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Skin Age Reversed 13 Years In Just 9 Months By Doing This

Nov. 27, 2018;  [UtopiaSilver.com Note: If you are experiencing what you consider premature wrinkling/skin aging and are not a smoker, it may very well be that you are deficient in Vitamin C.  If this wrinkling is also accompanied with symptoms of mild to severe Arthritis or muscle stiffness it may indicate that you have some […]

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Tobacco Doesn’t Just Kill Smokers; It Kills the Environment

Sept. 7, 23017; (Natural Society.com) About 90% of all lung cancers are caused by cigarette smoking. Smoking kills 7 million people a year, speeds aging, destroys the heart and cardiovascular system, and leads to asthma and COPD. But cigarettes don’t just wreak havoc on the human body; they also wreak havoc on the environment through […]