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Athletes foot is one type of fungus infection which is a very common disease. The Athlete’s feet develops because of a fungus named trichophyton. Many people will suffer from this at least once in their life. Athlete’s foot is mostly found in teenage males and also in adult males. Athlete’s foot is not found in women and also in children who are under the age of 12.

One can not ignore Athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is easily treated, but it is found that it is resistant to the treatment given.

There are so many causes which help Athlete’s foot to grow rapidly. Some of these causes include improper ventilation of the feet, moisture and sweating. Sweaty feet, tight shoes are also some of the causes which make the fungus grow rapidly. Due to this fungus of Athlete’s foot disease grows.

Symptoms of athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot symptoms seen are scaling, itching, redness, peeling of the skin, creaking between foots toes. Other than these symptoms Athlete’s feet may also cause lots of pain in the feet, burning sensation in the feet, it may also cause bleeding in the feet.

How Athlete’s foot develops?

The fungi, because of which Athlete’s foot develop, grows in sweaty feet, moist, tight shoes, socks, and also damp places. This fungus also grows in feet which are not dried after swimming, bathing, running. This fungus grows in warm climate. All these are main reasons of these fungi to grow. These diseases may also develop because of the direct contact with a person having Athlete’s foot.

Infection in Toenail

Infection in the toenail is also one reason of Athlete’s foot. This toenail infection is very difficult to treat. Due to toe-nail infection, scaling, thickening of nails, crumbling of nails and also nail loss occurs.

How is Athlete’s foot is diagnosed?

First of all your doctor or dermatologist will check your feet. In this examination he will check your skin scales under microscope or some substances are placed to check growth of the fungi.

What is the treatment for Athlete’s foot?

After the diagnosis, if fungus of the Athlete’s foot is found in your feet then you have to take treatment immediately. Your doctor will give you the medicines required for the cure.

Is there any prevention that can stop Athlete’s foot?
The answer to this question is definitely yes . There are so many ways to prevent Athlete’s foot. You need to wash your feet regularly. You have to dry your feet completely. You must use proper shoes, and do not use the same shoes regularly and changing them on alternate days.

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I have only used Silver for a few days. I am so amazed and thankful! I want to start making mine at home as I have so many needs for it. I had recently finished two rounds of antibiotics for pneumonia. It was a Monday night on my last prednisone and the burning in my throat began again and I knew I was headed for a third round. I called a friend who told me about CS and I asked, “How long did you say that it takes that stuff to get here?” She said she got hers in three days and I said in three days I will be sick. She had one bottle if I wanted it. It was 6:30 PM on that Monday night that I took CS. At 11 PM I took another dose and 3 AM I woke and took another dose. By five I was spitting up foam. By six the burning in my throat was gone and I went to work that morning. I began to back off of CS and the burning in my throat returned. I then determined to continue two doses a day and this has kept me well. Also, I had a very tiny bump appear on my arm. It was very itchy. I sprayed this and almost immediately it went away and stopped itching. Also, I developed the first signs of athletes foot. I sprayed on CS where it was developing. The next morning the burning and itching that is associated with athletes foot was gone. I was writing a cousin about my foot and I thought I better look and see because even though the burning and itching was gone, maybe it was still red. So before finishing my letter to my cousin I untied my shoe and sure enough the skin was perfectly clear! Why all of these little events? Just to convince me I suppose this CS stuff works! There is a question/concern. My husband has been on blood pressure medicine for many years. He has been complaining of headaches the last week or so. We have been more determined to get on track with our health. Since he has a device to measure his blood pressure, I decided to bring it out and we both started using it. We thought the batteries were going bad but they expire in 2008. His readings are getting rather high. He was at the eye doctor and had them take a reading and then he went to his doctor and they took a reading and it was high both places. The doctor wants him to come into the office every night after work for a reading. I went to your web site and looked up every testimony you had on people who had heart problems. My husband read them and he started taking CS. Since I had a bacteria of some type with this pneumonia, I’m wondering if a bacteria could be causing my husband to have an increased blood pressure. If this were true and his lungs filled up as much as I did and I do not have known trouble with my heart or blood pressure, then I am really concerned for him. I want him to take two doses of CS daily but after reading some of the testimonies it looks like he could do more than that. Also I thought it would be good to take his blood pressure an hour after taking CS. I could not find anything on your site exactly like this so if you have information or possibly a testimony I missed, would you please let me know. With much gratitude for a great product!

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[The reports we have had on heart conditions have been few but some are dramatic. It seems some heart conditions have a viral or bacterial cause. In these cases, it seems to help.]


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