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Opinion 1
My husband has lots of health problems 7 strokes 2 heart attacks open heart surgery has a history of allergies . He always coughed so hard in the mornings & now there is almost no
coughing The coughing has been from way back Heart problems have been the last 10 yrs. If the colloidal silver does nothing else It is just wonderful for what it has done for my husband . I`m coping much better since taking it, too .

Thanks, Gotta go, Evelyn 

Opinion 2 
I own one of your colloidal silver makers and it has been one of the best investments we have ever made. My youngest son is very susceptible to just about every virus and germ known to man, I think. He had whooping cough about 2 years ago. We treated the usual way with antibiotics from the doctor… two months later he was still coughing and wheezing. Then, last spring he somehow contacted it again. We caught it very early on and had the diagnosis confirmed by a doctor, that he truly had whooping cough for a SECOND time. We gave him as much colloidal silver as we could, including a nasal spray of it, as the back of the nose is where the whooping cough virus likes to hide. Within 36 hours there was no trace of a wheeze or whoop in him. His pediatrician couldn’t believe it as I handed him back his prescription for eurithromyacin 2 days later and my son had a clean retest for the virus. He just couldn’t believe that 2 days before a test had confirmed it and it was now totally gone.

Colloidal silver is now or first defence instead of our last resort for both us and our children.
Thank you for making such quality products available,
A very satisfied customer and mother.

Opinion 3
I was diagnosed with Hep C in Dec. 2000.  My viral count was 770, 935.  Even though this is relatively low as compared to some, I was experiencing debilitating fatigue, mental confusion, night sweats, insomnia, depression, and hair loss.  In May I discovered your product, Colloidal Silver, on the Internet.  I ordered it and started taking it on May 30, 2001, along with herbs I also read that were good for the liver and the disease.  Three days after taking 1 tbsp. in the morning and 1 tbsp at night on an empty stomach I started noticing a significant increase in my energy level.  Instead of going home from work and getting on the couch until bedtime, I actually started getting back out in my yard and swimming pool.  Other symptom began to gradually improve.  I had blood work drawn June 14, 2001.  My viral count was down to 350,000.  Liver enzymes were normal.  I feel great!  I go back for blood work in Sept. and can’t wait to get the good results.  Now for my pet dog, Spirit.  Her name described her usual temperament, until she started exhibiting signs of heart worms.  She started coughing and became less active.  I decided to give her some colloidal silver.  I gave her 1 tbsp. a day for a week.  She stopped coughing and started greeting me again when I got home from work.  It became such a chore to give it to her and I was wasting a lot out of the dropper that, since she was better I stopped giving it to her.  The end of June she starting foaming at the month, coughing again, her eyes got really dark, and she got very lethargic.  I was really scared and knew I didn’t want to take her to the Vet as her mother died from the heart worm treatment.  I decided just to fight her and started giving her 2 tbsp. of colloidal silver a day.  It was a struggle, and we wasted some, but I knew I was going to lose her if I didn’t do something.
She started showing immediate signs of improvement.  It took a while to relieve all the symptoms, but today 8/16/01, you can hardly keep her still.
She is active, no coughing or foaming, her eyes are bright, and her coat is back to its soft silky feel.  I am so grateful for this product.  Bless you for sharing this with me and others.  Spirit thanks you too.  Oh, also I no longer have the toe fungus I couldn’t get rid of with conventional treatments.  I highly recommend this product for anyone with an ailment.
Keep up the good work.

Opinion 4
Dear Utopia Silver,
I thank God for you and for everyone at Utopia Silver. I have been  silent since you sent me the generator. I later came to Dallas and bought  some more silver wire 2″. Back home here in Kenya silver is doing wonders.  I have an Aunty who is HIV+ and is on ARV medicines and she has already picked up so fast back to her normal duties like everyone of us, thanks  to CS. Many friends have tried it with a lot of success. The success rate of CS can not be documented in this letter. The cases are so pitiful,  the individuals most in abject poverty and they can only thank God for  CS which has come to so many as help after the doctors have given up on them.  Success stories range from chest congestion and lung infections, back pains, joint pains and weakness, wounds sores and rashes, fever  and colds caused by a myriad of pathogens. I remember a lady with TB  recently from the slums of Kibera here in Nairobi, she had been to hospital and was discharged but still in a lot of pain and continuous  coughing — she took CS 20ppm for three days and the fourth day the neighbours were asking whether she had passed away because there was  no more coughing noise from her house. She is thanking God for the  relief she has gotten from CS.

Simon M.
[Though Simon mentions the successful use of colloidal silver in many cases as a last resort, we highly recommend its use as a first resort since it is so non-obstrusive, inexpensive and  broadly effective against a host of health problems. Keep in mind this is just our experience and is not meant to insinuate or claim that colloidal silver has been proven safe and effective against any malady according to FDA standards.

Opinion 5
During an airline flight to Denver last week, I heard people coughing and sneezing and I thought, “Oh, no, I bet there are millions of germs in here!”. When I returned home, I felt symptoms of a head cold coming on.
Right away I started spraying colloidal silver in my nose and increased my daily dosage. I did not get a full-blown head cold thanks to the colloidal silver. I believe it is more important than ever when you are in enclosed areas with lots of people, that you stay protected from ‘who knows what’.

Opinion 6
I’m like a lot of the rest of the people who have been using C.S. , and have failed to give my testimony.  It’s not as dramatic as some that I have read, but it is different.  I had read one of the testimonies that said that they had been putting it on there hair.  So I tried it and found it to be the best after shampoo rinse I’ve ever used, you just put it in a spray bottle, towel dry your hair then spray it on, brush it through, and let it air dry. But there was a plus, not only did I get great manageability,  but I found that it also has began healing some kind of crusting that I had on the crown of my head.  Along with the other benefits, I found that the color back that I was putting in my hair I only have to use about 1/3 as often, with the same results.      I have taken an old hair spray bottle put a new label on it and filled it with C.S. I daily spray it on my feet, and have found that I never get athletics feet anymore.      I have taken some C.S. and put it in a facial steamer, and steam my face with it once or twice a day, and can see a remarkable reducing of some skin cancers that I have on my face. One day I had a very bad ear infection and used C.S. about twice a day, and was able to completely cure it, without having to go to a doctor. One morning my sinuses were clogged up, and I used a vaporizer with a few teaspoons full of C.S. in it and breath in the vapor and it cleared up my sinuses in one hour.  When I got home that night my sinuses started to clog up again, I use the vaporizer again, it cleared them up, and I haven’t been bothered by it again. Every morning I take about three teaspoons full of C.S. just for protection. I have also started spraying it on my meats just before I cook. I can’t prove that C.S. is the answer, but my wife starting having a very bad cough, especially when she would lay down in bed.  With out her knowing it I put some C.S. in a spray bottle and sprayed the bed, the pillows, the air conditioning filter, the curtains, and etc., and from the first night she did not cough. I have continued to do this about twice a week, and she has not had that cough since. Yes I’m a believer in C.S. and I recommend it to everyone that I know.

Steve Schillinger
Panama City, Florida

Opinion 7
I sent a bottle of your HVAC 20ppm CS to a friend in West Memphis. She and I recently celebrated (?) our 50th high school class reunion, and she told me about the nasal problems described below. She’s had exceptional luck with CS, while another friend has found it ineffective (thus far) for sinus problems. However, it cleared up a somewhat chronic ear infection that conventional treatments had affected not at all. Here’s what Freda from West Memphis wrote to me: I live in a southern climate and the weather is very hot and humid in the summer. I get sinus infections about every two months, which turns into bronchitis, and I end up with a chronic cough. For the past two years I have had to get up and take cough syrup at least twice during the night. A friend told me about colloidal silver, and sent me a bottle to try. I to a tablespoon twice a day. After a week and a half, I was able to sleep all night without coughing and the sinus drainage has stopped. I am so glad I found out about colloidal silver.

Ken Rodarmer

Opinion 8
thank you very much. I have found that taking two tablespoons of the middle grade silver helps keep this horrible infection in my trachea under control. Without it I am coughing up pheglm abundantly and constantly especially when I get cold (not a cold). I have no idea what horrible combination of molds, toxins and bacteria I breathed for 4 years, but the coughing brought my blood pressure up to stroke level a few times and I was ALWAYS sick. I’m a robust healthy (normally) active 63 year old woman who holds down a 40 hour week job that is taxing and takes care of my  horse 6 days a week before work and on Saturdays. Its unusual for me to be  an invalid. The silver has helped me regain my normal health after years of suffering.


Opinion 9
Hi ,
I have been using your product of advanced silver and the gold for about 8 months now. Before this time, I had such bad sinus problems my nose ran all of the time even at night when I was sleeping. When I got up in the morning I would clear my throat and cough so bad my husband was getting really worried that I had something seriously wrong. Well, after taking a teaspoon of silver every day, rinsing my mouth out and gargling then swallowing plus spraying into my nostrils, I have no runny nose, no coughing and I feel great. I am 73 yrs old and take a teaspoon of the gold everyday also. GOD is good. Anyway, Bill, my daughter has genital herpes and has a breakout quite often on her back side. I gave her a bottle and told her to take it everyday and also spray on the rash, which she did and viola!!! gone. I wanted to know some feed back on using this for asthma. My grandson has it really bad. He is adult and I was thinking that I would buy your nebulizer for him and use the silver in it. I need to know how much to put in it and if it puts out a fine spray that will get into his lungs easily. I would appreciate any answers and info I can get. Thank you so much. May the good Lord bless and keep you and your family.

E. Walters
[We have some favorable reports from Asthma sufferers. It doesn’t address the main problem but seems to prevent the secondary infections which occur]

Opinion 10
Hi, My name is Rose. I heard about your silver two weeks ago from my brother. I went to the GNC health store and bought 2oz. just to try it out for several reasons. cough, yeast infections, fatigue, pain in legs and hip, sinus drainage and depression. I feel so much better now with energy and very little problems. I have told many
friends about the silver. It works!!!!!!!!  Rose from Greenville, S.C. 29617

[So many people start with someone else’s product and come to us after they realize how well cs works and how much cheaper, fresher and more effective our
products are]

Opinion 11
Dear Folks,
I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth! My husband has a terrible time with sinus drainage especially first thing in the morning. When I found your advert I told him we needed to try it. To make a long story short, by the end of the first bottle of CS he rarely has any flem coughing in the morning! Praise God and CS, mornings are pleasant again! We also found it works topically on jock itch and spider bites. Cleared both up, easily and quicker than ever before.

Thanks and keep up the great work,
The Hawkins

Opinion 12
I am a 38 year old women who was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 18. For 20 years I have had bronchitis and sinusitis every Jan, Feb, or March  along with a nagging dry cough. One day after going to a smokey environment the night before (a night club), I sat in my easy chair and prayed to God  to please heal my lungs because they were very irritated from the night before.  Later that evening, I was surfing on the internet and looked up Bronchitis and  sinusitus because I was sure I was coming down with it, as usual, being that it was January. I observed a testimony on Advanced Colloidal Silver that claimed  it helped someone’s asthma. Although a skeptic, out of desperation I ordered a  bottle of the Advanced Colloidal Silver. I received it about three days later  in the mail. After taking one teaspoon, the very next day I noticed that I  could breathe 90% better than the previous day. I continued to take the  Advanced Colloidal Silver for a week. Two weeks later I went to my pulmonologist  as I had made an appointment the morning my lungs were severely irritated.  They X-rayed my lungs and did three hours worth of tests on my lungs and when  the doctor came in to see me after reviewing my test results, he told me I had  outgrown my asthma. He told me to stop taking both of my asthma medications  singular and proventil) and to come back in two weeks. (He made sure I still  had an albuterol sprayer in case his machine was wrong, He stated there was a  5% chance his machines test results was wrong). He also told me to do the peak  flow meter twice a day, morning and at night and to chart my results. Well,  I did and two weeks later when I returned he said it was confirmed that my  asthma was gone. My testimony is two-fold. One is having faith in the Lord.  I asked him to heal me and I feel he guided me to Colloidal Silver. It has  changed my life and is saving me a lot of money on asthma prescriptions that  I know longer have to pay for. Thank you God in the name of Jesus and thank you to the Colloidal Silver people. God bless all of you. I am now ordering a bottle for my mother and when I spoke  to the Colloidal Silver people and told them what happened to me, they asked me  to send in my testimony so here it is and may all who read this become blessed  with good health.


Opinion 13
In Nov.2001, I got diarrhea and within 2 days, I was completely weak, sick, and could hardly move. I started shaking all over and my husband called the ambulance. When we got to the hospital, the ER couldn’t “see” anything wrong and said I had an anxiety attack. 2 days after, I was laying in the bed, with no energy and felt like something had taken over my body, with me having no control. I went on the Internet and found colloidal silver. I thought “I wonder if this could help me”. 3 days after starting colloidal silver, I felt like nothing had been wrong with me! I stopped taking the silver 2 weeks later, thinking it was cured, whatever it was. Well, within 2 more days, I was right back where I started! (sick, weak, and felt like I couldn’t breathe, let alone take care of the house, and 2 small children at home). Needless to say, I got back on the colloidal and within 3 days, was better. In the meantime, I started with dr appts., to try to find out what had this hold on me. It’s a good thing God lead me to the colloidal silver, because I’m not sure I would have made it till they finally found out what was wrong several months later! I had blocked, non functional Eustuation (sp?) tubes (ears) , middle ear fluid, which the ear dr let me know I was very lucky this hadn’t spread into my lungs!!! (also one nostril was blocked) I didn’t bother to tell her all the symptoms I had been through. I had already seen too many drs, and had complained of my breathing, to no avail. I even had a heart dr tell me something was cutting me off, but he didn’t see what it was! All I can say is without the colloidal silver, I couldn’t breathe.(couldn’t get a full breath) ..and had pain in my left lung area.

This past yr., my 4 yr old son couldn’t stop coughing after a recent cold. (no cough syrup would help) I gave him colloidal and it would make a big difference, but I was afraid at his age, to give him too much. I took him to the dr. He said my son’s lungs were inflamed and prescribed very expensive meds and a breathing machine (Nebulizer). This worked okay and after several days, my son did get better. Well, my 6 yr old brought home another cold, which the 4 yr old always gets next. The 4 yr old ended up with the cough again. This time, I put half a tablespoon colloidal silver in the nebulizer twice per day. It worked! The cough stopped! This was much cheaper than the meds and dr trip, and worked much faster! I put a little extra in the nebulizer now, (we do it once every other day, to keep him clear) and I take a few turns while my son is doing a treatment. Makes him feel better, that mom does it too, and makes my nose feel wonderful!

I have also put colloidal silver in a saline nasal mist and use it to keep my nose from stopping up, I believe stopping what would be a sinus infection (I’ve had them before). This stuff is truly a God send. I personally know what it can do with lung problems and it is a miracle!!! Thank You for making this product available. I don’t know where we would be without it.

Georgetown, DE.

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