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Glowing skin

Colloidal Silver Testimonials-Candida and Skin Issues

April 26, 2017 (Colloidal Silver Testimonials-Candida and Skin Issues; Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) Colloidal Silver helps heals COPD and Pets, as well as many other issues. Skin Issues Hi, ……..while transferring [silver] from the jug into a small bottle, I spilled some on the floor. Fixing to wipe it up, instead I put my feet […]


Colloidal Silver Testimonials- Acne & Abscess

March 21, 2017 ACNE: My 17-year-old son has suffered with acne for 2 years. He has been on many costly prescription medicines for lengthy intervals. Nothing has helped. The dermatologists suggested he go on isotretinoin as a last result. After reading the terrible side effects from isotretinoin my son and I agreed it was not […]

Bladder Infection

Colloidal Silver Testimonials About Bronchitis & Bladder Infection

BRONCHITIS: I used to get a sinus infection that always ended up moving into bronchitis at least twice during the winter season.  Since taking colloidal silver I have not had either. Thank you for being an instrument of Gods blessings. May God’s blessings be upon you and your family always. Sincerely grateful, Mrs. B. K. […]


Colloidal Silver Testimonials-Candida-Yeast Infection

March 13, 2017 CANDIDA/YEAST INFECTION: I suffered from a skin rash that was determined to be a Candida yeast infection by a local dermatologist. I used numerous topical medicated ointments and over the counter remedies. I found out about the Colloidal Silver by Internet months before I was brave enough to try it. After 5 […]


Colloidal Silver Testimonials-Crohns & Cysts

CROHNS: I can only say that if you are suffering from Chron’s or Colitis, you owe it to your-self to try Colloidal Silver and get your Life back. I can’t believe it was so simple to cure myself, and I had suffered all those years. I will leave my email, so anyone may ask me […]


Colloidal Silver Freedom of Speech

These COLLOIDAL SILVER FREEDOM of SPEECH TESTIMONIALS have been given by Real People (not legal fiction entities or pretend customers) stating their personal experiences as an exercise of their “Freedom of Speech”. COLLOIDAL SILVER is neither a “medicine”, nor is it a “medicine”; it is water and mineral. It’s simply a fact of chemistry and […]