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Opinion 1

I don’t have a complete story to report, but I would like to share what I have experienced and see if anyone out there has tried CS for the HIV virus or the AIDES virus.  I have a friend who uses WAY too many medicines and has advanced to full blown aides.  He was very sick and came to me to see if there was anything I could do to help him.  I have been reading the reports on the internet how both viruses are killed in six minutes with CS.  I immediately gave him a few ounces of CS, and followed with doses morning and evening for the next two weeks.  It was very interesting to watch the cleansing process.  He shortly got diarrhea and became pretty sick but slept a lot.  We don’t have any tests to tell you the whole story but I did want to share the positive results.  He went through the medicine withdrawal MUCH easier than ever before. His appetite kicked in and he was eating lots of good food.  His eyes became bright and his color returned.  He gradually began sleeping less and less until he was sleeping only at night.  During this recovery, he developed a boil that he said always before had to be lanced and had to take several antibiotics.  This one lasted three days and broke. He constantly cleaned it topically with CS and when it broke, the pain was gone.
By the following day, it not only was better, it was gone.  He left before I could take him for blood work, but I hope he returns at some time with more good news.  He took a bottle of CS with him and I know he is spreading the gospel of CS. I will report again if and when I have more to tell. In the meantime, would like to hear from others who may have tried CS for aides.

Opinion 2
I thank God for you and for everyone at Utopia Silver. I have been silent since you sent me the generator. I later came to Dallas and bought some more silver wire 2″. Back home here in Kenya silver is doing wonders. I have an Aunty who is HIV+ and is on ARV medicines and she has already picked up so fast back to her normal duties like everyone of us, thanks to CS. Many friends have tried it with a lot of success. The success rate of CS can not be documented in this letter. The cases are so pitiful, the individuals most in abject poverty and they can only thank God for  CS which has come to so many as help after the doctors have given up on them.  Success stories range from chest congestion and lung infections, back pains, joint pains and weakness, wounds sores and rashes, fever  and colds caused by a myriad of pathogens. I remember a lady with TB  recently from the slums of Kibera here in Nairobi, she had been to hospital and was discharged but still in a lot of pain and continuous  coughing — she took CS 20ppm for three days and the fourth day the neighbours were asking whether she had passed away because there was  no more coughing noise from her house. She is thanking God for the  relief she has gotten from CS.

Simon M. 

Opinion 3

Hi , I am a HIV+ person, using your product the “Advanced Colloidal Silver” and I want to know if there is any discounts or sale on this product that I am using because its wonderful. I will appreciate any help you can offer, thanks a lot,

Opinion 4
Herewith, the testimony:
Dear Denise,

I haven’t got my new web site up & running yet…I ended up getting more involved in it… & it got to be a bit more than my limited knowledge in HTML & web site building….but it is in the construction process.

I am including my friend’s web site URL…he has done a great job with his…but he is also attending classes at UCF for web site building. I am trying to do mine with my limited web site building knowledge…without having to take college classes on it.

Here’s the URL for his web site:

Feel free to pass his URL on to others that may have questions about how Colloidal Silver works with HIV/AIDS & the horrible medications intended for this illness.

Please understand that my friend & myself are adult gay men…but this should have no bearings when it comes to dealing with HIV/AIDS…Colloidal Silver….& much needed Medical information.

Colloidal Silver has been a true blessing for he & myself. He & I went about using Colloidal Silver in different ways…he stayed on his hiv meds while taking silver..then gradually deleted hiv meds along the way, as you will see in his web site.

I, on the other hand…stopped all my meds Feb. 2000 & went 6 months without hiv meds before starting on C.S…just got my blood work results back the other day which was done in Mar 2001….and everything came back much better than I had expected…& much better than they were a year ago!

I have a very close friend that is a Registered Nurse & she was amazed at my blood work…she said that most healthy people that she deals with doesn’t have blood results as good as mine were…needless to say..this made me feel like I was on the right track with dealing with this HIV/AIDS thing……

Now my job is to get this information about Colloidal Silver out to as many as humanly possible…not only HIV/AIDS people….but to people with many other illnesses! But I can honestly say that I am enjoying doing what I am doing. There are a lot of people that have gotten on Colloidal Silver after they saw the change it made in me & my health & my life.

The HIV Meds were rapidly stealing my life away from me…..Colloidal Silver has given me back my life!!

People need to understand that HIV/AIDS was not killing people…it was the intolerable toxic meds that was doing the killing….& even with the newer meds…..the meds are still killing people…..not the HIV/AIDS itself. No one has ever died from the HIV/AIDS Virus! But many many thousands have died from the toxic meds & other things like viral pneumonia.

In bringing this to a close…please feel free to contact me at any time & also feel free to give my e mail address to anyone that may want to talk with me about my experience with Colloidal Silver.

Take Care
Keep up the good work
God Bless
Curt Curtis R. Hale

Opinion 5
Utopia Silver,
Several months ago my boyfriend tested HIV positive. It was a real shock to both of us because we’ve been together for 4 years and he had a blood transfusion outside united states, perhaps this is how he got infected. We both were scared and didn’t know what to do. After i run set of tests i found out that i am HIV negative and after digging deeper i found out that i am one of 5% lucky people who has dual DNA mutation and cannot contract it.

My boyfriends numbers weren’t too bad CD4=420 and Viral load at 10000. At that point we decided to try few things before making a decision regarding starting antiviral medicines or not. After some research and reading different opinions regarding the colloidal silver we decided to try it anyway, without much believe we ordered 2 bottles just to try it out. My boyfriend has been taking one tablespoon 4 times a day for about 10 days before his next HIV test and CD4/CD8 test… since it was only 10 days on silver we didn’t expect much to change. Today his doctor called him… Surprise!!! Our doctor said that his viral load is down to 7000 (3000 points down in short month since his previous test) his CD4 count was also slightly up to 440 (20 points up) sounds like a small change but doctor asked if he’s been doing anything different because he was very puzzled about his numbers – at some point doctor said “keep doing whatever you’re doing, i am very puzzled because i have never seen numbers go down so quickly and so dramatically in people who don’t take antiviral cocktails”. he also said that my boyfriend’s numbers showing around 10% improvements. His CD4/CD8 ratio is also 17% better. Sooo… it may not work for everyone the same but trying doesn’t hurt.

My boyfriend has been taking colloidal silver for about 6 weeks now, he did slowed down his dose to only one teaspoon twice a day (morning and evening) as always on empty stomach but we are going to go back to 4 times a day after getting these results today.

I wish i started taking it as well because about 3 weeks ago i got swine flu and was “destroyed” for a week, i was also so scared that my BF would contract it from me – HE DIDN’T!!!!!!! i kinda thought that he probably wouldn’t get the swine flu from me because he’s been taking silver for about 3 weeks when i got sick but wasn’t sure. he sneezed maybe few times – but no other symptoms. Miracle? I’d say science, a science that many don’t trust. “Whatever” to those who don’t believe in stuff like this, go take your poisons and stop reading my review ? i am not trying to convince anyone but rather just sharing my real story.

At the end – i don’t know how exactly this thing works but the fact is it works for my boyfriend, i am looking forward to see his numbers from his next blood work and i will definitely share our findings.

one more thing – this is totally my theory why his numbers are down – my boyfriend takes silver 6 hours apart – i believe this is the key. HIV replication time i believe is around 4-5 hours after replication process is complete it gets back to the blood stream; taking silver every 6 hours will kill HIV in blood stream after it gets replicated and released to the blood stream. Taking it every 4 hours sounds crazy and difficult to follow so every 6 hours kinda works.

Also, we tried other brands that sounded also good or better but Utopia silver worked the best for us – the taste is better and it just feels it’s working better than other brands…

good luck to everyone!
DS in Southern California

AIDS is an acronym for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome:

  • Acquired means you can get infected with it.
  • Immune Deficiency means a weakness in the body’s system that fights diseases.
  • Syndrome means a group of health problems that make up a disease.

This is a picture of HIV. This image represents the structure of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV is part of a family or group of viruses called lentiviruses. Lentiviruses other than HIV have been found in a wide range of nonhuman primates. These other lentiviruses are known collectively as simian (monkey) viruses (SIV) where a subscript is used to denote their species of origin.

A blood test for HIV looks for these antibodies. If you have them in your blood, it means that you have HIV infection. People who have the HIV antibodies are called “HIV-Positive.”

AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. If you get infected with HIV, your body will try to fight the infection. It will make “antibodies” — special molecules to fight HIV.

Being HIV-positive, or having HIV disease, is not the same as having AIDS. Many people are HIV-positive but don’t get sick for many years. As HIV disease continues, it slowly wears down the immune system. Viruses, parasites, fungi and bacteria that usually don’t cause any problems can make you very sick if your immune system is damaged. These are called “opportunistic infections.”

How is AIDS acquired?

You don’t actually “get” AIDS. You might get infected with HIV, and later you might develop AIDS. You can get infected with HIV from anyone who’s infected, even if they don’t look sick and even if they haven’t tested HIV-positive yet. The blood, vaginal fluid, semen, and breast milk of people infected with HIV has enough of the virus in it to infect other people. Most people get the HIV virus by:

  • having sex with an infected person.
  • sharing a needle (shooting medicines) with someone who’s infected
  • being born when their mother is infected, or drinking the breast milk of an infected woman.

This is a picture of a HIV. The green particles are the HIV infecting the T helper cells. HIV infects the T Helper cell because it has the protein CD4 on its surface. HIV needs to use CD4 to enter cells it infects. This is why the T helper cell is referred to as a CD4 lymphocyte. Once inside a T helper cell, HIV takes over the cell and the virus then replicates. In this process (which takes around a couple of days) the infected cell dies. New virus then seeks out new T -helper cells to infect.

Getting a transfusion of infected blood used to be a way people got AIDS, but now the blood supply is screened very carefully and the risk is extremely low.

  • There are no documented cases of HIV being transmitted by tears or saliva, but it is possible to be infected with HIV through oral sex or in rare cases through deep kissing, especially if you have open sores in your mouth or bleeding gums.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 850,000 to 950,000 U.S. residents are living with HIV infection, one-quarter of whom are unaware of their infection. Almost 400,000 people are living with AIDS. Each year, there are about 40,000 new infections. Of these, about 70 percent are among men and 30 percent among women. Half of these newly infected people are younger than 25 years of age. In the mid-1990s, AIDS was a leading cause of death. However, newer treatments have cut the AIDS death rate significantly. For more information, see the U.S. Government fact sheet at

If you’re HIV positive

You might not know if you get infected by HIV. Some people get fever, headache, sore muscles and joints, stomach ache, swollen lymph glands, or a skin rash for one or two weeks. Most people think it’s the flu. Some people have no symptoms.

This is a picture of HIV structure. This picture represents the structure of HIV and how the HIV is organised. HIV is part of a family or group of viruses called lentiviruses. Lentiviruses other than HIV have been found in a wide range of nonhuman primates. These other lentiviruses are known collectively as simian (monkey) viruses (SIV) where a subscript is used to denote their species of origin.

The virus will multiply in your body for a few weeks or even months before your immune system responds. During this time, you won’t test positive for HIV, but you can infect other people.

When your immune system responds, it starts to make antibodies. When this happens, you will test positive for HIV. After the first flu-like symptoms, some people with HIV stay healthy for ten years or longer. But during this time, HIV is damaging your immune system. One way to measure the damage to your immune system is to count your CD4+ cells. These cells, also called “T-helper” cells, are an important part of the immune system. Healthy people have between 500 and 1,500 CD4+ cells in a milliliter of blood.

Without treatment, your CD4+ cell count will most likely go down. You might start having signs of HIV disease like fevers, night sweats, diarrhea, or swollen lymph nodes. If you have HIV disease, these problems will last more than a few days, and probably continue for several weeks.

How does one know if they have AIDS?

HIV disease becomes AIDS when your immune system is seriously damaged. If you have less than 200 CD4+ cells or if your CD4+ percentage is less than 14%, you have AIDS. If you get an opportunistic infection, you have AIDS. There is an “official” list of opportunistic infections, put out by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The most common ones are:

  • PCP (Pneumocystis pneumonia), a lung infection,
  • KS (Kaposi’s sarcoma), a skin cancer,
  • CMV (Cytomegalovirus), an infection that usually affects the eyes, and
  • Candida, a fungal infection that can cause thrush (a white film in your mouth) or infections in your throat or vagina,

AIDS is different in every infected person. Some people die in a few months after getting infected, while others live fairly normal lives for many years, even after they “officially” have AIDS. A few HIV-positive people stay healthy for many years even without taking anti-HIV medications.

AIDS-related diseases also include serious weight loss, brain tumors, and other health problems. Without treatment, these opportunistic infections can kill you. The official CDC definition of AIDS is available at

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