider that my virus count had consistently been greater than a million since November of 2001. This morning I received my one month lab results and the virus is completely undetected. It was my doctor’s assistant that gave me the news and she seemed very surprised. They told me that it would take three months before we would know if the treatment was working and six months before the virus count would be down significantly. And, that would be if it actually worked at all. My doctor is skeptical, but I know it was the CS that worked. Now I have
to make the decision whether or not to discontinue the Peg Intron treatments. By the way, Hep C never made me feel as bad as the treatments. I’ve never been so sick in my life. I wish I had heard about CS sooner and I may not have had to endure the Peg Intron treatments. I would appreciate any information that anyone would be willing to share.

Thank you,

Opinion 29
My name is Melody Nail and I’ve been buying the silver and gold for a few months now. I started taking the silver when I read the testimonials about it helping Hep C, which I have. Well, I guess I have the virus, but no symptoms according to the doctors. Even though I’m tired a lot, they blame it on getting older, no exercise, depression, sleeping disorders, menopause, and on and on. Anyway I have a lot more energy after taking the silver and a lot more will power since taking the gold. My mother has had a bout with a bladder infection for about a year. I finally asked to go with her to her doctor to talk to him about why it keeps coming back. Their answer was that that is what some older people have to put up with and to just take sulphur when she would feel it coming on. I couldn’t believe it. I told my mom that I would get on the internet to try and find out how to help her. I had forgotten about the testimonials about bladder infections. When I did and search for bladder infections, your site came up again, just like when I did a search for Hep C. I can’t thank you enough for posting all the testimonials and information you have. My family thinks I’m a little weird (sometimes alot weird) because of all the things I’ve tried for my Hep C, so I thought I might have a hard time convincing my mom to try it. Well, the sulphur wasn’t helping her at all this time, so she was feeling very sick and very desperate. She was ready to try anything. She took some late that afternoon and was feeling better by that night. I can tell you she’s a believer now!!! I printed out the testimonials and other info from your website and took it over to her. She has had some kind of fungus underneath her toenails forever, so she tried it on that…..it has cleared up. She’s just estactic about it. She even asked me if she could try the gold!! I take the silver and swish it around in my mouth and swallow it. My dentist asked if I had started using the fuzzy side of the toothbrush, because he didn’t have to scrape at my teeth to get them clean. I can’t sing the praises for silver and gold enough!! My mom and I have been telling my daughter about the results from taking silver. She has two boys and a husband that teaches, so they get a lot of colds and the flu. She’s been talking to her husband about it and he has started taking it because he has a lot of sinus trouble and he liked the idea of it killing plaque. She’s pregnant, so she’s afraid to take it right now, but I know once she does, she’s not going to have trouble with colds. A couple of times I have felt a cold coming on and take a little extra that day and the symptoms go away. Well, after all of that said, I need to ask you about making the silver myself. I know nothing about how to make sure I’m making it right, but I can’t afford it for me, my mom and my daughter. After reading about your generators I see that it says I should still do a lab test. Who would do that? And it also seems a shame to throw all of these bottles away. If I send the empties back to you will you take the cost of shipping off of my next order??? [Sorry, we cannot process used bottles, you can recycle at your nearest recycle center] Would I have to have every batch lab tested? [Using the correct timing you will have generally the same PPM] and how much does that usually cost??? [Check with a testing lab]

Thanks so much for your products, 

P.S. One of my dogs had several oozing sores underneath his legs. I have not idead what they were, but the silver got rid of them!!!! I put some in his food and also swabbed them with a q-tip.

Opinion 30
It has now been well over 2 years since I updated with you. First of all my total blood panel came back negative for Hep- C…So Bill this is going on two and a half years now that colloidal silver has cured me… Bill.. I was wondering if I was cured the first three days or the first three months.. Now that I look back upon it, Guess what…. I know in my heart it was the first three days…..

Karen Townsend

Opinion 31
I have been on the Colloidal Silver for a month now. I went to my Dr. 2 days ago and got the results of my latest blood counts, I have Hep C . My viral load is 5,000,000 it was 8,000,000 my platelets are 116 were 112. I am still low on other things. My Dr. TOLD me to stay on the silver. He is the head of the Liver Foundation of South Jersey, Dr. M. Santoro. I am ready to order the Advanced Colloidal Silver because it attacks the virus in my body. Just wanted to share this with others out there.

Cathy from Egg Harbor Twp. N.J.

Opinion 32
Hi there,
I ordered my first order of colloidal silver three weeks ago. I just found out that my husband and I both have Hep C. Devastated by the news I began to look for information. Now up here in Canada things are a little different. # 1, they don’t do viral load counts! (you either have or you don’t) and they could also care less about genotypes. The first time we were told anything about this by the doctors was in September, 01 and It has taken until the end of February 02 to actually get a confirmed answer. The attitude about this disease is unbelievable. (I am not a risk factor due to my lifestyle), Over here it’s well you did it to yourself so until you are almost completely sick we won’t even treat you. So taking matters into my own hands we have both decided to try colloidal silver and see the results we get with this. We bought the Advanced silver and are currently taking 2 tablespoons each a day. The results so far are encouraging. I had numerous dry skin patches on my stomach and legs and they are almost completely gone right now. My Husband had a horrible case of dry skin (flaking and peeling) on his face which has calmed right down to just a little on his upper forehead. We have not used this topically by the way. My energy has increased about 50% and my Husband never felt tired before so I can’t report on that. I have a general good feeling I haven’t had in a long time. We both took blood tests the day before we started taking this but those results won’t be in until May 27th. At that time we plan to take another set of blood tests (in the states) to get a viral load count. We will keep you posted on our progress. Many thanks to all the other testimonials for encouraging me to try this product.


Opinion 33
Dear Utopia Silver,
I just want to say thank you so much for your site. I wrote to you about my hep c not too long ago and am replying with my results. I went to the doc. on July 10 and my blood count was at 1 million and went down to 38 thousand. I am so grateful. I go back in Nov. and before I do they want me to take another blood test because, quote unquote, this disease the hep c can hide and then show up again. They just want to do a liver biopsy. I refuse to take the meds too. My friend works in the clinic and said all my work came out excellent.

So I will write back in Nov. and let you all know. I sure feel back to normal again and I give this stuff to everyone. The cats, birds and even my plants. Were all great here. THANKS!!

Not stuck in bed still!

Opinion 34
Dear Utopia Silver, as per our discussion about colloidal silver. I’m finally getting around to tell you what’s been going on. Before I started taking CS, for my Hepatitis C I told that my viral load was 7,122,000 . Yes, over seven million. I finally got the results from my last viral load test it was amazing. Bill my viral load was down to 739,000 that’s almost ten times less than before I started taking CS. Bill I want others to Know that there is hope!!!!!!! .Though I take other herbals such as maximum milk thistle, grape seed extract through vita labs.Com and natures way, and the milkthistle through hepatitis central. Bill, I believe that the CS is the catalyst for this amazing drop in my viral load. I also gave some CS to my Daughter. She and my Grandchildren had the FLU. Bill, she told me the very first day she took two tablespoons, and that it made her feel funny, and the fever and chills were gone. She also gave some to the Grandchildren and it helped them also get better. I asked her if she was sure the CS helped? she assured me that it helped. Thanks for being there.

Bruce Clark
in St. Louis, MO

Opinion 35
I was diagnosed with Hep C in Dec. 2000. My viral count was 770, 935. Even though this is relatively low as compared to some, I was experiencing debilitating fatigue, mental confusion, night sweats, insomnia, depression, and hair loss. In May I discovered your product, Colloidal Silver, on the Internet. I ordered it and started taking it on May 30, 2001, along with herbs I also read that were good for the liver and the disease. Three days after taking 1 tbsp. in the morning and 1 tbsp at night on an empty stomach, I started noticing a significant increase in my energy level. Instead of going home from work and getting on the couch until bedtime, I actually started getting back out in my yard and swimming pool. Other symptoms began to gradually improve. I had blood work drawn June 14, 2001. My viral count was down to 350,000. Liver enzymes were normal. I feel great! I go back for blood work in Sept. and can’t wait to get the good results.

Now for my pet dog, Spirit. Her name described her usual temperament, until she started exhibiting signs of heart worms. She started coughing and became less active. I decided to give her some colloidal silver. I gave her 1 tbsp. a day for a week. She stopped coughing and started greeting me again when I got home from work. It became such a chore to give it to her and I was wasting a lot out of the dropper that, since she was better I stopped giving it to her. The end of June she starting foaming at the month, coughing again, her eyes got really dark, and she got very lethargic. I was really scared and knew I didn’t want to take her to the Vet as her mother died from the heart worm treatment. I decided just to fight her and started giving her 2 tbsp. of colloidal silver a day. It was a struggle, and we wasted some, but I knew I was going to lose her if I didn’t do something. She started showing immediate signs of improvement. It took a while to relieve all the symptoms, but today 8/16/01, you can hardly keep her still. She is active, no coughing or foaming, her eyes are bright, and her coat is back to its soft silky feel. I am so grateful for this product. Bless you for sharing this with me and others. Spirit thanks you too. Oh, also I no longer have the toe fungus I couldn’t get rid of with conventional treatments. I highly recommend this product for anyone with an ailment.
Keep up the good work.


Opinion 36
Hey folks,
I had to write you this update. I hope I’m not jumping the gun, as I have only been on the Advanced CS for two weeks and now I am making my own, but I think this is important. I went to my Internist because I have Hepatitis C and wanted to get my viral load values. Three months my viral serum load was 589,000. Today it was 256,000. This is lower than its ever been. I don’t know if I can attribute this to the silver or to a change in diet, but I’ll keep you posted so that we’ll all know what’s working….obviously — SOMETHING IS!!!
Thanks a million!!

Opinion 37
Hello all…
Well let me begin by saying that for the last 2 weeks now I’ve been feeling great.. I have hep “c” and don’t take any medication for it… I was just about ready to submit to the interferon treatment… my viral load is 965,000 and I was feeling terrible for about the last 6 mos. I have a physical job and I am 49 yrs young…. but I was getting exhausted halfway through the day, was miserable being at work and when I got home I was totally useless.. So being I was getting ready to do something that I really don’t want to do, I started reading about hcv and people that were on the treatment… and what I was reading made me scared to even try…but I was at loss …I couldn’t take feeling the way I felt much longer… And then I happened upon CS….I read peoples’ stories and I couldn’t believe what I was reading…but I said what the hell let me give it a shot… Usually when I get home from work I sit in my recliner and watch some TV for a while…and by the time I would get up all my joints would be so sore I could hardly move…I found out this was being caused by hcv.. So on 1/24/02 I took my first tsp of CS when I got home from work… then sat in my recliner and did my usual routine…. about 2hrs later I got up to go into my kitchen and had to stop halfway across my living room…. I HAD NO PAIN…I couldn’t believe this…I said it has to be a coincidence…I took more CS before bed that night and some in the morning with my vitamins…. I proceeded to have the best day I’ve had in the last 6 mos….just a coincidence??? I think not… And let me tell u that every day has been good since …I’m going to give this a 3 month trial and then get my blood work done…. I will let u know where my levels have gone …

thanks, Jeff j nyc

ps…I’ve been taking a tbsp in the morning and a tsp in the evening…. it has totally removed all fatigue from me….

Opinion 38
I’ve been an RN for 35 years, am hep C + from a needle stick, am not symptomatic & have never been & would like to stay that way. I have had sinus problems for about 15 years & have developed pneumonia 4 times after sinus infections; since I started using the Advanced Colloidal Silver, I have had no sinus infections. I take 1 ounce a day, & a half ounce of the colloidal gold & feel wonderful!

[These dosage amounts are higher than the recommended daily amount, but well within safe amounts]

Opinion 39

I wrote you at length several months ago about my husband, Danny who (had) Hep C. Well I have gotten many, many emails from people wanting more information. We just came from the Doctors today, 9/30/02. He is still Hep C free. No trace of the virus. Because he was on the study medicine he will still get more tests for months to come. I have no doubt that he will remain virus free and will still be enjoying the benefits of CS.

Praise God! Thanks for all you do.

Best Regards and God Bless
Connie Winters

Opinion 40
Dear Utopia Silver, Denise, and Monica,

Let me start this email with: “PRAISE GOD!!” I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me “heal myself” with your fabulous product.

I have Hepatitis C… diagnosed in July 1997. I started taking C.S. in January 2002; at that time, my viral load was over 1,000,000. In May 2002, my count was reduced to 436,000. I switched to Advanced CS around that time since my doctor was so impressed with the results, and I wanted to “clear this virus” by my next visit… Actually, if my numbers dropped to below 200,000 I would have been happy. Well, I am VERY PLEASED to report, my latest viral load is 5,852! My doctor is so excited, she will be putting all of her HEP C patients on CS. I can hardly believe these results. I had undergone the medical treatment of 16 months of interferon therapy in 1997 and 1998 which did absolutely nothing to cure me. This product works!!

Thanks again for all of your support and prayers….

Lake Worth, Florida

Opinion 41
I am so thankful that my wife found you and your product on the web. I had got down so low dealing with doctors, and the idea that I would have to feel this way for the rest of my life. You see, I have CHRONIC HEP, and I work in construction as an ELECTRICIAN. My job asks a whole lot of me, and for many years I always wondered why I had to force myself to do anything, energy wise. And now I have been taking colloidal silver for two weeks and my mental and energy level has changed radically.
I remember days of lying in bed and not having the energy to get up. Thank you for your product, and GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR RESEARCH.

Opinion 42
Several years ago I was diagnosed with hepatitis c, I tried all kinds of different herbs and nothing seemed to help. I had no energy and that made it very difficult for me to make a living. A couple of years ago my brother told me about colloidal silver and he made me a batch. I almost immediately started to feel better. But then after running out of it, I discontinued using it and started to feel down again. And then just recently I was diagnosed with a gallbladder infection and ordered the rods from you. I made my first batch and started to take it as soon as it was finished. But first I must tell you that before taking it I had a very serious case of diarrhea, making it even difficult to sleep because it was uncontrollable. This is a hard thing to talk about, but the good news is that it has stopped completely and I am now able to work without worrying about having any problems, Oh yeah, and the stomach aches are gone also. I no longer worry about going to work and I am once again able to sleep like a baby without having to worry. I am also taking the gold now. Both great products, Thanks and God bless. Oh yeah, Thanks for the prayer also

James Christianson

Opinion 43
[This is the ALT (for hepatitis c) test update for Michael Waldner as he promised.]

Hi Bill.
After 2 months on the Advanced cs my ALT has gone from 128 to 53. This is no bull folks! Check it out for yourselves. Don’t let those conscienceless docs feed you that toxic garbage. I have tried allot of different expensive stuff but the cs has had the BEST results for the least money. I’ll keep you posted Bill on any further results. Thanks Bill and remember GOD created more superior meds than man ever will. Cheers and wish everybody all the very best. Let’s all look to GOD more for health and healing. P.S. you can use this also Bill in your testimonial page

Opinion 44

I had a virus count of some 3-4 million in late August. [Raymond has hepatitis c]. I have not been back to the doctor having no insurance or any other benefits of any kind. But if the way I feel is any indicator, I am cured! Thank you!

To give you a brief idea of how “bad” I was. I was not merely “tired;” I was so exhausted I was beginning to hallucinate. I thought I was fine, of course. I was even irritated when family members “caught” me talking to invisible people. I saw my daughters turn into table lamps, my brother-in-law an easy chair, a house plant was a nest of snakes, etc. I sure wasn’t lonely. This was on top of pain in the area of my liver, nausea, and the worst sort of “poisoned feeling” I find difficult to describe.

From the very first dose of CS I imagined I felt “different.” I was still sick and would continue to be for about 5-6 weeks but the worst feeling had been replaced by this [I apologize for my inadequacy] “difference.” It has now been a full ten weeks and although I am still a little shaky; I am planning on returning to work full time again soon. And, to be on the safe side, plan on taking 30 ml a day forever.

Raymond Hildebrand

Opinion 45
Just wanted to write and let you know that I am taking a teaspoon twice each day to hopefully overcome the Hep C virus that I have as a result of a make-up transfusion for open heart surgery in 1965. I am fortunately a symptomatic but the HCV shows up in the blood tests at a level of over 600,000 IU’s/ML (about an average load), my ALT levels are at about 75 (0-65 being normal – over 1,000 being a problem). So, I feel that I have time to experiment because I am not too sure about taking the traditional treatments at this stage. I am giving the Silver 6 months to do whatever it can do. After that I will seek a more traditional approach. I will keep you posted.

The thing that I wanted to report was that I have not suffered as the result of a cold since I have been taking the Silver. My girlfriend is not taking it and she has gotten two colds that I have nursed her through and purposely stayed close to her (kissing and all) just to test the effectiveness of the silver. The worst that I had was a little throat irritation and tickle for a couple of days, but absolutely nothing else. So at least for the common viruses out there Colloidal Silver works very well.

Now if it will work as well on the HCV I will be praising the value and pushing it to everyone I know. As I say, I will keep you posted and thank you for the work you are doing. It must be very satisfying to know that you help so many.

God Bless,
Steve Harney
Largo, Florida

Opinion 46
I am taking this for hepc and to tell the truth this is the first time in about 12 years that my hands and joints have been pain free. This is like a miracle for me

Marva Blue

Opinion 47

As always, We trust this finds you all well… We thought you would find this Interesting… In Oct 2000 I was diagnosed with Hep-C My ALT was Sky-Hi… In the 8’s…I was very sick Over the past few years using one thing and another I managed to get It down under, In the 5’s…Not so good…Although much better than It reaming In the 8’s Several months ago I had a liver biopsy…I was told I was In the fourth and final stage of cirrhosis of the liver …My doc gave me six myths to a year to live…We ordered a silver generator form you…Using the C-Silver and some other very helpful natural products…I received a phone call from my doc … The day before my appointment…He was so excited to tell me the news he could not wait for me to come In…My blood work came back 40% lower than the one before…He believes I am Eradicating this disease without the use of pharmaceuticals …I have not put an Injection of anything In my body…The secret Is… listening to your body…And research…We have spent countless hours on the net…searching for the answer…That Is how we were blessed enough to find you…And Utopia Silver… Your family and staff has helped us time and time again…I remain open minded… Also, I’m not afraid to use the Silver…As much as I need…If I feel I’m getting an earache (Bam) I fill my ear with Silver…The next day (Gone)…If I get bug bit (Bam)… Silver… Next day no Infection…In the past If I got an earache…I would be on I.V. antibiotics… Never again…For the first time In seven years my life Is worth living again…I may become the “Silver Poster Person” I drink It Morning, Noon, And Night …I feel better, Look better I am better, In everyway!!! We will beat and survive this disease…

From the bottom of our hearts EH !!! Kas & Sommer K…THE EH !!! TEAM
Calgary, Ab.Canada 

Opinion 48

Thank for caring a how I feel. I use to get real sharp pain in my liver where it just about knocks me off my feet. But since I had been taking the cs I haven’t had one pain at all and that makes me very happy. I still feel very tired and have to force myself sometime to get out of bed and get some exercises. I moved from Alaska about 3 months ago so I can get help from the State and get my hep c taken care of and I thank God for people like you. To let people like me know that there is people who care. Thank again Bill, You’re the top of my list. If there any thing else I should be doing, please let me know.

God bless you,
Bill Carol

Opinion 49
I just wanted to write you and let you know I received my Advanced Colloidal Silver about two weeks ago, and I really and truly can tell so much difference in the way I feel and get around. I have choric hepatitis c, and fibromyalgia and I have it bad I was getting to the point, where I could barely walk. After taking c s for only three days, I could really tell a big difference in the way I was able to get around, I am doing my own house work now and without so much pain, haven’t had my liver blood work taken since taking c s, so as of this moment, I can’t say what cs is doing to help my liver, all i do know is I feel so much better and after taking colloidal silver for two weeks, my fibromyalgia pain, and knee pain joints shoulders and legs is doing so much better. I highly recommend advanced colloidal silver to anyone suffering from the kind of pain I have been suffering for a couple a years now, I’m not good at writing letters but I wanted to let you people out there suffering with pain know there is help and hope. Every word I’ve wrote is true. It’s helped me, thanks to bill they’ve helped me, gave me hope I’ll keep in touch and keep everyone informed about how it woks for my hepatitis c soon as I get some new test results,

Thanks so much for making this miracle. It is for me anyway.
Diane C.

Opinion 50
Dear Utopia Silver…
Just a quick note …. been taking C.S., and now the blend formula, for the past two months. I have not gotten one single cold, sore throat, or flu while everyone around me are always sick… Also, I began using C.S. on my face to treat my roseca (??) and it is significantly better after one week… my blood pressure seems to be lower than it has in several years… and I feel fabulous…. I am using it to treat my Hep C, but won’t know until May (next blood test) if it is being effective in reducing or eliminating the virus… will write again after the test!

Thanks so much for your wonderful potion!!
Anne Perry

Opinion 51
I had a diagnosis of hep C about three weeks ago, maybe four weeks ago. The first reaction was to peruse the net. I found your website and ordered a silver generator right away. I have been taking colloidal silver since Feb 28. It is now March 28 and I feel great. I have never had much to do with doctors and have now decided to find a good doctor that is open to alternative medicine and have another blood test to verify that I am feeling energetic and optimistic. I will always be grateful that you have made colloidal silver generators available to anyone who wants one. My cat, Anders, has had a runny nose and ear mites for years. I have tried many things to help his condition. Last month I was praying that he would make it through the night. Naturally the cat and dog get colloidal silver in their drinking water now. I have stopped spraying silver water into the cats ears and there is no more runny nose. Ears are fine.

Thank you from the cat and dog (Elmo) and the neighborhood pets too, and me too.

I am a Christian and believe the LORD loves us.

Opinion 52
I have already posted here regarding my use of CS to combat a 30-year-old case of Hepatitis C. While I still haven’t had another viral-load test in over a year, I still feel very, very good compared to before I started taking a mouthful every morning after brushing the teeth. Most of my symptoms are long gone. I still must live with a damaged liver, but at least the virus is no longer ravishing my body.

Thanks, Phil

Opinion 53
Praise God that a friend led us to your product. My husband has Hep.C and for almost 2 years now, his liver panels have shown elevated AST and ALT. He has already been on the Rebetrol and Interferon treatment and had no success. His gastro Physician told us there was no reason to put him through another round of treatment since the first round didn’t work. We had resigned ourselves to the fact that, unless God decided to heal him supernaturally, he would have to live with the fatigue and the poor liver panel results. Well thank God for Utopia Silver. He has been on the program of 2 doses per day now for 9 weeks. We just got the results of his latest liver panel and were stunned to find that both the AST and the ALT had dropped by 30 points or more. He has more energy and feels great and we can’t wait to see what happens on his next blood work in 90 days. It works along with prayer and lots of faith. God Bless you and thank you so much for what you are doing. By the way, we know others with this disease and are recommending this to all of them.
Again, thank you.

Carolyn S.

Opinion 54
I just made a batch of CS as I had a tooth pulled and used no antibiotics but did develop a sore on my tongue from the new available spot for my tongue to worry. I feel better and it soothed me within hours. By the way, so you know, I have Hep C and my liver enzyme levels are excellent. The doctor won’t accept that it is the CS and just says that I must have an amazing ability to fight the virus. I DO AND IT IS THE CS.

Thank you again.
[no name given]

Opinion 55
This is a praise report. The first patient with Hepatitis C that we started on colloidal silver had a viral count of over 3 million and was very very sick. He could not stay out of bed for more than 2 hours and was unable to work. One year later, his viral count came back and it had dropped to 40! He is one happy man and we are all praising God for healing.

Leslie Polland, M.D. 

Opinion 56
Hi .l… hope you are feeling well these days…

I wrote several months ago when I began taking C.S. for my Hepatitis C…. my viral load count at that time (in early February 2002) was greater than 850,000 copies I/UL…. I am THRILLED to report that my latest blood test has been reduced to 436,000 copies!!! My doctor is very excited about these results not only for me, but potentially for all of her patients… I will maintain my daily regimen of “a swig in the morning and a swig at night”… (I am not into measuring things)…. and hope that I will be able to report a complete recovery by the end of October when my next test will occur….

Thank you so much for manufacturing and distributing a product that can help so many people with their illnesses and ailments!!

God bless you and your family!

Anne Perry
Lake Worth, Florida

Opinion 57
Wanted to share a testimonial. I gave a couple of bottles of CS to a friend of mine on 10/7/01 who also has Hepatitis C. He found out he had the disease when trying to donate blood. He took a swallow in the morning then again in the late afternoon. After a few days, he could already tell a difference in his energy level. He called me 10/20/01 wanting to know where he could get some more. He said he is no longer tired in the evenings when he gets off work and can actually work the whole day at a much better pace. He does not know his blood levels or viral loads as he does not have health insurance, all he knows is he feels better than he has felt in a long time.
I am awaiting a viral load count from blood work drawn 10/19/01. I will let you know when I get the results back. Thank you again for your dedication to your work.


Opinion 58
Mary Monroe talked to you this morning and asked that I call or e-mail you. I have ordered about 4 cases from you and have given it to several people and all have had good results. Today I am ordering 2 cases of the new combination silver/gold [Life-Solution]. My husband has so many family members that I feel need it but can’t afford to buy it without knowing that it will work. After they find out if it will help them – they are on their own. Most of them that is. One friend is in late stages of AIDS and he told me it was recommended to him but he could not afford to buy it so it is his Christmas present. He realizes that it is not meant to cure him but he is satisfied if it gives him energy, appetite and will power.

My husband suffers from Hep C, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, eczema, disorientation, he is in the end stages of liver disease. In June of 2002 doctors said he had about 6-12 months to live. Since he started on the silver/gold his mental state has improved, he has an appetite and is eating small meals all day long. He was taking 3-4 short naps throughout the day and now some days he goes all day without napping. He has had eczema real bad on his scalp, neck and behind the ears. It looked so bad and he would scratch til he was bleeding. He is spraying some silver directly on his scalp and it is completely gone. He had the eczema for about 3 years and doctors had prescribed medicated shampoo, ointments etc. and nothing ever worked.

I have several other testimonies but do not have time right now.

Opinion 59

I have had Hep-c for over 10 years, been through two study groups at UC Irvine in Calif. One was 6 months, the other 48 weeks. In both studies I responded to treatment in the early stages, then relapsed to high liver counts. I was told I would need a transplant in 5-7 years. Well I found out about CS about 3.5-4 years ago. I started taking on a regular schedule about 1-2 table spoons daily and I am happy to report that over the last 3 years my viral load has dropped from over 300,000 to 200,000 to just over 100,000 this past Jan. and my liver and kidney functions were all normal. My medical Dr is aware I am taking CS and suggested it to some of his clients. I have been generating my own CS for over a year and try to maintain a 10-12 PPM. I’m sure that if I were taking your manufactured product, which produces a higher PPM (20) that my viral loads would be lower if not 0.

I tell anyone who will listen the benefits of CS, not only for my problem, but for everyday good health. At my last physical my Dr. said I looked and was healthier than 5 years ago. I’m 62, not that it matters, but most people take me for 10-15 years younger. My wife, who has just completed a battle with melanoma, 3 operations and a 6 mo. vaccine study at John Wayne Cancer Center in Calif. is now disease free and is on Life-Solution daily. I might add, neither of us had a sick day since being on CS. While being surrounded by flu, colds etc. in the work place, we never missed a day of work.

Jim and Amy Smith

Opinion 60
Dear Utopia Silver,
I have Hep C and that is how I found your website.

I started taking Advanced Colloidal Silver and then bought a machine and made my own. After a short period of time I realized the regular silver was good for colds and anything else but that I needed the Advanced to combat the Hep C. I have been taking about 3 oz. a day for a little over a year. I have Kaiser Med. and all they give me is the numbers for AST and ALT. Aug of 02 my AST was at 85 supposed to be 10-40 and my ALT was at 106 and is supposed to be less than 40. My last test in mid May -03 my AST is at 44 and my ALT is at 65. So I am almost there. I am now taking 2 oz a day due to being unemployed, and lack of finances, but I am sure I would get better faster if I could stay on 3 oz. a day. [These are JW’s suppositions. I am not sure these amounts are necessary. ]
It doesn’t bother my system at all to be on that dosage. I also find the doctors don’t want to hear a thing about the silver. Actually Kaiser doctors don’t even think this is a bad thing. They never ask me to retest. I stay on top of it myself. Every 4 mo. or so I request a blood test. My doctor says I have a mild inflammation of the liver and to just watch it !!! If we don’t take care of ourselves they aren’t going to do it!

Thank God for your website and Colloidal Silver! Thank You so very much!
JW California

Opinion 61
I started researching the hep c virus and I came across your website among many others. I read everything I could about the alternative ways to treat hep c, so I stopped the combination therapy and started taking herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and Advanced Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold. In just two weeks I started felling much better. My energy came back and the pain in my feet stopped cold. I am so amazed at how much better I am feeling. I plan to get tested again this spring and I will forward the results to you after they come back.

Bill Dallas 

Opinion 62

My name is Melody Nail and I’ve been buying the silver and gold for a few months now. I started taking the silver when I read the testimonials about it helping Hep C, which I have. Well, I guess I have the virus, but no symptoms according to the doctors. Even though I’m tired a lot, they blame it on getting older, no exercise, depression, sleeping disorders, menopause, and on and on. Anyway, I have a lot more energy after taking the silver and a lot more will power since taking the gold………..

Thanks so much for your products, Melody

Opinion 63
I’ve been an RN for 35 years, am hep C + from a needle stick, am not symptomatic & have never been & would like to stay that way. I have had sinus problems for about 15 years & have developed pneumonia 4 times after sinus infections; since I started using the advanced colloidal silver I have had no sinus infections. I take 1 ounce a day,& a half ounce of the colloidal gold & feel wonderful!

[ These dosage amounts are higher than the recommended daily amount, but well within safe amounts ]

Opinion 64
Mary Monroe talked to you this morning and asked that I call or e-mail you. I have ordered about 4 cases from you and have given it to several people and all have had good results.  My husband has so many family members that I feel need it but can’t afford to buy it without knowing that it will work. After they find out if it will help them – they are on their own. Most of them that is. One friend is in late stages of AIDS and he told me it was recommended to him but he could not afford to buy it so it is his Christmas present. He realizes that it is not meant to cure him but he is satisfied if it gives him energy, appetite and will power.

My husband suffers from Hep C, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, eczema, disorientation, he is in the end stages of liver disease. In June of 2002 doctors said he had about 6-12 months to live. Since he started on the silver/gold his mental state has improved, he has an appetite and is eating small meals all day long. He was taking 3-4 short naps throughout the day and now some days he goes all day without napping. He has had eczema real bad on his scalp, neck and behind the ears. It looked so bad and he would scratch til he was bleeding. He is spraying some silver directly on his scalp and it is completely gone. He had the eczema for about 3 years and doctors had prescribed medicated shampoo, ointments etc. and nothing ever worked.

I have several other testimonies but do not have time right now.

Opinion 65
This lady [below] has had hep c longer than I have and has had the chemo treatments that did not work. When I first started telling her about the silver, she was a confirmed non-believer in it but then my blood work started showing better counts so she decided to try it. She has not been taking it very long. Probably less than a year. I was so encouraged that I felt as if I were to have my blood work done today, it would be normal. Nellie

Hi Nellie,

Had my medical test and ct scan done early June for my HEP C. My blood work on my alt and ast’s came back better than it has in five years. My ast was 32 in a range of 2-35 u/l and my alt was 45 on a range of 2-40………..I was really happy about that. Of course my doc. doesn’t put much emphasis on that because he says it changes daily and doesn’t mean much anyway.

[Colloidal silver use for Hepatitis C is gradually spreading across the globe by word of mouth.]

Opinion 66
I was recently told that I tested positive for hepatitis c. I ordered some silver and took one bottle over about a period of a week. I then was sent to do a viral load test, when I returned for the results, the doctor told me that I had no viral load whatsoever. I was then retested for hep. c, and am now told that I do not have hep. c. I believe that the silver may have been a factor in my results. Thought I would share this with others. I believe that it is priced so that it is worth a try.

Misty Hurley [Another coincidence?]

Opinion 67
Hi, I am responding to the request for testimonials. Summer of last year (about a year ago)I donated blood. The blood was found to be contaminated with the Hep. C antibodies. Further tests & a liver biopsy revealed Hep. C. present in both the blood & liver. I found your website after praying for God’s help. I just know that HE led me to your site. I have been using the CS for about a year now. I have just finished another round of tests and the results will be discussed with me on August 15th. Please know that I feel an extreme unspeakable peace about this. I have been planning to provide an update for you following August 15th just knowing that the results will be good because I trust GOD & I trust that HE is the ONE WHO led me to your product following a great deal of prayer!!! By the way the Hep. C testimonials provide wonderful encouragement & support!!!

I took the red-eye from L.A. to Ft. Lauderdale on July 26th. As we were getting ready to land, I began sneezing terribly and by the time I arrived home (one hour later) I was in full-blown symptoms of a head cold… Clogged head, running nose (like a faucet), sneezing constantly, achy jaws and teeth, etc. Upon arriving home, I immediately opened a bottle of Advanced Silver and took several long gulps. I then slept for 5 hours and upon waking, took some more. I finally took some Advil a few hours later, then some more silver, a little Nyquil, and back to bed for the night. I awoke this morning, 24 hour after the symptoms appeared, with absolutely no congestion, no sneezing, no nose blowing, etc. This is truly a miracle liquid! I have written in the past about my great results with Hep C, and had a blood test last week and am anxiously awaiting the results to see how well I am doing. Thanks again for this great product. If only all of the people to whom I explain about this stuff would order it and take it, they too would realize immediate relief from many of their ailments…

Stay Well!
Anne P.

Opinion 68
My daughter was born Feb 1986. About 5 days later she had a blood transfusion.17 years later she is diagnosed with full blown Hepatitis C. Her blood count was way over one million. It is suppose to be around 648. We went to church and had hands laid on her and prayed for healing. A few days later we found your web site. I ordered 9 bottles of Advanced Silver. We will find out just how good this product is in January. I am looking forward to giving more detail in January when I testify that my daughter is healed. Praise God for Advanced Silver. Thank you in advance for all that step in the gap to pray for my daughter during this time.

Sincerely Debra

[Please, let all who pray do so for this believing family. Some may give the credit to colloidal silver, but we will be sure to give the glory to the “Great Physician.”]

Opinion 69
I was diagnosed with hep c last August. After much research and finding your site and the testimonials of hope I found here, I decided not to go the interferon route just yet. My viral load was 8,500,000. I was really sick, and essentially told I would die without treatment. But the recommended course of the treatment (and the side effects) they offered was totally unacceptable to me. Not to mention the fact that it might not even work! So I got a machine to produce my own cs and started my own therapy. Along with the cs. which I took 2 tablespoons 4 times a day, I drank 4 cups of green tea a day, 2000 mg vitamin c, Echinacea on a rotating schedule, tinctures of milk thistle and astralagus. I am happy to report that after 9 months, my viral load was half of what it was last year. My dr. said that it may have even gotten lower if I hadn’t been taking calcium w/ magnesium for the past 9 months also. He said that magnesium can raise the hep c viral load. (have you ever heard of this before?) [we have not] Anyway, I now take calcium citrate and will continue to do so. The pain in my right side has gone away. I am so much improved now that even my dr. has taken notice. He told me that he had never heard of anyone beating this with what I wanted to do( I think the term he used was *using root and berries* and that I could turn blue from the silver. 🙂 I am not blue and feel better than I have in years. I will have another viral load done in December and will let you know the results. Thanks for this informative web site..

God bless you!

Opinion 70
I have been ordering CS for my son Joel for about six months for Hep C. He was physically, mentally and spiritually devastated from the disease and 4 months of interferon. He has used the silver along with an enzyme called purezyme that helps to purify blood. He is also seeing results from Sam e for depression. I want to try gold in it’s place because Sam e is so expensive. He is working again after 9 months and is feeling well, looks great and is building back his stamina.

I am so thankful for your product, but more than that I requested that he be added to your prayer list and was assured that he was. I don’t know of any other business that offers that benefit. Thank you so much. God does answer prayer.

[We do not advocate for or against Sam E or Purezyme. We do, however, unabashedly advocate for prayer.]

Opinion 71

Last August my husband was diagnosed with Hep C. He began the interferon/rebatol treatments in October. The first one nearly killed him but he continued them for six months. He could barely get out of bed and back and forth to work each day and eventually had to come home in the afternoons and lie down. He would be out by 7:30 or 8:00 at night. He developed severe depression and insomnia. He finished his treatment in March but the depression has lingered. In April he had a viral load done and was told that the virus was still detectable and that he may have to repeat the treatments. I had found your website when researching Hep C just after he was diagnosed. He had decided to take the treatments so I did not say anything to him. I went back to your website and asked him to read it and if he wanted to I would order the Advanced silver for him to take. He agreed and had been taking it since May of this year. He had a viral load done two weeks ago and was told that there was no trace of the virus. Of course it is a mystery to the doctors so they want to do another viral load test in November but I am positive that they will not find any trace of the virus then either.

Prayer and Advanced Silver have worked miracles in my husband’s life and I am so thankful. I think I will order the Life Solution next time and maybe he can get off of the Prozac that he is on. I have several members of my family that I believe could benefit from this. Sounds like a good Christmas gift. I hope that this good news will encourage someone to try Advanced Silver and the wonderful miracle of Prayer. I will keep you posted on the next viral load test.

Prayerfully yours,

Opinion 72
I have hep C and I started taking silver water about 1 year ago. My viral load at the time of diagnosis was 663,000. Since taking the water I have gone down to 382,400.

Had another test done 1 week later and they went down to 364,450. I have killed almost half of the little buggers. I feel great and wouldn’t give up the good fight for anything. The doctors wanted to do a liver biopsy and I declined. They also wanted to put me on interferon and ribaviron. I also declined. I don’t want to get sick from the medicines since the water is working so well. Of course they don’t believe that it is the water that is doing it, but I didn’t expect them to. My gastroenterologist just told me to keep doing whatever it is that I am doing.

Thanks for saving my life.
Diane Roger 

[Dianne’s good report came because she read Karen’s original testimonial from a couple of years ago and decided to try CS.]

Opinion 73
Hi I just wanted you to know that there is probably more of us out here that are benefiting from your Advanced Colloidal Silver and are not saying anything. I have Hep C with a viral load of over 4 million, luckily I am only in stage 1 and I’ve probably had it over 30 years. Anyway, I have felt tired and achy for years and found it very overwhelming to exercise. I started taking ACS [Advanced Colloidal Silver] 6 months ago and I started feeling better after only one week. Anyway, I now run a mile non stop and feel great. I am scheduled for another viral load test in Feb 2004 and I’ll let you know the results. I’m sure it will be better.


Opinion 74
My husband has been taking c.s. since jan of this year for hepatitis c. When he ran out, I forgot to order it and he started dragging and being lifeless again. I reordered and he began taking it again and has been fine ever since…My husband was recently the victim of an assault by another man who bit his ear lobe off. Human bites are 50% more likely to get infected than a dog bite. I truly believe c.s. is the reason for the bite not getting infected. He was given antibiotics but did not take but a couple of them. They made him sick at his stomach. His ear has since healed but still not reconstructed yet. Thanks again for your product.

Laura C in Georgia
[You could get Hep C from such an assault.

This story alone should prove to skeptics of the authenticity of our testimonials that they are real. Would anyone make up this stuff?]


More Information From the Centers of Disease Control

Viral Hepatitis

Hepatitis C Infection

Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by infection with the hepatitis C virus. The virus causes liver inflammation, which interferes with proper liver function. Hepatitis C can eventually lead to severe, permanent liver damage and cirrhosis and may be complicated by liver cancer. Because the initial symptoms are mild, hepatitis C often goes unnoticed until years later when liver damage is discovered.


hepatitis C

There are six major strains, or genotypes, of hepatitis C. Genotype 1 is the most common type in the United States . Types 1, 2 and 3 are found worldwide; type 4 is found throughout Africa, 5 is common in South Africa, and 6 is common in Asia.

Causes of Hepatitis C Infection

Hepatitis C is caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). This virus enters the body through infected blood (much less commonly through other body fluids) and then multiplies in liver cells.

hepatitis C

Hepatitis Virus

Symptoms of Hepatitis C Infection

Most infections begin with a sudden (acute) illness, often so mild that you may not notice symptoms. Many people with acute illness will go on to develop long-term (chronic) infection. Hepatitis C is considered chronic when the liver is inflamed for longer than 6 months.

In cases of acute infection, young children usually have no symptoms. Older children and adults may develop mild symptoms, such as fatigue, headache, sore muscles, abdominal pain (specifically, pain in the upper right quadrant), and dark urine. In some cases, jaundice—a condition in which the skin and whites of the eyes appear yellow—may also develop, but this is uncommon in acute hepatitis C infections.

hepatitis C

Hepatitis Surface Antigen in Hepatocytes

In cases of chronic infection, most people, especially young children, have no symptoms. If symptoms develop, they may include fatigue, mild abdominal discomfort, dry skin and itching, and a general sense of not feeling well (malaise).

Diagnosis of Hepatitis C Infection

Hepatitis C is diagnosed with blood tests that look for signs of liver inflammation, antibodies to the hepatitis C virus, and its genetic material.

A liver biopsy may be performed to see whether the virus has scarred or damaged the liver, help determine the most appropriate treatment, and see whether treatment is successful.

Treatment of Hepatitis C Infection

Chronic HCV infection may be treated with medications that fight viral infections. The current standard treatment combines two antiviral medications: peginterferon and ribavirin. However, this treatment is not an option for everyone because of its significant side effects or because of continuing problems with substance abuse, psychological conditions (such as schizophrenia) that interfere with the ability to take scheduled medications, or financial constraints (the medications are expensive).

A new form of interferon, called peginterferon, combined with ribavirin stops the virus more effectively than standard interferon and ribavirin. As a result, the combination of peginterferon and ribavirin has become the new standard of treatment.

Your response to treatment depends in part on which of the six hepatitis genotypes you have—and you may be infected with more than one genotype. Genotype 1 does not respond as well to treatment as the less-common genotypes 2 and 3. Other factors, such as the amount of virus in your system (viral load) and whether your liver has been scarred or damaged, may also affect how well you respond to treatment.

Spread of Hepatitis C Infection

The incubation period (the time it takes for the first symptoms to appear) is about 2 weeks to 6 months.

Anyone who tests positive for the hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA is presumed to be contagious.

HCV spreads through contact with blood, most commonly by sharing needles and other equipment used to inject medicines. Health care workers face a low risk (less than 2%) of infection from accidental needle sticks and other occupational exposures.

The virus can spread through sexual contact, but the risk is low, especially for long-term monogamous couples. Risk increases for those who have multiple sex partners. Having a sexually transmitted disease or being infected with HIV may increase the risk of becoming infected with HCV.

In the past, the virus was spread through infected blood used in transfusions and infected solid organs used in transplantation. However, the risk of infection from these procedures is now extremely low; since around 1990, blood and organs have been routinely screened for hepatitis C.

While the risk is low, an infected mother can spread the virus to her baby at birth. The risk of transmitting the disease to the baby can be greater if the mother is also infected with HIV.

The virus spreads through infected blood. Sharing needles and other equipment (such as cotton, spoons, and water) used to inject medicines is the most common way HCV is spread.

The virus also can be spread by sexual contact, but the risk is low, especially for long-term monogamous couples. The risk increases if you have many sex partners or if one partner is infected. Having a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or being infected with HIV may increase the risk of HCV infection.

Although the risk is low, pregnant women infected with the hepatitis C virus can pass it to their babies—the risk is higher if the woman also is infected with HIV. HCV does not spread from a mother to her baby through breast milk; however, breast-feeding women should make sure their nipples are not cracked or bleeding.

Normal, daily household contact with a family member who has hepatitis C is not a common means of spreading the illness.

In the past, it was possible to spread hepatitis C through blood transfusions. Since 1992, all donated blood has been screened for HCV, so the possibility of becoming infected from a blood transfusion is vanishing and now rare.

Organ transplant (such as a kidney, liver, or pancreas) from a donor infected with HCV also used to be a source of infection. Now, however, all donor organs are screened for HCV infection, so the risk of becoming infected with HCV in this manner is very low.

In 10% of people who become infected with HCV, the cause of infection is never known.

Facts about Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). It is also called non-A, non-B hepatitis. Hepatitis C is usually spread by sharing contaminated needles or through a blood transfusion done with infected blood.

The first stage of a hepatitis C infection is usually a mild illness. Some people who are infected become chronic carriers of HCV, meaning they remain infected for many years. Some people who are chronic HCV carriers have some liver inflammation all the time and, over the course of many years, many will develop serious liver damage.

There is no vaccine against the hepatitis C virus. There is no specific treatment for an acute hepatitis C infection. People who develop a chronic infection may be treated with medications to try to reduce their risk for liver damage.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors:
The hepatitis C virus causes most cases of hepatitis after a blood transfusion. Exposure to substances that are toxic to the liver may be a cause. Risk factors include recent blood transfusion, environmental or occupational exposure to blood, and intravenous medicine abuse. The incidence is 1 out of 10,000 people. Other hepatitis virus infections include hepatitis A virus and hepatitis B virus.

  • jaundice
  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite
  • nausea and vomiting
  • low-grade fever
  • pale or clay colored stools
  • dark urine
  • generalized itching

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