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Use Natures Best Germ Killing Mineral Safely and Effectively

Oct. 1, 2018, 2018; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin e-News magazine); First an explanation of colloidal silver, then I’ll list nine ways to use Natures best germ killing mineral safely effectively. If you’ve watched any documentaries on health outside the official AMA-Pharma box, you may have seen interview clips of Dr. Jonathon Wright, MD, founder […]

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Victorious Lawsuit Against Monsanto May Usher In Thousands More Lawsuits

August 16, 2018; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin e-News magazine) You probably never saw or heard a word about this from mainstream media (MSM), but finally, a serious blow was delivered to Monsanto with its glyphosate herbicides Roundup and Ranger Pro by a jury trial that concluded in a San Francisco California State Court August […]

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Medical and Dietary Authorities Have Created a Sicker Society

June 25, 2018; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin)  There’s no telling how many are convinced that our medical institutions and authorities have given us superior health and longevity, but actually medical and dietary authorities have created a sicker society. But however many believe the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is concerned about public health related […]

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The Rest of The Story: Why Is Natural Healing Called Alternative

June 20, 2018; by Paul Fassa (SilverBulletin e-News Magazine) How Pharmaceutical Companies Originally Derailed Other Natural Healing Practices to Monopolize Healthcare: This is the rest of the story: Why is natural healing called alternative ?  First please realize that I understand “heroic interventions” from mainstream medicine are necessary after physical trauma from accident or burns […]

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Why Is Natural Healing Called Alternative?

June 14, 2018; by Paul Fassa; (SilverBulletin e-News Magazine) I’ve always wondered, why is natural healing called alternative, some of which have been around for centuries? Alternative to what? What is considered “first choice” medicine currently has not been around nearly as long, and it mostly consists of synthetically created chemicals for mimicking active ingredients […]

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Colloidal Silver Science-Based Evidence of Efficacy and Safety is Ignored

June 34, 2018; by Paul Fassa- Natural Health Journalist (UtopiaSilver.com) Silver bullets for cancer or silver lining for current cancer treatments? There has been research demonstrating the use of silver nano-particles for treating cancer safely, and the results have been very promising. In the mainstream media and “medicine” Colloidal Silver science-based evidence of efficacy and […]

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Natural Skin Cancer Remedies Avoid Surgery

May 29 , 2017, by Paul Fassa (UtopiaSilver.com) When it comes to skin cancer, Big Pharma offers only topical chemo creams and surgery. The chemo creams usually don’t work but often do cause ugly, painful side effects. Removing skin cancer tumors surgically usually results with tumors resurfacing sooner or later. Surgery usually leaves ugly scars, […]

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NASA Approves Colloidal Silver For International Space Station

April 24, 2019 (repost from May 2018); by Paul Fassa, Silver Bulletin (UtopiaSilver.com) News Flash: NASA approves colloidal silver for international space station use. The International Space Station (ISS) has been in low orbit, hurtling 17,500 miles per hour between 200 and 300 miles around the earth’s equator now since its first phase of construction […]

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Not A Toxic Heavy Metal At Any Level

Feb. 19, 2018; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) There have been a few commentaries and articles lately positioning silver as a heavy metal, and that like most heavy metals it is toxic. Heavy metals can be toxic at any level, and not all of them are “heavy”. Aluminum is a serious neurotoxin that […]

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Survive the Flu Naturally- Part 3

Feb. 12, 2018; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bullertin e-News Magazine) More Reasons to Not Trust the CDC Flu Season Recommendations: The CDC’s  Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is mostly unknown to vaccination recipients and mostly ignored by those who give the shots. It is estimated by some that no more than 10 percent injured […]


Survive The Flu Naturally- Part 2

Feb. 8, 2018; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) PART 2; H2O2, commonly known as hydrogen peroxide, is an oxygenator. Most pathogenic microbes are anaerobic, meaning they thrive without oxygen. Conversely, oxygen spoils their party in your body’s cells. Since healthy cells are aerobic and utilize oxygen for metabolizing nutrients, they are left alone […]

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Survive the Flu Naturally

Feb, 5, 2018; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) Many are claiming this flu season is one of the worst. The reports, official or otherwise, are proving this out. But regardless of the influenza body count, there are questions of whether the flu reports are actually viral influenza or bacterial upper respiratory infections or […]