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Opinion 1 
I am quite excited to find out about such a wonderful product the silver colloidal has proved to be for so many people. I have suffered for 18 years from recurrent bladder infections, and I am so sick of having to rely on antibiotics time and time again. Having found no relief from any other natural remedies, I am so relieved at last to have stumbled across such a wonderful product. And to think it has been there all this time, I wonder why it took so long to come across it. My older sister actually put me onto it when she posted me a bottle only about 3 weeks ago. Her boyfriend was seriously burned as a child and the Dr’s used the colloidal silver to treat him, and with great success. I have also been using cortisone cream on my hands for quite some time, but after taking colloidal silver 3 times a day for only a week my skin is healing up remarkably. Needless to say it must be killing off the candida albicans.

C Jones

Opinion 2 
I just wanted to give you a quick testimonial. I have systemic Candida and ovarian cysts. I’ve been using Colloidal Silver for a week now, and am already having Candida-die off! Of course, the die-off isn’t pleasant, but I know an end is in sight. My Candida is so stubborn that I’m surprised how quickly the yeast is dying. As for my cysts, I was in terrible pain the beginning of this week. Yesterday, I took Colloidal Silver (1 tsp) every hour, and the pain is gone! I mean, I was rolling in agony 2 days ago, and I only have the faintest ache now.

This stuff is really great.
Thanx, Anne F

Opinion 3

I caught a flu virus from my sister-in-law last Christmas, 2000.  I had run ten miles at the track, and was really weak after having worked out so hard, so was really susceptible to infection.  After the fever had passed a week later, I then experienced a bout with a sinus infection that a $300 COBRA payment ensured I was covered by the doctor, since I’d just been layed off of my job.  It took a ZPack, and some other antibiotics, over a 15 day period to clear the infection, leaving my bacterial flora all out of whack.  I was showing a friend where in the store a great fungal cure could be found, and the counter help indicated that Colloidal Silver would do as well or better, so my friend bought both, after indicating that CS was anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral.  (the fungal cure product is Candida Digest, by the way, good stuff)  Well, I caught another sinus infection, to which I’m prone, three weeks later.  Instead of going to the doctor and shelling out another $300 a month to COBRA, I ordered your silver rods and made searches for building the CS generator.  I regularly irrigate anyway with 2 tbs Baking Soda and 3 tbs non-iodized pickling salt in a quart of water, so added CS to my regime.  I dropper each nostril full with CS (makes your eyes bug out) and waited a few minutes bent over the tub, and then irrigated my sinuses with the saline solution using a sport bottle to flush out my sinuses.  The troubling infection was gone in a few days.  I repeat this almost daily, remembering sometimes to take pro-biotics as well, so sue me…  Anyway, I gargle, apply topically, or whatever else it takes to use the CS.  I give it to my birds as well, and spray their feathers after a bath.  The turtle gets it too. thanks,
Austin, TX

Opinion 4
I, too checked out colloidal silver on advice from a friend, when i was being attacked from the inside by yeast. I had developed candida from a combination of pregnancy and lifestyle and was experiencing a total shutdown of my immune system, due to steroid and antibiotic therapy.  it was a mess!.. i tried the colloidal silver and not only, did my symptoms go away but wrinkles went away on my face!  now i use it for everything. With a dose of acidophillous i feel balanced and am balanced with my intestinal flora.  I suggest it to all my friends.  even the health food store has upped the price of the stuff,  now that i’ve made it a new best-seller.  wierd and amazing thing you have there!

Opinion 5

I have hepatitis C, and I was reading your testimonial for CS, and decided to  try taking it. I started with what I had at home for colds. (I always use it  for colds, works great) And then bought the things to make it at home. I drink  about 4oz – 8oz a day. I keep a bottle on me and just drink it through out  the day to keep it in my system. I’ve been taking it for 4 weeks now. The  swelling in my liver has gone down, and the pain is gone. I mean gone! I  always had a heck of a time getting up in the morning and now i get up with  out the alarm clock and my morning chores seem to get easier. I am going to  get blood work done in about 3 months and I will keep you updated. I went to  my doctor the other day and had him check for Candida. He checked and I  showed no signs of it. I have had Candida all my life. You explain it. I  have been putting it in my cat’s water and my one cat whose hair has always  been separated and stressed out, now looks soft and fluffy like when he was a  kitten. I also get outbreaks of cold sores on my face whenever I eat pork or  nuts. My friend invited us over for ribs (which are very scary for me) I had  2. I did not break out at all, not even tingling feelings occurred which is  very unusual. It’s wonderful on the kids sunburns too. Helps with the burning  and helps them tan and less peeling. Thank you so much for the energy. I don’t  feel helpless anymore. I hope to get better and maybe be able to go hiking  again. I will keep in touch. I sure hope those who don’t believe that these  testimonials are true to just give it a try for one week and make up their own  minds. If you do try it you will be totally blessed. I thought there was no  hope except for western medicine. And there is no hope there. Just try it. Do it  for yourself!

Thanks again
Not stuck in bed!

Opinion 6
I suffered from a skin rash that was determined to be a Candida yeast infection by a local dermatologist. I used numerous topical medicated ointments and over the counter remedies. I found out about the Colloidal Silver by Internet months before I was brave enough to try it. After 5 doses in 8 weeks of Diflucan, I decided what the heck. I purchased Colloidal Silver from a local health food store. I followed their recommendations for treating the yeast and after 5 days was cleared. I remain on colloidal silver (4 months now), 1 tbsp daily and the yeast has not returned. After 18 months of constant aggravation, I’m very impressed by colloidal silver. My husband was so impressed that he started taking it for a sinus infection that he had taken 3 rounds of antibiotics to clear without success. After 3 doses of the colloidal silver he even noticed that he wasn’t snoring at night and was much more rested upon awakening. We are both faithful and have shared our experiences with grateful friends. Out next step is to purchase the equipment to produce our own.

Cynthia S. Loughridge, Chief Clerk
Engineering Management

Opinion 7
I have had some very possitive experiences using colodial silver,
one being within this week when I tried it for candida. I have noticed this problem getting worse with age and after having my twins 4 years ago. I get a sore itchy tounge and mouth with a white coating and a fungal type patch on my right calf every month about a week before my cycle starts. I used the colodial silver in my mouth about every 4 hours and topically on my leg and within 24 hours all symptoms were almost gone. I’m a true believer in this product and I only wish there were a few doctors out there who would believe in it as well. It is so much better than anything I’ve ever been perscribed by a doctor.
Thanks for your e-mails.

What Is Candida Albicans?

Candida Albicans is a yeast growth present in all of us and is normally controlled by bacteria in the intestines. But when something destroys helpful bacteria, the yeast begins to invade and colonize the body tissues. These yeast colonies release powerful chemicals into the bloodstream, causing such varying symptoms as lethargy, chronic diarrhea, yeast vaginitis, bladder infections, muscle and joint pain, menstrual problems, constipation and severe depression. The medical term for this yeast overgrowth is candidiasis (can di di’ a sis).

Candida overgrowth is not a new problem, but is usually thought of as a minor infection of the mucous membranes, skin and nails. But the increased and sometimes excessive use of antibiotics, birth control pills and steriods will allow candidiasis to become a chronic, systemic infection that causes tissue damage throughout the body. Chemicals produced by the candida attack the immune system and if the immune system weakens, the candida will spread out into various body tissues and colonize.

Causes of Candida

What causes this normally harmless yeast to grow out of control? Several factors can lead to an overgrowth of candida. One is the use of antibiotics for extended periods. Broad spectrum antibiotics taken for respiratory, urinary or ear infections are especially harmful because they destroy the Candida-controlling bacteria, as well as disease-causing bacteria. Steroids such as Cortisone (Decadron or other cortisone-type medicines) suppress the immune system’s ability to fight Candida growth. Any hormone imbalance caused by birth control pills or frequent pregnancies also favor Candida overgrowth. There are usually parasites as well somewhere in the body when there is high Candida. Another cause of Candida overgrowth can be from a low Acidophilus and Bifidus culture in the colon. It is imperative that there is enough of these two friendly bacterias in the system in order to control Candida overgrowth. Without these friendly bacteria Candida can and probably will become out of control.

Symptoms of Candida

Both men and women can have candidiasis. However it does occur more frequently in women (especially young women) with more severe effects. Candida symptoms fall into the following four main areas:

Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Symptoms
These include constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, PMS, recurrent yeast vaginitis, vaginal burning and itching, vaginal discharge, loss of sexual feelings and prostitis.
Allergic Symptoms
(These symptoms occur with the passing of toxins into the bloodstream.) These symptoms include hayfever, earaches, bronchitis (recurrent), hives, headaches, sore throats, coughing, acne, nasal congestion, chemical sensitivities to tobacco smoke, perfume and foods. The person just feels “sick all over”.
Disfunctioning Glandular and Organ Symptoms
These include infertility, menstrual problems, ovarian failure and ACTH deficiency, hypothyroidism, chronic lymphocystic thyroiditis, diabetes mellitus, impotence and endometriosis.
Emotional and Mental Symptoms
These occur because of central nervous system involvement. These include poor memory, fatigue, drowsiness, feelings of unreality, incoordination, tingling and numbness, joint pain, muscle weakness, muscle pain, irritability, inability to concentrate, confusion and severe depression

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