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Opinion 1 
We all take our daily dose [of colloidal silver] including our daughters ages 8 and 4. We have not had any colds or flues since taking the silver about 8 months ago and my husband has not had his allergies this season……..

Mrs. A Knight
Tucson AZ

Opinion 2
I have been taking colloidal silver now for over 3 years. I used to get 2 or 3 colds a year and whichever strain of flu that was going around. In the last 3 years, I have had no sickness of any kind. I take a daily dose of about 1 tbsp of 20 ppm solution.


Opinion 3
I was still affected by allergens and after having a cold or flu I usually came away with a sinus infection that was increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Most recently I had tried a course of treatment with a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist–which helped some until getting a slight cold which sent me back to square one. Then, while searching the web, I happened upon your site, and now feel I have found the means to be and stay well from now on! When I received my first bottle of your colloidal silver, I was suffering from severe headaches from the infection, combined with the unusually high pollen this spring. I drank two teaspoons and dripped two droppers-full into my nose before sleeping, and woke up for the first time in weeks with no headache or face pain!!! I continued to feel better over the next days, and resolved to try it for the six to eight weeks suggested for a chronic condition–both orally and in my nostrils morning and night. It works and I am now free from these ailments.

Thank you,
Marion Fennell

Opinion 4
Just want to give you a few examples of how CS has helped me & my pets. I have stopped cold & flu symptoms countless times, never developing a full-blown infection.

May God bless you.
Angie Richter

Opinion 5
I have been using colloidal silver for 2 years now. It’s great!! I have gotten about 80 people to use it too. I haven’t been sick or had a cold since i began taking it daily.(2 yrs) I take about one tablespoon every morning. When I feel a sore throat starting, I put drops up my nose. My family and friends have “cured” so many things it is impossible to list Them all.

Cal Ferguson

Opinion 6
Thank you for your note sharing about your almost bout with the old “flu” bug. It came just in time for me to gain from your wisdom. You see, I had gotten up that morning with this “yuk” feeling and a scratchy throat. I’d been surrounded by the flu bug but as yet hadn’t gotten it, and thanks to God and the wisdom he’s given you….I still don’t have it! I started taking the hourly dose you shared, sprayed my throat hourly and put drops in my nose as well. I’m delighted to say that I’m absolutely fine. No signs of that nasty feeling nor the sore throat. Colloidal Silver works and I’m so thankful!

Blessings to you, keep up the good work! Sandra Duckwitz
Poughkeepsie, NY

Opinion 8
I could write volumes about CS in our lives!! — I began using it out of curiosity about 5 years ago, but I had had no idea that it could work on so many things! We used it as a topical spray for cuts and burns. Worked overnight to heal! I was amazed! A house guest was scratched badly in the face by one of our overly exhuberant dogs one evening. It looked very bad, but she didn’t want to go to the doctor, and she had to show up for work the next morning. I sprayed CS on the long sore across her cheek. Next morning she went to work. the scratch was hardly noticable and did not leave a scar! both my friend and I were “hooked”. and we paid over $22 for 4 oz of this “miracle water”.

A few months ago I found your site and was so pleased that I could buy it for less and still get the “good stuff”!

Now I find out that CS is even more mighty! This awful flu that came though this year made my aunt very ill! but barely grazed me, and didn’t touch my son. difference? You guessed it! Auntie was not taking CS, I only used it after I found I had the symtoms. My son had been taking a tsp. per day for another problem he had .

Thanks for “being there” to supply our needs! You (and the sliver!) are an answer to many prayers!

Opinion 9
My family has been using CS for about 2 years now.  I bought your generator and TDS tester so have been making CS for my family, friends and even a little to sell.  Essentially I get my CS for free if I sell a little on the side.

We have had great results with CS.  A few examples:  My mother-in-law cured toe nail fungus, so did a friend of hers,  cured eye infections, cured infected cuts and scrapes.  It seems to be extremely effective when used topically.

I have also used it to cure sore throats. I work outside and would get a sore throat 4 to 5 times a year which needed antibiotics to clear up. But the antibiotics were hard on my digestive system.  Since I found CS when I get a tickle in my throat I lay down and hold CS in the back of my throat for a couple a minutes 2 -3 times a day.  In a day or two no more tickle, and no sore throat.

We have not had colds or flu in our house in over a year.  At the first sign of a cold we increase our daily dose from 1/2 tsp once a day to 1/2 tsp 2-3 times a day.  We may get some minor symptoms but never a full blown cold.

I have a friend who runs a day care in her home.  She used to have problems with the kids sharing colds, runny noses etc..  Now she give each a few drops of CS in their mouths each day and no more runny noses.

Feel free to contact me about these “cures”.
Thanks for sharing CS with us.
Ron in North Dakota

Opinion 10
Hi, I have been using CS for many years. Mostly for cold prevention ear and eye infections and stomach problems.  I recently subscribed to your newsletter and have gotten other great ideas from your newsletter.  I would like to share a recent discovery that CS has done for me.  I had my ears peirced about 15 years ago.  From some reason though I was never able to wear earrings without discomfort even though the holes were fine.  I would go without earrings for months at a time but as soon as I put a pair in, my ears would ooze and become very painful.  I tried different types of metals including the ones they said were for sensitive ears but nothing worked.

This past May I had a brainstorm.  Why dont I try CS.  So for about three days after I put my earrings in I would dab some CS on my ears. Well needless to say I have been wearing earrings comfortably for several months now with no problems, pain or irritation. What a blessing CS is. I pray for the day the medical community wakes up and realizes what a wonder CS is.

Thanks  Kim  NJ

Opinion 11
I was in GA this summer visiting — I got a bad cold, my sinus were acting up i was congested

I would place drops of cs in nostrils to clear — it worked i was able to sleep— i also used for my sore throat — it helped clear throat phlegm and cured the discomfort also, i went swimming in the swimming pool and got a terrible conjunctivitis in the right eye– my eye was red, painful and burning thank god I had a small amount of cs left!! I placed it in my eye and immediate relief followed.

The red and pain began to diminish and by the next night it was clear. I was so glad i thought of taking the cs with me.

So there’s a suggestion:
never leave home without your CS

Opinion 12
Hi, This finds me well, much better than before I started the CS, blood
pressure is better than it’s every been. Haven’t had any yeast infection all summer.  Feel better. Seems to curb my eating considerable when using CS. Best fluid reducer have ever found. A few weeks ago my son, who works in a peanut mill, where the dust is unreal, came down with a sore throat and cold. His 20 month old daughter had the cold too. He carried her to the doctor, and the gave her medicine and him an order for pills. His daughters medicine cost pretty much and the pill the doctor ordered for him were 6 tablets for $40.00. He got his daughter’s, but passed on his.  Later in the afternoon I met him in town and carried him the remainder of a bottle of CS I had been using. He didn’t think it would work, but he took the bottle with him and that night he took a teaspoon full, the next morning a teaspoon full and the next night, we kept telling him to continue to take. On the third morning, his cold and throat was better and by the fourth day it was gone. I just got a shipment of CS in and my son carried an 8 oz bottle home with him for colds and emergencies. He also was doing some welding at the job and had the hot sparks burn him, he put the CS direct on to the burns and they didn’t even blister and they heal straight up. This morning I awoke with a sinus condition, took 2 teaspoons and have been on a run all day getting rid of the fluid that my body has built up, tonight feel much better. The CS is very good. Good for boils, and much more.

Tex  from Texas  @ e- mail

Opinion 13
I am a mother of 5 children….3 grown & 2 young still at home plus 1 grandchild. When a cold hits our home, it really makes the rounds but now that I make our Colloidal Silver & we have plenty to go around, a cold is very short-lived & we are much more comfortable while we have one. It opens up nasal passages & takes the pain out of sore throats immediately! Every time we get to feeling poorly, we take a dose. My folks saw the results & are using as well now. We probably wouldn’t get colds at all if we could keep up a daily dose but that’s kids for ya…they only want to take it when they’re miserable! =-) We’ve also had great results with skin rashes & burns…takes the pain & itching right out & heals fast! And you know I got to putting a capful in our dogs water dish just to keep the bacteria level down & the water stays clean & fresh & he loves it…I hope it keeps his system cleaned out as well.

Shirley Gipe Polson, Montana 

Opinion 14
Here’s a testimonial some people may not believe. I have been using Colloidal Silver now for about 15 years. My in-laws every year tell me to get my flu shots. I have never had a flu shot. I have never gotten the flu in 15 years, and I have never had a cold in 15 years. Must be something to this stuff ? Oh yes, my in-laws get the flu and colds every year even with the shots. I’ve only been to a Doctor once in the last 15 years also. That was for a 3rd degree burn on my foot. I only went because people said if I got infection I might lose a foot. I had been spraying Colloidal Silver on it. The Doctor looked at it, wrapped it up and said whatever your doing keep it up. The skin is growing back. I don’t even have a scar of any kind. If only more people were believers, we would have a lot less sickness.

J.B. Panguitch, Utah 

Opinion 15
I learned something very important about colloidal silver. I used to get a pleurisy spot between my rib cage and lung, for the last twenty years. It was like someone was sticking a knife in my rib cage. Five years ago I heard about colloiadal silver. I took it for two days and it seemed like it was totally cleared up. So I quit taking it..!!! bad move. Within five days the pain started coming back. I never realized that the eggs of the parisites were starting to hatch. I guess there just doing what there parents did. In two days, the pain was gone again, only this time for good. Since that time five years ago, I’ve taken a maintenance dose daily (one tablespoon).My family and myself have not had a sick day since (colds, flu allergies etc.) since we’re all on c.s.

Thank you Colloidal Silver !!!!
Harry Bray 

Opinion 16
This past Thursday, 13 Dec, I started a sore throat and congested, runny nose, the onset of a cold. I began to use CS, by dropper, in nose and throat, and did so throughout day and night. It is now Sunday and I am symptom free. What do you think of that? In the past, when this happened, the intensity was much more severe, lasting for 7+ days. Since I have also been taking CG during this time, could this have been an influence as well? This kind of happening is hugh for me.

Thank you!
Harry Adler

Opinion 17
I started taking cs one year ago. I took the interferon for 3 months and became very aggressive and depressed. My white blood count went down so far I decided to stop. I have researched everything until I found your website. I have hep c and have been taking cs and have had great enzyme counts and rarely feel fatigued even if I am stressed. From time to time I let myself run out of it. After about a week I will get a cold or sinus infection. I have been having night sweats and my doctor suggested it was the cs and I just went along with her. I now have cut out late night carbs and the night sweats have disappeared. I knew she was skeptical and she sent me an article that was negative but it was the colloidal minerals which has really helped my dad. I plan on requesting a viral count next visit and will follow up. I really enjoy getting the emails weekly.

Thanks and god bless,

Opinion 18
Dear Utopia Silve:

I would like to tell you of my WONDERFUL experiences with Advanced Colloidal Silver

I used to catch colds, sinus infections, pneumonia and bronchitis at the drop of a hat – so far, so good; not bad for living in Montana!

Janice Wolak 🙂

Opinion 19
My name is Jerry Moore. I’m a paramedic in a rural town where the elderly are our primary transfers. With the elderly comes disease with viral and bacterial infections of all types.  For years I’ve had these folks cough in my face, and otherwise expose me to their diseases. My comrades have had the same nasty colds, flus and viral infections the patients had as a direct result of patient contact. I haven’t. The difference is I take Colloidal Silver. Whenever I feel I might have been infected or a sore throat comes along, I take Colloidal Silver prophalactically. For two years I have been cold, flu, and infection free . Why only two years? I was skeptical just as
my co-workers were and didn’t take it. Today, there is no doubt in my mind that “Silver” is what keeps those nasty bugs in check. You say viral stuff too? Yes, I too am amazed at that but I tell you honestly, two years ago I had these colds, flu bugs and infections, today I don’t. The only difference is “silver”.

I hasten to say that because I am 54 years old, I religiously take QUALITY vitamins and mineral supplements in aqueous form. I don’t get sick while my co-workers who are in the same ambulance are infected for weeks with nasty flu bugs and colds. I’m telling you, it works.

Opinion 20
I keep babies in a daycare, who constantly get colds and ear infections. I have yet to catch one from them this season, so far. Can’t beat THAT with a stick – unless the stick is a thin one made of silver! The money I spent last season going to the doctors was much more than the entire case of silver purchased this season, and it actually made me feel good. All the Dr’s medications just masked the real problems, or half-way fixed them and wreaked havoc with my body at the same time. This season, I can feel good about upcoming holidays and plan to do that – thank you Denise! I like feeling good. Now, when I bought the silver I did it on the urging of a very good friend, and I was really skeptical about it’s helping me. I would be the first one to write you and say this stuff doesn’t work. I sure have told countless doctors their stuff didn’t work!!! BUT I CANNOT SAY THAT, because IT DID WORK! And not only does my nose thank you, but my whole body does – it is back to being the way it was supposed to be. I had forgotten just how nice that is! I will be in touch again when my silver supply starts to run low. Believe me!




What is a cold?

The common cold is an infection, mainly of the nose and throat, which is caused by a virus. It lasts two to three days and does not cause serious illness in healthy people.

How did I get it?

The virus, which is very infectious, is spread from person to person by the fine spray shot from the nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. It can also be transmitted by close contact, eg, shaking hands with someone who has a cold.

What will I feel?

You will usually have a runny nose and weepy eyes. You may cough, sneeze, have a sore throat and feel generally off-colour. Some people also have headaches, fever or lose their voice.

What makes it better?

  • resting helps your body fight off the cold
  • drinking at least eight glasses of fluid (water, weak juice or cordial, lemonade, ice-blocks) a day stops you getting dried out, so your mucus is loose and easier to cough or blow out. Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol – they dry you out even more
  • inhaling: put a few menthol crystals, drops of eucalyptus oil or friar’s balsam into a bowl of steaming water. Put a towel over your head, close your eyes and breathe in the vapour – or stand a large paper bag over the bowl, tear off a corner, breathe through the hole
  • putting a decongestant rub on the throat, chest or on a hanky or pillow will also help clear the nose
  • nose drops may be needed if a baby has a blocked nose and can’t suck – your pharmacist will tell you what’s best and how to use it
  • coughing is the body’s way of getting rid of mucus – if your cough is persistant, you may want to consult a doctor.

What can my doctor do?

Go to your doctor if you (or your child) do not get better within four days, have sore ears, cough green or thick yellow mucus, have pain in the chest, trouble breathing or have other chronic health problems. Antibiotics are not given for colds because they are caused by a virus, but they may be used to treat some bacterial infections following a cold.

the flu

What is it?

Influenza is a viral infection of your nose, throat and sometimes your lungs, but it can affect the whole body. It is usually not dangerous for a healthy person. Special care is needed if children, the elderly or those with other health problems have flu – it can be serious or life-threatening.

How did I get it?

The viruses that cause influenza are always around us. They constantly change, so having had the flu before does not stop you getting it again. The virus is very infectious and is spread from person to person by the fine spray which is expelled from the nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze.

What will I feel?

You will have a fever, headache and aching muscles and joints. You may also have a runny nose, cough or sore throat. These can last for up to a week. Occasionally, the infection spreads to the lungs, causing bronchitis or pneumonia. This is more likely in the elderly, heavy smokers and people in poor health, eg, with asthma or other chest complaints.

What makes it better?

  • Resting until you feel better and the fever goes.
  • Drinking at least eight glasses of fluid (water, fruit juice, cordial, iceblocks) a day. This is very important when you are sweating and feverish. Avoid tea, coffee or alcohol: they dry you out even more. Fresh lemon juice mixed with honey, some hot water and a little olive oil, well shaken then sipped, can soothe a sore throat or dry cough. Eat light food, only when hungry.


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