Colloidal Silver Testimonials- Eye Infection & Herpes

Eye infection

Testimonials for March 07, 2017

EYE INFECTION: The silver is a miracle medicine!. Last night I had such an irritating, scratchy feeling in my eye, I was ready to go to the hospital. It had been getting steadily worse throughout the day. I had tried eye drops and soaking it with warm water, nothing helped. Finally I thought what the heck, I’ll try the silver in my eye. I soaked a cotton ball and rubbed my lid and squeezed a little into my eye. After about a minute, I had a stinging sensation that lasted about 10 seconds, then the pain and the scratchiness was gone. I couldn’t believe it. Today I am completely back to normal. READ MORE–>

HERPES: My daughter has Genital Herpes and has a breakout quite often on her back side. I gave her a bottle and told her to take it everyday and also spray on the rash, which she did and viola!!! gone. -E. Walters  READ MORE–>