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Opinion 1 

Received the box of my colloidal silver generator last week. Thanks for getting it so quickly sent.

I have a question for you. I have a herb shop in Johnson City, do you sell wholesale so I could possibly put a couple of generators at my store for sale? It is my new favorite herb thing.

I have a testimony story. I started to get a cedar fever type sore throat in the middle of the night. It was one of those cant swallow it feels like a razor in there. Dry, no runny nose, had been taking garlic and other allergy herbs which may have kept it from getting really bad but didn’t fix it. I got my generator the night before and went to the kitchen to try my newly made colloidal silver for the first time. Within 1 hour I got a sharp pain in the lymph nodes under my chin (which were also swollen) which started me coughing. Lots of phlegm started to break loose, now this was a dry sore throat to start with. 30 minutes later my sore throat was completely gone.

Thanks a lot,
Leila North
Boot Hill Herbs

Opinion 2
Greetings, I reside in Austin, TX. (affectionately known as the cedar fever and sinus infection capital of Texas). I’ve suffered with sinus problems including severe sinus headaches since my arrival in Austin in 1999. I’ve had intermittent headaches due to sinuses and bacterial infections for years, but they have remained almost constant since my arrival here. The headaches have been treated through a number of local allergists and pain management specialists and treatments have included everything from NSAIDS, allergy shots, nasal drops, and high level doses of Opiate-based pain killers and potentially lethal seizure medications. Being a single custodial parent of 2 minor daughters, I could not continue on that type of regimen and maintain custody and control of my children and our lives. The problems and excruciating pain in and around the right eye were getting so dramatic that I even considered suicide at one time. I know that sounds extremely drastic, but during these cycles one will do almost anything to find relief. The sinus infections became so bad they triggered what are known as “cluster headaches” which were diagnosed by 3 local Neurologists and deemed as the worst migraine headache pain imaginable times 100. Many cluster headache sufferers have been known to actually harm themselves in an attempt to escape the debilitating cycle of pain and suffering. Well, during one of these cycles, I was at my wit’s end. I had taken Imitrex, both the nasal spray and tablets, Prednisone, and finally had to be taken to the emergency room to receive an injection of Demerol 100mg and phenegran 25 mg to get relief from the stabbing, throbbing pain. I got about an hour or so of relief, and they headaches started up again.

A friend of mine who is a self-taught herbalist and homeopathic medicine student suggested I try using your product. She mixed it and put it in a nasal spray bottle that creates it’s own pressure with a small pump. She had me lay back with my head at 45 degrees or so, and sprayed the Colloidal Silver thoroughly into both sinus cavities. I waited for approximately 15 minutes, which seemed like hours, and she sprayed again. Within 10 minutes, the headaches stopped! Completely stopped! She recommended that I continue to spray the colloidal silver preparation into the nasal passages and down into the sinus cavities every 4 to 6 hours. I continued to use the spray as directed for the next 7 days. I began to evacuate the most foul smelling, dark green mucous from my nose whenever I would blow it. My face above, underneath, and behind my eyes and temple areas actually hurt whenever I would blow my nose. This continued for about 7 days, and finally the mucous became clear, the sinus infection cleared up and I haven’t had another headache or infection for over 4 months. Not a single one! I told my doctor about the Colloidal Silver treatments. He scoffed and said it was like many other types of “placebo” remedies on the market. If you think it will work, many times it will. He dismissed my recovery as my putting “mind over matter” and the body finally decided to “heal” itself. I was simply shocked by his callous attitude and the fact that he wasn’t willing to admit or even consider that treating me with various high dosage antibiotics, NSAIDS and steroids such as Prednisone and others I can’t even pronounce, experimental medicines like Topomax which is still under study by the FDA for this type of therapy, a variety of strong high dosage migraine medications taken orally, nasally and finally self-injected, and extremely heavy doses of narcotic pain medication such as oxycontin 80mg, Norco 20mg, oral dissolving morphine, and duregisic 120 mcg patches, all extremely addictive and highly controlled, weren’t working to break the “cycle” of headaches and infections and all could have been replaced by a relatively inexpensive, easy to use and self-administered product such as your Colloidal Silver preparation. I began to investigate this product, specifically for any information or reports of side-effects or contraindications.

I could not find anything that would cause me concern for possible side-effects. I also found this to be compatible with all of my other medications that I take for non-headache and infection related ailments. I have since had a few friends whom I had met through his office and also suffered from allergy/bacterial induced sinus infections and various triggers for extreme “cluster” or migraine type headaches. Many have been placed on a new medication called “Topomax” and another called Neurontin”. In researching these, I discovered they were developed and are quite effective on people suffering from epileptic seizures and various types of neural brain disorders including ADHD patients. The side effects for these two medications actually filled up 1 and 1/2 pages of an insert placed in the products. They have recently been used by Neurologists in the treatment of Chronic Cluster Headache syndrome triggered by a variety of “maladies” from sinus bacterial infection, vassal constriction, oxygen depletion, blood pressure, stress, the list goes on and on. Results of the experimental treatments are monitored biweekly and reported to the American Neurological Association and AMA along with many other interested medical groups. These medicines are not even known to be effective, yet they will push these over something like Colloidal Silver. At my Doctor’s insistence, I was prescribed these medications and took them on a trial basis for approx. 60 days. They did very little to relieve the pain or constant pressure in my face and right frontal lobe area and did not mix well with the antibiotics. As far as my writing to you, beside the fact your product was the only item that helped me in over 3 years and I’ve seen it help a number of other people that I’ve recommended it to.

Sincerely, RW

Opinion 3


……….I find myself giving away more colloidal silver than ever lately and sending everyone to your website to check it out. Have had great results. One lady I met at a hotel (she was the night desk clerk) had a son who had been treated by doctors for strep and scarlet fever. Her son continued to experience very tender throat, and tender lymph nodes in the throat and the throat was almost totally closed. Of course the doctors had no explanation for why the throat hadn’t reopened and why it was sore and tender to the touch. I told her about Colloidal silver and she bought some (I had forgotten to take some along on my vacation) and within a couple of days the throat was opening up again and the swelling and tenderness was gone. Since then the throat has totally opened up to normal and all tenderness and soreness is completely gone. I am giving a bottle to a friend that has mono. Will let you know the results after he has taken some for a few days. Am also giving a bottle to someone at my wife’s work that has shingles (related to chickenpox) – will let you know results on this too. I take it whenever I feel something coming on. I’ve used it for sore throats – usually gone within hours after taking it. I’ve used it for a bladder/kidney infection. After taking it for a couple days for the infection I went in to the doctor to have him check my urine. No sign of any infection. I give it to my 5 year old to prevent ear infections. Since taking colloidal silver she hasn’t had any more infections and she used to get them one after the other. It’s a marvelous product – wish we could get doctors to see the light. I think they are afraid that no one would come to them anymore – plus they don’t want to lose their kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies.

Thanks for everything.
Rick Scholl,
Electronic Engineer

Opinion 4

We have been using Colloidal Silver for about three years. We find that if we take enough (3-4 oz) of it several times a day at the first sign of a throat tickle or sore throat , we most generally can totally avoid getting sick. This weekend my son got very sick with a fever and sore throat and cough. He took it as I mentioned above and in two days was back to work with all the regular energy and no sickness. We have our own dairy cow and other animals which we like to keep organic ie without chemicals or antibiotics. When our cow got sick we give it colloidal silver instead of antibiotic and saw an amazingly fast recovery in just a day or two. That way we can still drink the milk. (You can’t drink the milk of a cow on antibiotics.) It’s the best thing since sliced bread for us who don’t like doctors and can’t afford them anyway. Hooray for Colloidal Silver!!!

Deborah Ellenwood



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