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Naturally Preventing Memory Loss and Dementia-2

April 13, 2017; by Paul Fassa; (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine original) Do It Yourself Juicing for naturally preventing memory loss and dementia-2 (Continued from April 10, 2017) A slow speed masticating juicer is recommended. It can be single auger (masticating screw) or double auger. You can Google slow speed masticating juicers and shop for what […]

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Taurine and Magnesium for Heart Health

April 10, 2017; By Briana McDonald (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) In a recent study published in Hypertension Research, researchers found that when taking 340mg of Magnesium and 3 grams of Taurine daily over a two week period there was an increase in endothelial progenitor cells and a decrease in free radicals.  You can use Taurine […]

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet to Create Better Health

April 07, 2017; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) There are so many dietary options promoted as a key to good health that it can be overwhelmingly confusing. I’ll focus on one confusion and detail the differences between the Paleo and Ketoganic Diets after this commercial break to focus on dietary sanity. (Utilize the […]

African American father massaging his young son's leg because of growing pains
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Should Growing Hurt So Much?

by Briana McDonald (Dateline: Utopia, Texas; March 6, 2017) (Silver-Bulletin Natural e-News Magazine) Very active children (aren’t they all?) will go through “growing pains” most commonly in the middle of the night.  Some doctors believe there is a genetic factor, if your parents experienced growing pains then so will their children and so forth. Yet […]

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Silver Bulletin Natural e-News Magazine

November 27, 2020 READ THE LATEST HEALTH ARTICLES & INFORMATION:  John Hopkins Researcher: No Excess Deaths from COVID-19 Vitamin C Cuts Virus Deaths by Two-Thirds-But Nothing New Gratitude is Good for the Heart and Soul After Decades of Ignoring the Science, FDA Finally Issues Amalgam Warning Wikipedia’s Bias Against Natural Medicine Why Eating Two Apples […]


Understanding Colloidal Silver

February 11, 2015; by Paul Fassa, Natural Health Journalist; (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) You are no doubt somewhat aware of colloidal silver maybe you’re wondering why colloidal silver is sold as a supplement only instead of using colloidal silver as the powerful antibiotic and anti-viral it is. For starters, with understanding colloidal silver keep in […]