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Therapists spend much of their time stretching patients to keep them limber as they heal.

Silver’s Use for Many Antiseptic and Purification Applications is Growing

June 23, 2020; by Paul Fassa (Health Journalist- Dateline: Arizona, USA); The antiseptic and disinfectant power of silver has impacted many areas of mainstream medical instruments and other non-medical commercial applications. Almost none of these silver antiseptic and disinfectant applications are considered controversial, they’re even FDA approved! Let’s examine the medical device applications intended to […]

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There Are Scientific Reasons Why Silver Kills Pathogens It Is Not Magic

August 8, 2019; by Ben Taylor (Silver Bulletin e-News) (UtopiaSilver.com) The real science of the noble mineral silver is not generally known and understood by very many. The ends of the spectrum range from rabid silver-haters who may be honestly skeptical about consuming the mineral silver as well as those who routinely use colloidal silver […]

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Testimonials About Mankinds Oldest Natural Healing Mineral

The mineral Silver is mankind’s oldest natural antibiotic and the testimonials below from our customers will tell you why this is true. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tiffany T. – “After researching for years, I’ve finally found something that brings relief!! I suffer from HIDRADENTITIS SUPPURATIVA. Doctor after doctor, pain, embarrassment, antibiotics…which cause other issues and still no results. […]


Misinformation and Misconceptions About the Noble Mineral Silver

January 18, 2019; by Ben Taylor (Silver-Bulletin e-News Magazine) There is an overwhelming amount of misinformation and misconceptions about the noble mineral silver. The mineral silver has for thousands of years been one of the most studied and useful minerals known to mankind. It has long been in use as, not only a medium of […]

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Use Natures Best Germ Killing Mineral Safely and Effectively

Oct. 1, 2018, 2018; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin e-News magazine); First an explanation of colloidal silver, then I’ll list nine ways to use Natures best germ killing mineral safely effectively. If you’ve watched any documentaries on health outside the official AMA-Pharma box, you may have seen interview clips of Dr. Jonathon Wright, MD, founder […]


Soothe Irritated Skin with Colloidal Silver

Nov 02, 2017; by Briana McDonald, Staff Writer Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine (UtopiaSilver.com) Contact dermatitis will affect everyone at some point in their lifetime. When something irritates the skin that we have developed a sensitivity to, an itchy blistery rash can be the result. Repeated exposure to common household items such as make up, perfume, […]


What To Do About the Ebola Scare

August 11, 2014 by Paul Fassa (SilverBulletin e-News Magazine) The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) warns the Ebola is coming soon from West Africa, where thousands have been dying from the disease for years. Even alternative health writers who have experienced several bogus pandemic alarms over the past few years are jumping all over this […]


Dr Kens Heroic Fight Against Medical Mafia

[Editor’s Note: Dr Kens heroic fight against medical mafia is a story indicative of any doctor within the medical establishment who dares to practice natural healing rather than prescribing medicines. This medicine company controlled mafia does not permit their own to stray from the medical reservation without an all-out attack and attempts to slander and […]

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This section features articles by Ben Taylor, …and other health and freedom writers which are primarily focused on the issues of liberty that are at the root of healthcare rights. Healthcare Choice Is A Natural Right Use Your Rights or Loose Them! Notice of Healthcare Rights Colloidal Silver Misinformation Common Sense Use of Colloidal Silver […]