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Knee Pain

Six Approaches to Treat Knee Pain Without Drugs

(Dec. 4, 2019) by Tom Taylor (Orthomolecular.org) How many people have your heard complain about knee pain? In teenagers it may be dismissed as “growing pains.” In adults, knee problems often are struggled with for years until they cut it out and replace it. This is expensive, with painful recovery, and very likely wildly overused. […]

low carb high fat 2

Low Carb-High Fat Lifestyle Gains Ground Moving Away From Junk Food

August 2, 2019; (OMNS) by Tom Taylor; What is the world’s biggest nutritional problem? Until fairly recently, the answer was often hunger. In previous decades there were numerous solicitations in the media asking for donations to help feed the hungry — but those have largely disappeared. In the early 80s the marketing of processed food […]

Venus Flytrap

Evading the Venus-Flytrap Scenario

Nov. 21, 2018; by Tom Taylor (OMNS) I would like to say “Thank You” to all the medical professionals and researchers who have made videos, and written books to explain modern wellness health strategies. The public has benefited greatly. Nearly all these lecturers have MD or PhD degrees. They know their subjects, and they speak […]