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More Information From the Centers of Disease Control

What do we know about allergies?

Allergies are nothing but hypersensitive reactions of the body, which are normally caused due to inappropriate responses to any antigens or foreign particles entering into the body or getting contact with the body.

All the allergies need not to be serious in nature but can cause damage to the tissues. However few of them can cause even death. Allergies are caused due to exposure to allergens or these may be genetic in nature.

Kinds of allergies

Nasal allergies- This kind of allergies is commonly found and occur due to cells of the lining of the nose coming in contact with allergens.

Causes – Nasal allergies are caused by hair of pets like cats and dogs, inhaling of dust particles, certain climatic conditions like cold weather or dry air.

Symptoms- A watery fluid coming out of nose, headache, eyes becoming red, problems in breathing, nasal congestion leading to nose blockage, swelling inside nose passage, itching of nose are few symptoms of nasal allergies

Chronic allergies- These allergies are bit dangerous than nasal allergies. Due to no allergic stimuli such as smoke or aerosols, person can get affected with allergies.

Allergic elements or allergens –

  • Dust particles- dust particles present in surrounding atmosphere leads to nasal allergies
  • Dry or cold air- Due to exposure to dry or cold air, sneezing, coughing, watering of nose is observed.
  • Bees stings- When an insect like honey bee bites, itching of body, skin becoming red, rashes on skin, fever, headache, drop in blood pressure, swelling of tongue or throat is observed .
  • Drugs or injections-Due to injections like Penicillin, person prone to allergies become unconscious or gets fever or lower blood pressure.
  • Food Allergies-Food such as eggs, milk, bread, peanuts, is common examples of food allergens. Eating of these may cause gastric discomfort or diarrhea.

Allergies due to plant and pollens-These allergies result in losing of smell or taste, blocking nasal passage resulting in asthma.

Prevention of allergies

Normally a person often knows the common allergies, so he/she can avoid these by-

  • Keeping away with pets like dogs and cats.
  • Avoid exposure to dusty atmosphere.
  • Avoid exposure to wet or dry climate. In case of unavoidable circumstances use proper clothing.
  • Avoid eating food allergens like milk, peanuts, eggs etc.
  • In case of bees bite or venom entering into the body, consult allergist immediately.
  • Always inform doctor about any medicinal allergies or medicine allergies before treatment.

Treatment of allergies

  • Consult allergist for proper medical treatment.
  • Use Vitamin-C, which is good anti-histamine.
  • Use air-filters for dust allergies.

Remove allergic substances from the vicinity of residence.

Immunotherapy is used in case where medicines or medicines fail to produce their effect. Series of injections or allergy shots are injected into the body, which reduces allergic responses.

There are immediate allergies, which are sensed in few minutes of exposure of antigen with the body. Few symptoms are observed even after days of exposure to allergens.

A properly functioning immune system is a well-trained and disciplined biological warfare unit for the body. The immune system is really quite amazing. It is able to identify and destroy many foreign invaders. The immune system can also identify cells that are infected internally with viruses, as well as many cells that are on their way to becoming tumors. It does all of this work so the body remains healthy.

As amazing as the immune system is, it sometimes makes mistakes. Allergies are the result of a hypersensitive immune system. The allergic immune system misidentifies an otherwise innocuous substance as harmful, and then attacks the substance with a ferocity far greater than required. The problems this attack can cause range from mildly inconvenient and uncomfortable to the total failure of the organism the immune system is supposed to be protecting.

Opinion 1 
My husband heard of colloidal silver from a family member and was amazed by this wonder mineral and all it can do for us. We all take our daily dose including our daughters, ages 8 and 4. We have not had any colds or flues since taking the silver about 8 months ago and my husband has not had his allergies this season. My 8 year old had asthma and has not used her inhaler for months now! We feel great and want to share this discovery with all our loved ones.
Mrs. A Knight
Tucson AZ

Opinion 2
My husband has lots of health problems 7 strokes 2 heart attacks open heart surgery has a history of allergies. He always coughed so hard in the mornings & now there is almost no coughing. The coughing has been from way back Heart problems have been the last 10 yrs. If the colloidal silver does nothing else, It is just wonderful for what it has done for my husband . I’m coping much better since taking it, too .

Gotta go, Evelyn 

Opinion 3
I have a testimony story. I started to get a cedar fever type sore throat in the middle of the night. It was one of those can’t swallow it feels like a razor in there. Dry, no runny nose, had been taking garlic and other allergy herbs which may have kept it from getting really bad but didn’t fix it. I took colloidal silver for the first time and within 1 hour I got a sharp pain in the lymph nodes under my chin (which were also swollen) which started me coughing. Lots of phlegm started to break loose, now this was a dry sore throat to start with. 30 minutes later my sore throat was completely gone.

Thanks a lot,

Opinion 4
How I avoided my usual seasonal sinus/bronchitis infection:
We live in a grove of Live Oak trees and every spring, they do their pollen thing and I first get an allergic thing and then it goes to my sinuses and then to my bronchial tubes and I get sick for weeks and some times I have to go get antibiotics and sometimes even that doesn’t work and green crud comes out for a long time and I cough all night . Well this year(1999), when I first felt a little something in my throat, I started putting colloidal silver down my throat, about a dropper or 2. and in an hour or so, it was gone. It felt that way in a couple hours again and I hit it again with the colloidal silver and it went away. That was a couple of weeks ago and now the pollen season is over and I can rest easy. Thank God for colloidal silver.

Opinion 5

I just want to tell you how grateful I am for the generator. It has made so much difference in my life. Before I got it when I ran out of C.S. it seemed something prevented me from getting it for a while. But now I can keep it all the time and take it more often because I don’t have to use it sparingly anymore. It is marvelous! I know you’ve been told many times but I’d like to say it too, that this product is a Godsend. “All good things come from above.”It is making a difference in other’s lives too. Family and friends are as excited about it as I am. God is so good and merciful. I have suffered with three forms of arthritis for years. Plus I’ve had allergies, sinusitis and chronic respiratory infections and bronchitis all my life. The arthritis is improving and the other ailments have gone back to where they came from. Glory to God! It’s wonderful to not have side effects from the medications I had been taking for years. The only thing is I wish I could get mine to taste as smooth as yours and not be bitter. But I’ll still use it no matter what. You and yours are being prayed for daily and any other time I am prompted to do so. You are blessed because you have blessed others.

I pray you continue to improve speedily. In Him,
April Wyatt

Opinion 6

Thank God none of your family was harmed during the flood. I know the flood damage is devastating, but God answers prayers, and I thank Him for your new building. I am patiently waiting for my order. I believe this is the third order I have placed with your company. I want to tell you all of the wonderful healing I have had with CS and CG ( I have had the worst case of toe nail fungus for years. I cut my toenails as short as I could, and filed the top of the nails so the CS could soak in the nail. With a dropper I placed CS on my toenails and under the nail bed where the nail was pulled away from my toe, once in the morning, and once at night. My nails are not thick any more.  This change is enough to be excited about, but that’s not all. I have had severe allergies for twenty years. I have had three nasal surgeries, a tonsillectomy, and throat surgery, not to mention allergy shots, steroid shots twice a year, and let’s not forget all of the medication. Nothing has helped until now. CS and God has healed me of my severe allergies. I take it in the morning, and if my allergies start acting up, I spray some in my nose, and even in my eyes at night for allergy eyes. I really had my doubts about this working, but I am a believer, and I tell everyone I know. I use CS for everything. I am not afraid to use it for any problem that arises. My husband is a believer also. I have had panic disorder for a few years. I am not on any meds at this time, because I am much better. I have been using the CG, and I do I have less anxiety, and am more relaxed.

I would like to give my Yorkie CS for his urinary tract infection, but I’m not sure how much to give him. He weighs 9 lbs. Would you let me know the correct dosage? Thank you so much for your products. God bless you both, and your family as you recover from the flood.

Through Him Prayers are answered,
Andrea McCon

Opinion 7
Monica, [she is our wonderful chief order lady] Thanks for the quick reply. I was just wondering. I take a teaspoon [of cs] daily, plus I use it as a spray for cuts, in an eyedropper for eye drops for allergies and many other things. My 3-year-old great niece cut her toe on the 4th of July and I asked if she wanted some special spray and she said yes, she didn’t want any ointments or anything else and she said it felt good. That same day her mother used it on her ankle that itches from allergies and she couldn’t believe the instant relief so she uses it also.

We have sprayed it in our throats when they are scratchy from allergies or a cold coming on. I must admit I haven’t had sinusitis or been really sick since I have been taking colloidal silver daily. I think it is great.


Opinion 8

A couple of years ago I discovered Colloidal Silver. I ordered a machine that makes it. Now I make my own. I have had some wonderful results with it and have many testimonials. I won’t write about them all, here, but I have used it on gum and mouth disease and it has cleared right up. My most miraculous story was that on New Year’s Eve, 2 years ago I was shooting off some fireworks for the kids and burnt my hand really bad. The skin was peeling off and my thumb was charred black. I came right in and got some gauze and soaked it in the CS and wrapped it around my hand. I kept doing that about 3 times a day and within a period of about a week and a half, the burn was nearly healed. In two weeks it was almost completely gone. The CS was very soothing and helped with the pain, also. Not long after that the burn was completely gone and I don’t even have a scar today.

I also suffer from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and it helps with that also. I have used it for sinus infections and allergies. I fill a nasal spray bottle with it and spray it in my nose. Bug bites and you name it. It has helped everything. I am a true believer in CS. It certainly has some amazing qualities and benefits. I also use it in the humidifier in the winter when the heater draws all the moisture out of the air and when I wake up in the morning, my head isn’t all stuffy. I believe it is good for just about everything. Haven’t found anything yet that it hasn’t helped with.

Thanks a lot,
Joni, Mississippi Gulf Coast

Opinion 9
I was Diagnosed last December,2001 with Hep C. My Alt [SGPT] WAS 73 the high was supposed to be not over 40. I did not know anything about HEP C, except the doctors told me it was not curable. I got onto the internet to find out about Hep C and pulled up your website!! I read all the testimonials and I decided to try colloidal silver. I started with the regular and read that most of the people with Hep C were taking Advanced Colloidal. I ordered some advanced. I then got a machine from you and continued to make my own and take it. After I retested in Aug. of 2002, and found my numbers still going up my Alt [SGPT] then at 106 I decided to get back on the advanced and take 3oz a day. I just knew it would work because too many other people had good results and I wasn’t going to give up. When I tested again in Dec.2002. and my Alt [SGPT] came down to 52, I was so thrilled because I just knew the silver would work. When I told my Doctor I was taking Silver he told me HEP C was incurable and people believe what they want. But then I have Kaiser so what can I expect huh? It is really sad when your doctors don’t even follow your results. I have requested both my second and third tests, they haven’t. They told me just to keep an eye on it. It isn’t really bad yet, maybe have a test once a year or so!! To think I am living on unemployment and am paying out of pocket for Kaiser so I can have insurance to be able to get my tests done regularly and that is the attitude I get! I Want to thank your family and employees for making this website available to all of us who desperately needed something other than conventional medicine, that is not doing the job! I will always take silver to keep healthy even when my Hep C has cleared up! I still make the regular silver with my machine and use it for everything else even my dog’s rash from Allergies. I gave two bottles to my daughter’s roommate for a bad case of psoriases all over his body and all the creams the doctors gave him weren’t working. He called me two weeks later to tell me he could not believe how much had cleared up, it was a miracle he said!

Thank You again.

Opinion 10
I just wanted to share with everyone the benefits of colloidal silver in my life, especially since the older I get, the more I seem to suffer from allergies. Not just the traditional seasonal allergies, but also allegeries to nickel, antibiotics and the pollution in the air! My uncle in Tennessee, who happens to suffer (but not anymore since C.S.!) with Hep-C, was the one who “turned me onto” Colloidal Silver. As I am a school bus driver, I am subjected to all kinds of pollution, which would get the sinusitis started, which promptly turned into Bronchitis and sometimes, went immediately into Pneumonia. But my first clue that the sinusitis was just around the corner, was I would have trouble breathing–I just couldn’t get that air down into my lungs! It usually was 24 hours before I could get in to see my doctor, and by that time, I was really sick! And he would inform me that I had Asthmatic Bronchitis, so would start the regimen of Prednisone, Albuteral inhalers, sometimes the Nebulizer treatments and a injection of Decadron along with the antibiotics. I’d have to say, that within 3 or 4 bouts of Asthmatic Bronchitis, now I was developing an allergic reaction to some of the more commonly prescribed antibiotics. Not only did I now look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but now I was an itching, hive incrusted Rudolph who couldn’t breath and wheezed her way into her doctors office! In the fall of 2000, I was experiencing the “Rudolph” phase again, but this time it was pneumonia–but a mild form. The prednisone wasn’t working, so my friendly doctor “upped” the dosage to 20mg tabs, but the injection of Decadron wasn’t working either. By the time I got through the illness, I was one wiped out puppy. Just as I was finishing my prescription regimen, it was my Tennessee uncle who suggested that I try the Colloidal Silver. To make a long story short, I was so physically tired from fighting the illness that I had no energy to do the smallest of tasks—and I wasn’t sleeping well either. C.S. finished the job that the Rx’s had started—I quit coughing, breathed better, slept better, worked my way (litterally) through 2 more bouts of Sinusitis WITHOUT making a visit to my doctor and without developing Asthmatic Bronchitis or Pneumonia!!! End of story? No, not yet. Before I had a chance to re-order the silver electrodes………you guessed it, I was sick again. My computer crashed and burned and my only alternative was to go and see my family doctor. And you know what he prescribed………the usual regimen. Getting down to the last day or two of the Prednisone, I hadn’t been sleeping because of all the Albuteral and I was still wheezing. But to make matters worse, when I would lay down, my heart would start pounding—-I felt like I had just finished the Ironman Triathalon! After 2 weeks of feeling like I had, and after an admission to the hospital, where they did all of the traditional testing for someone with heart problems (of which I was given the good news that my heart is indeed, a very healthy one!) I ordered my silver electrodes!!!! Since then, it’s been about 1 month and a half since all of these events, and I FEEL WONDERFUL!!!!!! I will not do without my Silver again, EVER!!!! I’ve also had a few other little things bother me, like an infected cyst, a fungus under my toenails and a little skin cancer on my arms and face that the Colloidal Silver seems to have under control. There is nothing more frightening than not to be able to get a good deep breath of air into your lungs……except when you have to pay $110.00 for one Albuteral inhaler! All I can say is, once you start the colloidal silver and you see that it works for you, and all of the prescription medicines aren’t, – never be caught without it!!!! Signed, A School Bus Driver whose an Ex-Rudolph, THANKS to Colloidal Silver!!! Annette

Opinion 11
I am amazed by this product! I purchased colloidal silver hoping for some relief from allergies and sinus infections. Much to my surprise, after taking approx. 1 teaspoon / day for less than 2 weeks, I have had over 90% reduction in evidence of fibrocystic breast disease. The largest cyst – approx. 5″ long x 3/4″ wide – is completely gone! I am recommending colloidal silver to everyone I know!

(Email deleted by webmaster for privacy.)
[This is a new one on us but we just report, you have to decide]

Opinion 12
Hi Monica [Monica is our crack “answer girl” and head of the order department]

This is Angie Tay from Singapore. Tried the Silver that I order and its really wonderful, my allergies are all gone after about 2 weeks of constant usage. Even my husband who was really skeptical is now singing praises for the product, there are really many uses for it and the regular updates from the newsletter we receive is really helpful.

Need to know if I want to order Gold now would you supply. If u do I will order via the website once u confirm that u can ship to me in Singapore.

Many thanks
Plse also forward my thanks May God bless u all abundantly for your good works
Warmest Regards

[With kudos like these, it is easy to go to work in the morning. thanks, Angie]

Opinion 13
Hi, I am an English major so I hope things in this email will be spelled correctly and capitalized. I got your silver; I use it whenever I have a stuffy nose. I also put it on cotton swabs and swab out my ears with it, as frequently my ears itch due to allergies and whatnot. It works. It doesn’t make me sleepy or fill up my system with stuff I don’t need. Sincerely, Jan Lawrence [Some reports are that simple: “I put it in various places and it kills the germs.” Some reports are far more serious, like this next one.]

Opinion 14
I am amazed every time I read a testimonial. I wrote a month or so back saying how great your product is but I can’t help myself, I have to write again. Like soooo many others, I suffer from sinus infections, even had sinus surgery back in ’97 and still suffered from sinus infections. I was so sick of antibiotics and especially sick of them when they don’t work. It’s amazing how doctors know they don’t work, but they continue to give them to you. I was really worried that if I were to get pneumonia or anything serious requiring a strong antibiotic, what would I do? A lady at my work told me about colloidal silver for her sinus infections and I used it and I tell you I have not had ONE infection since!!! Its just unbelievable that something so simple and so cheap could work. I mean the copays I paid at the doctors, the time missed having to take off work, staying home sick, it’s unreal!!! I take allergy shots and have severe allergies and just felt doomed to always be sick, this product is amazing and I back it 100 percent. I WILL give my email address to anyone if they want to talk about this product. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for finding this silver. My email address is (email address deleted by webmaster for privacy) and I welcome anyone that wants to discuss my results. Once again, I have not had one sinus infection and it’s been 2 months, going on 3!!!!


Opinion 15
I found your website by accident, and I am very glad that I did! I spent most of the afternoon reading the information and the testimonials, and by the end of the day I was convinced that I needed to try this!

I myself do not suffer from any ailments, but am genuinely interested in staying healthy, so I purchased some CS and could not wait to try it.

My 17 year old son has asthma and allergies that keep him pretty congested during the spring time, I convinced him that he should take CS with me to see if it helped him with that, after explaining the testimonials I had read pertaining to these ailments. I must also explain that this kid has grown two feet in the past two years, and has complained of joint pain in his knee, hip and ankles for the past two years. The doctor has attributed the pain as “growing pains”. An hour after he took the first dose of CS, he came out of his room and I asked him if he felt any difference in his congestion, or anything different….he looked at me kind of strange and said, “yeah, this is weird, but my knee does not hurt, and my hip and ankles don’t hurt” Then I told him about the testimonies that I had read about pain relief. He had no idea that it had any of those qualities, so it was not mind over matter in any way shape or form. Actually he was pretty shocked.

That alone convinced me that your product is incredible! I plan on incorporating CS into the rest of my family and my friends. Thank you again!

SIC Utah

Opinion 16
Well, you can add me to your list of people who have tried your product and are now hooked…

I have been plagued with sinus infections for about the past ten years, and nothing has seemed to work. This past summer a flare up of my allergies caused my sinuses to act up and instantly developed into a sinus infection (which meant to me that I had never really gotten rid of the last one…). Out of pure desperation I decided it was time for me to do my own research and found your site. I was tired of the antibiotics and it seemed that they were not the answer to my recurrent problem. I quickly ordered your product and within days (two if I recall) I was cured. I understand that this sounds like pure fiction, and if it hadn’t been that I actually experienced it on myself, I might not believe it either. But I do. And I tell everyone about your product any opportunity I get.

Pls let me know when you finalize plans on your affiliate program…

[The affiliate program info will be in a future newsletter. Stay tuned.]

Thanks again for finally ridding me of those awful infections.


Opinion 17
I just wanted to say Thank you for your great work!
I first tried Colloidal Silver when I lived in AZ, about four year ago. A friend of mine gave me some because I was chronically getting colds, flu’s, anything that came around I seemed to catch. Her family had a generator and had been using Colloidal Silver for years. They swore upon it. I figured, “what do I have to lose?” I used the Colloidal silver for about a year, (up until the time I moved). I didn’t get sick once the entire year.

Since I moved away from AZ, I had no way of getting a hold of Colloidal Silver. Once again, I seemed to get sick frequently. I also have extremely bad allergies and ended up with a sinus infection that lasted for over three months. Sinus infections were something that I just figured I would always have to deal with. I would get them at least twice a year.

After we bought our computer this past year, I was surfing the internet one night and came upon your website! I showed my fiancé and reminded him of my experience with it in AZ. At the time I was trying to get over a severe case of bronchitis, I had went through several antibiotic Rx’s trying to get rid of it. He immediately agreed to placing an order.

Needless to say my bronchitis went away soon after using the Colloidal Silver and my immune system seemed to be reborn again!

I also suffer from severe adult acne, I started spraying the Colloidal Silver on my face at least twice a day, and wouldn’t you know it I am completely blemish free! My fiancé suffered with Athletes foot and had been trying to treat it with a anti-fungal cream. I ask him to give the Colloidal Silver a try. It was unbelievable. Before we sprayed his feet with the Colloidal Silver, they were very red and irritated. After using the Colloidal Silver, within about thirty minutes there was absolutely no redness at all.

We recently received our case we ordered for the winter “Flu” season. I have referred many co-workers and family members to your website for information about what Colloidal Silver is and how it works! Some people think I am crazy when I talk about how well it really works. I just tell them to think about how crazy it is for them to be paying a doctor just to get a antibiotic prescription that may or may not work! Everyone who has given it a try has thanked me over and over for telling them about Colloidal Silver and your website.

I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found your website and had gone yet another year without Colloidal Silver. It’s God Sent!

(Email address deleted by webmaster for privacy)

[Please be considerate if you contact Janis. She has most graciously consented to including her email address.]

Opinion 18
Name: Karen J. Reece
Email: (Email address deleted by webmaster for privacy)

Just discovered Colloidal Silver a month ago. Would like to give a testimonial but am not sure if this is the place to do so. If so, here goes. My mother is 78 years old and has numerous health problems, heart, diabetes, etc. and suffers terribly from frequent bladder infections. This last infection started in June, 02 and after 4 stays in the hospital, numerous different antibiotics, was still in constant pain and full of infection. While surfing the web looking for information on help for bladder infections, I came across an ad for Colloidal Silver. I figured what can it hurt even if it doesn’t help. I purchased a small bottle (2 oz) at our local health store and immediately started Mom taking it. After only two teaspoons (one a day) mom had to go back to the hospital (unrelated problem). At that time, they did a urine culture and said that was the first time since the infection started in June (almost 5 months) that they had been able to get a sample of what bacteria was involved because it had been staying in the bladder (prolapsed). They sent mom home on a different antibiotic (which cost almost $200.00) for 10 days. I decided to not fill the prescription and continue with the silver until our next doctor visit in a week. The results were amazing. The urine culture came back completely clear… no trace of any infection. Mom had been in a wheelchair because of weakness and arthritis. Is now walking without any aid and is even cooking and cleaning again. My nephew has been on antibiotics for an inner ear infection and was staying so dizzy that he could not drive his car to go to work. I took some of the silver to him and after one time of drops in his ear and taking it orally he has not had one dizzy spell. My husband and I are now taking it for allergies and can already tell a difference. I work at a college and am sharing the information not only with family but with co-workers as well. My husband and I are thinking of purchasing a generator and making our own.


Opinion 19

Thank you so much for CS. I ordered a generator and have been making my own CS with good results. When I ordered my first bottle of CS, I was experiencing recurrent yeast infections and my face was breaking out with blemishes as if I were an adolescent, and I haven’t been an adolescent for over 35 years. Anyway, the CS cleared up the yeast infection and my face doesn’t break out as much, but when it does, I apply the CS. And what used to take more than a week to heal, cleared up in a matter of days. I am trying to get my family members to try it as some of them suffer with allergies throughout the year. So God bless you in what you are doing to help mankind.

Gifford DeSeria

Opinion 20

After using CS for only several weeks, I have some good reports.  Sam and I have greatly increased energy, and we’ve noticed that CS heals scratches and insect bites almost overnight. CS also gives wonderful pain relief when applied topically.

Last Sat. night, I got a nasty cat bite while helping one of the new critters.  I ran for the CS with blood flowing and dropped it in the puncture wound because CS kills all known bacteria’s & viruses.  After a couple minutes, I washed thoroughly with soap & dropped in more CS.  I soaked cotton with CS & taped it over the wound.  Sunday, half my hand was swollen, inflamed and sore, but as long as I kept soaking the cotton with CS, I had pain relief.  By Sunday night, all of a sudden I could move my hand freely & was able to prepare 30 lbs. of food.  I kept soaking the cotton covering the wound in the CS.  Monday a.m. the swelling was almost gone……and no infection.  Today (Tues.), the wound is almost 3/4 closed, & hardly any inflammation.  Normally, this type of deep muscle puncture wound would take 2-3 miserable weeks to progress this far.

Since we received the CS, we’ve also been giving it to the animals in food & sometimes in their water.  I am thrilled to report that 2 cats with chronic illnesses are both off the killer steroid medicines.  The kitty with Pancreatitis has not thrown up once, and her coat is improving every day. The kitty with Conjunctivitis has no symptoms either, & is full of energy.  I never dropped it in her eye, but just in the food and water.  Being a nutritionist, the animals all eat a natural healthy diet, with supplements & enzymes added to their food.

We are now making CS & just started giving it to family, friends & co-workers.  After only a few days, one of Sam’s co-workers with many allergies & serious fatigue has already noticed that she has more energy & feels better.  She said, “even my dog has more energy”.  My sister applied it to a cut, & the cut was almost gone the next day.

You are both God-sends, as we never could afford to use CS so liberally without you, therefore we wouldn’t have all these wonderful results.  We also want to thank-you for being so generous with your time and answers.

I will let you know when I have more good reports.  If anyone wants to contact me about our CS experiences, my email is:
(Email address deleted by webmaster for privacy)
Thank-you again, and God bless,

Opinion 21
I wanted to pass along my husband’s and my experience with colloidal silver. He was diagnosed with severe prostatitis, about five years ago. It was so severe that he broke all the blood veins in his eyes from the strain, and he treated with two separate doctors before the second doctor started him on a very aggressive antibiotic regimen. Unfortunately, every time he attempted to go off of the antibiotics, the infection would come back as strong as ever. He fought this for longer than three years, before I heard of a remedy suggested by a local Vitamin & Health food store. We started my husband on 6 droppers of 1100ppm of Colloidal Silver, 500 mg of Olive Leaf extract, and digestive enzymes. After about three months he could get off his prescriptions and after tapering off of the natural remedies for another two months, he could remain free of infection. Then at the prompting of a friend, we visited a doctor who ascribes to alternative healing measures and he suggested we use the silver for a sinus spray as well. I have less headaches now, and my husbands allergies have all but disappeared. he says he also sleeps better because his breathing is not impaired by blocked sinuses. I don’t know if this sounds farfetched or not, but it’s true. We just purchased one of your silver generators, so we will never have to be caught without a supply. We even take colloidal silver as a caution during cold and flu season, and we never fall victim to our co-workers germ fests.

[We do not recommend the high ppm colloidal silver mentioned here and the FDA says (unofficially) that 25 ppm is as high as it should be made]

Opinion 22

I just wanted to let you know that after i got my order i  have been putting a teaspoon of the silver in buddy’s (the dog)  water dish every day. he has been prone to either allergies, dry  skin, whatever. he has itched almost nonstop for a long time. he has  been on prescription diets, cortisone shots, prescription  antihistamines, etc. you get the picture! nothing really seemed to  help. he almost couldn’t go from one end of the house to the other  without stopping to scratch!!! he has been on it for about a week or  so now. he doesn’t itch nearly as much!!! he has been itching less  and less as the days go by!! i am really thrilled!!!!!! i was  starting to feel guilty because he seemed so miserable and nothing  helped.

Thanks so much. and buddy thanks you, too!!! woof!
April Gibson

Opinion 23
Dear, I was skeptical of CS at first and began using it 1/2 oz every day.  Then I stopped because I didn’t really notice a dramatic difference.  Then my kids both sinus infections and ear infections last week and I started feeling like I was getting sick.  I have severe allergies and sinusitis because of it.  I began taking CS again and didn’t get the sinusitis.  This is the first time in five years that I haven’t gotten the upper respiratory infection that my kids got.  But the big difference that I noticed is that I have adult acne on my back and the MD had prescribed an antibiotic ointment that wasn’t helping, in fact, it was irritating my skin.  I have noticed that my back is completely clear since I have been taking CS.  I now believe that there is definitely something to CS.  Thanks!

Opinion 24

I want to thank you for sending me your colloidal Silver News Letter. My wife and I have just started taking CS for sinus infections and just plain misery that we’ve endured for years without any real relief from doctors or the pharmacy. What a joy it is to sleep at night without a nose and throat full of mucus! We’re new to the uses, doses, PPM and how often taken but the results are very encouraging from our usage……………

Thanks again……Irv Kemppe

Opinion 25
Angie Everts

Dear Utopia Silver,

I just wanted to share with you so far what CS has done for us. My 14 month old daughter was suffering from an ear infection for 2 months. We had an appointment to see an ear specialist that I was really dreading. They more than likely were going to put tubes in her ears. She had taken 5 antibiotics with no luck and the last one made her so sick she vomited for two days after I stopped giving her the medicine. The biggest reason why I was dreading the visit to the specialist was because my older daughter who is now 6 years, has had tubes in her ears twice and her adenoids removed. I really didn’t want to go through the tube thing again. The nervousness of the procedure itself, even though not really serious can maybe cause problems with the ear drums later in life. Anyway, I went to the local GNC and started searching for anything that might be natural to cure the ear infection but not make her sick in the process. I found some things there but nothing said it would cure it, mostly they were just for comfort and relieving pain. The lady there also didn’t know much about most of the products in the store. So I came home, typed in ear infection on the internet and up popped Colloidal Silver. I recognized the name but couldn’t remember what it was. So I researched, researched, researched. Then I remembered hearing the name from my mom a couple of years ago. I called her and asked her about it. They had taken natural vitamins a few years earlier and a bottle of CS had come with them as a free sample. She didn’t really know what it was, not very much information was provided with it, other than that it was nature’s antibiotic. I told her what I had found out about it curing ear infection and she sent it over right away. I started putting 2 drops once a day in each ear at bed time and giving her 1/2 tsp once a day in the morning for five days. I didn’t really know how long to do it for, but after the first time I put it in her ears the next day she was happier and not nearly as fussy. I made an appointment with the doctor to have her ears checked, only I didn’t really think it would be gone after only 5 days, after all she’d had this for 2 months. When the doctor looked in her ears he told me that her ears looked like she had never had an ear infection. They were completely healthy. Even did the air thing to see if the ear drums moved properly. I almost cried right there in the office. I am so happy this has worked for her. By the way I also cancelled the appointment to the specialist. Had her ears checked a month later and everything was still great. I’ve just ordered my own generator so I can give it to my whole family. The oldest daughter and I both have allergies and my husband has chronic sinus infection, so we are very excited about the generator so we can stay on it all the time.


Opinion 26
Joanne Webster
Email :

Dear Utopia Silver

We are new to the Colloidal Silver and I am so delighted and so is my husband. My husband had an appointment with our Dermatologist for rosacea on his nose. This was no trivial thing. First it was a redness and then it turned into an open sore. He used Cortisone ointment as well as Neosporin on it to no avail. After taking the Colloidal Silver for 4 days it was totally cleared up. He applied it to his nose as well as takes a tablespoon of it every morning. He is so thrilled. We don’t care if it does look like we are trying to sell it because we are now telling our friends about it and one of our friends is going to order it also and well as the gold. Plus he had a sore throat with a swollen and red uvula and it is completely better now. Now as for myself, I have severe allergies and asthma and chronic bronchitis that I have doctored for over 20 years. I have not had to use my cough syrup now for 4 days. I flush out my sinuses 3 times a day with an eyedropper as well as take the tablespoon of Colloidal Silver in the morning. Generally I am up several times at night coughing up phlegm. I am not at all now and sleep the night through already! I have only been on it for a week and have had this wonderful success. Both my husband Vern and I have extremely high expectations with this product. I have to add my thanks to my friend B Mooney in AZ for telling me she has taken the Colloidal Silver for 2 years and has not had a cold or the flu. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to both of you.

Joanne Webster

[It is stories like these that keep us going. Someone uses it for years, then tells friends……]

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