Taking Care of Your Dogs With Colloidal Silver

May 30, 2019 (SilverBulletin e-News) by Briana McDonald (UtopiaSilver.com)
I remember living out on my dad’s property when I was a child and inspecting our dogs for any injuries at the end of the day. They were always getting into something, chasing something, and leaving the house for days at a time. ( We had around 1,500 acres in the Texas Hill Country so who knows where they ended up!)
One thing was always certain, sure enough at some point in their adventures, even if they were just chasing a rabbit behind the shed, one of them would come back with a gash along his muzzle or leg. But, they were troopers and this never stopped their adventures from taking place. The thing is, if we would have spent money on conventional antibiotics EVERY TIME they got into something, it would have costs us a fortune!
So, before you run to your medicine cabinet for an antibiotic ointment or calling your vet, which by the way suppresses their immune systems and creates antibiotic resistance- consider this powerful alternative.

Colloidal Silver For Dogs

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Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic, it is also anti-viral, anti-fungal, and has been known for centuries for its ability to treat and prevent an array of health issues in both people and pets. Colloidal silver is suspended in water and the silver particles are so tiny they are able to penetrate cells and kill pathogens.

 Here are some of the many ways Colloidal Silver can help your furry friend:
Ok guys so seriously, many known microbe triggered ailment you can fathom, Colloidal Silver can help combat. This spectrum ranges from simple cuts and scrapes to cancer. It not only combats bacteria but also fungi and viruses which mainstream antibiotics can not even touch! Plus, it can be used as a preventative when exposure to sick people or animals is unavoidable. (1)
You can use Colloidal Silver to help treat any skin issues on your pet such as ringworm, wounds and burns. It’s incredibly soothing and also speeds up the healing time and repairs tissue damage. A personal testimony: we had a dog named Baily who had developed tumors on his bottom. They got so enlarged it became hard for him to use the bathroom and he would always howl in pain. We started putting the Colloidal Silver in his drinking water and also sprayed it topically on the affected area and within a few short months the tumors completely disappeared! (2)  Colloidal Silver is Anti-Cancer
For the unfortunate pups who suffer from frequent ear infections, colloidal silver can help there too. The liquid can be dropped directly into the ears to fight off bacteria and yeast.
Not only has Colloidal Silver eliminated pink eye in our household in less than three days, but it can treat allergies and inflammation. Because it doesn’t sting, it can be dropped directly into the eyes.
How to Use Colloidal Silver:
A guideline for dosing is five to ten drops; two to three times per day.
As a wound cleaner, use it to clean out affected area with a cotton swab. For skin issues, spray onto area or use as a compress several times a day.
Apply a few drops daily into affected ear or ears for up to 10 days.
Apply a drop three times daily into the affected eye or eyes. (3)
Try a Free 2 oz Spray Sample of Colloidal Silver While They Last:

Briana McDonald-is a natural health writer and contributor to the Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine (Utopia Silver Supplements). She does free-lance health article writing and has done website and ad designing, …in addition to her current profession as a banker.

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