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Opinion 1 

Dear Utopia Silver,
I used to get a sinus infection that always ended up moving into bronchitis at least twice during the winter season.  Since taking colloidal silver I have not had either. Thank you for being an instrument of Gods blessings. May God’s blessings be upon you and your family always.

Sincerely grateful,
Mrs. B. K.

Opinion 2
For 5 years in a row, I would get a sinus infection in September, from my allergies. Three years ago, I went to the Health food store to see if I could get something for a sinus infection I had. It always would turn into bronchitis before it was done. The lady at the store suggested I try the colloidal silver. BOY……AM I GLAD TOO………. I put 2 drops in each nostril and by the middle of the next day, my sinus infection was cleared up. I love this amazing product. After reading the many things it was good for, I also put drops in my daughter’s ear, when she came down with an ear ache. Usually it takes 3 to 4 days of medication for her to get over an ear ache, and with the silver, her ear ache was gone the next morning. I am NEVER…without this in my home. The kind I have, came in an eye dropper bottle and was a brown color. If I feel a cold or fever coming on, I put 2 drops under my tongue, and it always does the trick. We have not had the flu, sinus infections, sore throats, or any of the many cold related illnesses since we have had the Colloidal Silver. I would recommend this to ANYONE…….and I can honestly say……I BELIEVE IN THIS PRODUCT WITH ALL MY HEART. I am 53 years old, and I also give it to my 16 year old daughter and my 12 year old son. This should be advertised on TV…… The way that I found your site on the internet was 2 nights ago, my daughter had a toothache. She woke up at 3 a.m. and I got on the computer and typed in the word TOOTHACHE…….it took me to another site and I chose Toothache Remedies and the first site I came to was COLLOIDAL SILVER……I had to laugh for not thinking of this myself. My daughter rubbed some on her gums, where the toothache was and by morning, she was able to go to school. She said it didn’t hurt anymore. We did make a dentist appointment, but it sure helped in the meantime.

Thanks and hope more people use this……..
Sincerely, Diana Bowers

Opinion 3
I have been using cs for two months now. It has really helped me and my cat buddy. to start with I had a very bad case of bronchitis and antibiotics weren’t helping. I bought cs from you and by my second bottle my bronchitis was almost gone . I have had a fungus under my toenail on my left foot since childhood and since being on cs my fungus is gone. I am so grateful to have been lead to your site. I also have had chronic sinus problems for years and was on two different prescriptions after my first bottle of cs I could see that my sinus infection was healing. I spray cs into my nose twice daily and as of July 18th, I have no sign of infection……..
I praise God and give thanks to you for the knowledge you give on cs thank you again
Deborah Belleau

Opinion 4
I just wanted to share with everyone the benefits of colloidal silver in my life, especially since the older I get, the more I seem to suffer from allergies. Not just the traditional seasonal allergies, but also allergies to nickel, antibiotics and the pollution in the air! My uncle in Tennessee, who happens to suffer (but not anymore since C.S.!) with Help-C, was the one who “turned me onto” Colloidal Silver. As I am a school bus driver, I am subjected to all kinds of pollution, which would get the sinusitis started, which promptly turned into Bronchitis and sometimes, went immediately into Pneumonia. But my first clue that the sinusitis was just around the corner, was I would have trouble breathing–I just couldn’t get that air down into my lungs! It usually was 24 hours before I could get in to see my doctor, and by that time, I was really sick! And he would inform me that I had Asthmatic Bronchitis, so would start the regimen of Prednisone, Albuteral inhalers, sometimes the Nebulizer treatments and a injection of Decadron along with the antibiotics. I’d have to say, that within 3 or 4 bouts of Asthmatic Bronchitis, now I was developing an allergic reaction to some of the more commonly prescribed antibiotics. Not only did I now look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but now I was an itching, hive incrusted Rudolph who couldn’t breath and wheezed her way into her doctors office!

In the fall of 2000, I was experiencing the “Rudolph” phase again, but this time it was pneumonia–but a mild form. The prednisone wasn’t working, so my friendly doctor “upped” the dosage to 20mg tabs, but the injection of Decadron wasn’t working either. By the time I got through the illness, I was one wiped out puppy. Just as I was finishing my prescription regimen, it was my Tennessee uncle who suggested that I try the Colloidal Silver. To make a long story short, I was so physically tired from fighting the illness that I had no energy to do the smallest of tasks—and I wasn’t sleeping well either. C.S. finished the job that the Rx’s had started—I quit coughing, breathed better, slept better, worked my way (literally) through 2 more bouts of Sinusitis WITHOUT making a visit to my doctor and without developing Asthmatic Bronchitis or Pneumonia!!!

End of story? No, not yet. Before I had a chance to re-order the silver, you guessed it, I was sick again. My computer crashed and burned and my only alternative was to go and see my family doctor. And you know what he prescribed………the usual regimen. Getting down to the last day or two of the Prednisone, I hadn’t been sleeping because of all the Albuteral and I was still wheezing. But to make matters worse, when I would lay down, my heart would start pounding—-I felt like I had just finished the Ironman Triathalon! After 2 weeks of feeling like I had, and after an admission to the hospital where they did all of the traditional testing for someone with heart problems (of which I was given the good news that my heart is indeed, a very healthy one!) I ordered my silver!!!! Since then, it’s been about 1 month and a half since all of these events, and I FEEL WONDERFUL!!!!!! I will not do without my Silver again, EVER!!!!

I’ve also had a few other little things bother me, like an infected cyst, a fungus under my toenails and a little skin cancer on my arms and face that the Colloidal Silver seems to have under control.

There is nothing more frightening than not to be able to get a good deep breath of air into your lungs……except when you have to pay $110.00 for one Albuteral inhaler! All I can say is, once you start the colloidal silver and you see that it works for you, and all of the prescription medicines aren’t, you will never be caught without it!!!!

A School Bus Driver whose an Ex-Rudolph, THANKS to Colloidal Silver!!!

Opinion 4
I am a 38 year old women who was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 18. For 20 years I have had Bronchitis and sinusitis every Jan, Feb, or March along with a nagging dry cough. One day after going to a smokey environment the night before (a night club), I sat in my easy chair and prayed to God to please heal my lungs because they were very irritated from the night before. Later that evening, I was surfing on the internet and looked up Bronchitis and sinusitus because I was sure I was coming down with it, as usual, being that it was January. I observed a testimony on Advanced Colloidal Silver that claimed it helped someone’s asthma. Although a skeptic, out of desperation I ordered a bottle of the Advanced Colloidal Silver. I received it about three days later in the mail. After taking one teaspoon, the very next day I noticed that I could breathe 90% better than the previous day. I continued to take the Advanced Colloidal Silver for a week. Two weeks later I went to my pulmonologist as I had made an appointment the morning my lungs were severely irritated. They X-rayed my lungs and did three hours worth of tests on my lungs and when the doctor came in to see me after reviewing my test results, he told me I had outgrown my asthma. He told me to stop taking both of my asthma medications singular and proventil) and to come back in two weeks. (He made sure I still had an albuterol sprayer in case his machine was wrong, He stated there was a 5% chance his machines test results was wrong). He also told me to do the peak flow meter twice a day, morning and at night and to chart my results. Well, I did and two weeks later when I returned he said it was confirmed that my asthma was gone. My testimony is two-fold. One is having faith in the Lord. I asked him to heal me and I feel he guided me to Colloidal Silver. It has changed my life and is saving me a lot of money on asthma prescriptions that I no longer have to pay for. Thank you God in the name of Jesus and thank you to the Colloidal Silver people.


Opinion 5
I just wanted to let you know what my experience with Colloidal Silver has been. I found your website when I was very ill with a sinus infection. I was looking for something that would bring me relief from the sinus headaches. I found your site and was intrigued after reading all the testimonials regarding sinusitis. I ordered some that day and received it very quickly. Unfortunately, by that time I was already on an antibiotic, but I did use it for the headache and it cleared the pain almost immediately. Well, that’s not the end of my story. Just a few days after I received my shipment, I had a fairly major asthma attack due to allergies. This was a sure thing to trigger bronchitis, I could feel it coming on so I started spraying the CS into my sinuses and taking 3 tablespoons a day (morning, noon and night), along with my multivitamin, chicken broth and lots of hot tea, I have avoided an infection. I am now past the danger zone. Thankfully, I have only suffered from sinusitis/bronchitis for about three years, not long at all based on some of the testimonials I read on your site. But, working part time and also home schooling my kids leaves no time for being sick at all. I am convinced that CS helped me avoid bronchitis. I will continue to use it as a maintenance mineral and will keep you posted.

Blessings, Leah M.

Opinion 6
Dear Utopia Silver,
I started taking Colloidal Silver about 3 weeks ago, I was having a lot of problems with sinus and bronchitis this winter, several series of antibiotics and frequent use of inhalers. The day I started with the CS I was having a thick mucus that I coughed up and blew out of my nose. I started taking 2 tablespoons of CS right away, and put several drops in each nostril at night. The next day I had a significant reduction in mucus, and each day got better. My breathing is greatly improved I have only used my inhaler once in the last 3 weeks after being around some heavy smokers. When I forgot to put the drops in one night, I had a stuffy nose in the morning. I now keep the drops by my bed so I won’t forget to use them. I have now gone to 1 tablespoon for maintenance and the CS drops in my nose at night.

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Opinion 7
Dear Utopia Silver
I have severe allergies and asthma and chronic bronchitis that I have doctored for over 20 years. I have not had to use my cough syrup now for 4 days. I flush out my sinuses 3 times a day with an eye dropper as well as take the tablespoon of Colloidal Silver in the morning. Generally I am up several times at night coughing up phlegm. I am not at all now and sleep the night through already! I have only been on it for a week and have had this wonderful success. Both my husband Vern and I have extremely high expectations with this product. I have to add my thanks to my friend B Mooney in AZ for telling me she has taken the Colloidal Silver for 2 years and has not had a cold or the flu. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to both of you.

Joanne W.

Opinion 8
Dear Utopia Silver,
I just wanted to say Thank you for your great work!

I first tried Colloidal Silver when I lived in AZ, about four year ago. A friend of mine gave me some because I was chronically getting colds, flu’s, anything that came around I seemed to catch. Her family had been using Colloidal Silver for years. They swore upon it. I figured, “what do I have to lose?” I used the Colloidal silver for about a year, (up until the time I moved). I didn’t get sick once the entire year.

Since I moved away from AZ, I had no way of getting a hold of Colloidal Silver. Once again, I seemed to get sick frequently. I also have extremely bad allergies and ended up with a sinus infection that lasted for over three months. Sinus infections were something that I just figured I would always have to deal with. I would get them at least twice a year.

After we bought our computer this past year, I was surfing the internet one night and came upon your website! I showed my fiancé and reminded him of my experience with it in AZ. At the time I was trying to get over a severe case of Bronchitis, I had gone through several antibiotic Rx’s trying to get rid of it. He immediately agreed to placing an order.

Needless to say my bronchitis went away soon after using the Colloidal Silver and my immune system seemed to be reborn again! 

We recently received our case we ordered for the winter “Flu” season. I have referred many co-workers and family members to your website for information about what Colloidal Silver is and how it works! Some people think I am crazy when I talk about how well it really works. I just tell them to think about how crazy it is for them to be paying a doctor just to get a antibiotic prescription that may or may not work! Everyone who has given it a try has thanked me over and over for telling them about Colloidal Silver and your website.

I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found your website and had gone yet another year without Colloidal Silver. It’s God Sent!

[Please be considerate if you contact Janis. She has most graciously consented to including her email address.]

Opinion 9

How I avoided my usual seasonal sinus/bronchitis infection

We live in a grove of Live Oak trees and every spring, they do their pollen thing and I first get an allergic thing and then it goes to my sinuses and then to my bronchial tubes and I get sick for weeks and some times I have to go get antibiotics and sometimes even that doesn’t work and green crud comes out for a long time and I cough all night. Well this year, when I first felt a little something in my throat, I started putting colloidal silver down my throat, about a dropper or 2. and in an hour or so, it was gone. It felt that way in a couple hours again and I hit it again with the colloidal silver and it went away. That was a couple of weeks ago and now the pollen season is over and I can rest easy. Thank God for colloidal silver.

Opinion 10
I will admit that I was a skeptic at first, to the point of not using it [colloidal silver] for over a year, but during the Christmas season, I got a sinus infection. (I was diagnosed over thirteen years ago as having chronic sinusitis and bronchitis.) It was the 23 of December and I knew it was going to be impossible to get into a doctor’s office. You see, every time the barometer drops I get a sinus infection. Chronic sinusitis. My lungs were involved, too, this time. I decided to go ahead and take it and see what happened; especially since it was going to be at least three days before I got a chance to see a doctor for antibiotics.

Another reason I was willing to try this and not go the emergency room, like I normally would have done, is the fear of overuse of antibiotics. I get conflicting messages from the specialists I see. On one hand, they tell me that nothing will make the infections I constantly get go away except antibiotics. On the other hand, they caution me every time about overusing them. I always need to use them for 21 days to get over the infections as opposed to the normal 7 to 9 days. The skin eating bacteria is the ultimate fear.

So, I took it. The following day I began to feel real bad and got out my nebulizer and inhaled the silver. I felt much better after the first treatment and after the third treatment, didn’t need to continue.

I also used a syringe and washed out my nasal cavities (heated the silver in the microwave for 25 seconds) with the silver. It took several weeks to get rid of the infection because just as the mucus was turning clear, the barometer would drop drastically and I would get the infection again. [This is not a protocol we recommend or don’t recommend. It is just a report from a user who, like us, is not a doctor]

As long as I use the silver as a nasal wash at least once a day, I have no more infections! I never thought I’d see the day again when I could get over that illness without using antibiotics. Thank you so very much for helping this to come true. I will never be without the silver again!

I have not had another sinus infection since.
Jacquelyn and Ben Groton

More Information From the Centers of Disease Control

Disease Topic: Bronchitis

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial (pronounced -brawn-kee-ull) tubes, or bronchi. Bronchial tubes are the air passages that extend from the windpipe into the lungs.

Lungs and Bronchial Tree

Lungs and Bronchial Tree

Bronchitis Symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms are: a cough, wheezing, fever, and soreness in the chest.

Bronchitis Causes

Bronchitis is contagious and can be spread by direct or indirect contact. Bronchitis may be caused by a virus, bacteria, smoking or the inhalation of chemical pollutants or dust. When the cells of the bronchial-lining tissue are irritated beyond a certain point, the tiny hairs (cilia) within them, which normally trap and eliminate pollutants, stop functioning. Consequently, the air passages become clogged by debris and irritation increases. In response, a heavy secretion of mucus develops, which causes the characteristic cough of bronchitis. The most common cause of acute bronchitis is a viral infection such as the flu. Sometimes bacteria can cause this disease as well. Breathing air that contains irritants, such as chemical fumes, acid fumes, dust or smoke, increases the risk of the disease.

Types of Bronchitis

There are two main types of bronchitis: Acute and Chronic. Acute bronchitis may follow or accompany the flu, or it may begin without having had an infection. Acute bronchitis usually lasts about 10 days. If you smoke or are around damaging fumes (such as those in certain kinds of factories), you are more likely to get acute bronchitis and to have it longer. This is because your bronchial tree is already damaged.

1. Windpipe (Trachea)
2. Site of Tracheal/Bronchial Rupture (Separation)
3. Primary Bronchii

Chronic bronchitis is defined as excessive mucus secretion in the bronchi and a chronic or recurrent mucus-producing cough that lasts three or more months and recurs year after year. People who have chronic bronchitis are more susceptible to bacterial infections of the airway and lungs, like pneumonia.

Long-Term Effects Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis may take up to 8 weeks to resolve. Once the infection is over, there are generally no long-term effects. Some persons, especially smokers, are more likely to develop repeated bouts of acute bronchitis.

What are the risks to others?

Acute bronchitis is often catching. A person who has symptoms of bronchitis should cover the mouth when coughing Both the ill person and anyone who cares for him or her should also avoid sharing eating utensils or drinking glasses, and wash their hands frequently.

Treatment of Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis, can be treated with anti-biotics, bed rest and by drinking plenty of fluids and staying indoors in damp, cold weather. If you smoke, you should cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke, or stop smoking altogether.

Preventions of Bronchitis

A person can decrease the risk for getting acute bronchitis by:

  • washing his or her hands frequently and completely through the day
  • stopping smoking
  • wearing a face mask when working with chemicals, dust, or other lung irritants
  • avoiding close contact with people who have bronchitis

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