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Parachute safety

Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

Nov. 23, 2018; by Ben Taylor (Silver Bulletin- UtopiaSilver.com) As a supplement company (Utopia Silver Supplements) we receive many questions about various supplements, with the most frequently asked question being “Is Colloidal Silver Safe?”.  The most recent question came on FaceBook from Johnny G. who simply asked, “I have never taken this [colloidal silver]; is […]

Dark Ages

Mainstream Medicine May Someday be Viewed as the Dark Age of Medicine

August 14, 2017; by Tony Isaacs (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) By mainstream medicine’s own admission, mainstream medicines kill over 100,000 people a year in the US alone – and that is only for medicines which were properly prescribed and administered. That alone makes mainstream medicine the number three cause of death in the US. When […]


Reasons You Need to Make Your Own Soups and Broths

August 04, 2017; By Briana McDonald (UtopiaSilver.com) For most of the worlds peoples, soup serves as a humble economic food crafted from leftover bones, shells, wilted vegetables and whatever else may be readily available. Although the middle and upper class will use whole chickens, fish, and hunks of lamb, beef, or pork to make the […]


Can Colloidal Gold Help Kill Destructive Cells?

by: Paul Fassa, November 3, 2016 (UtopiaSilver.com) Colloidal gold is a relatively unknown compound compared to colloidal silver. Colloidal gold has been studied and used for several maladies that are not caused by pathogenic microbes of bacterial, viral, and fungal natures. You should know colloidal silver is superior to pharmaceutical attempts at quelling those microbes […]