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Low Carb-High Fat Lifestyle Gains Ground Moving Away From Junk Food

August 2, 2019; (OMNS) by Tom Taylor; What is the world’s biggest nutritional problem? Until fairly recently, the answer was often hunger. In previous decades there were numerous solicitations in the media asking for donations to help feed the hungry — but those have largely disappeared. In the early 80s the marketing of processed food […]

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The Real Story About Acidic and Alkaline Foods and Health

July 29, 2019; by Robert G Smith-PhD & Andrew W Saul; (OMNS July 18, 2019) Alkalizing foods are sometimes believed to be healthier because they prevent acid buildup in the body. This is a myth. [1-3] Alkalizing foods such as vegetables, fruits and nuts are healthy: not because they prevent acid buildup, but because they […]

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…and why more and more oncologists are now using it. Commentary by Andrew W. Saul, Editor (OMNS July 2, 2019) The success of intravenous vitamin C for cancer patients is a repeatedly-demonstrated clinical reality. Here is the full, detailed Riordan IVC protocol, a free download for everyone. http://www.doctoryourself.com/RiordanIVC.pdf Do not let loved ones suffer unnecessarily […]

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The Dishonest Persecution of Dr Andrew Wakefield

April 1, 2019; Preface by Ben Taylor; Within mainstream medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, and governmental regulatory agencies, there resides a powerful arm of what is now being referred to as “The Deep State”. It is every bit as corrupt as that operating behind the scenes in both State and Federal government Intel agencies, law enforcement […]

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A Wonderful Method For Comforting Your Infant Without Drugs

Jan.23, 2019; Opinion by Ralph K. Campbell, MD; (www.orthomolecular.org) Swaddling of infants, particularly of newborns, is an age-old custom. Picture most artists’ concept of baby Jesus in the manger. One reason this custom has persisted to this day it is an effective means for calming. Perhaps it is the terra firma or perpetual hug feeling […]

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Sodium Ascorbate Treatment of Whooping Cough and the Antibiotic Myth

Dec. 10, 2018; by Ben Taylor; (UtopiaSilver.com) There are a lot of myths concerning “Whooping Cough/Pertussis”, the biggest of which is an exaggeration of the dangers as compared to colds, influenza, pneumonia, and other viral or bacterial respiratory infections. The manifestation of intense coughing which would freak out any caring parent is the symptom that […]

Venus Flytrap

Evading the Venus-Flytrap Scenario

Nov. 21, 2018; by Tom Taylor (OMNS) I would like to say “Thank You” to all the medical professionals and researchers who have made videos, and written books to explain modern wellness health strategies. The public has benefited greatly. Nearly all these lecturers have MD or PhD degrees. They know their subjects, and they speak […]

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One in Four Falls in the Elderly Proves Fatal

October 31, 2018; by Ralph K. Campbell, M.D.; (Orthomolecular Medicine News Service); Preventing Falls; A serious matter: One in four falls in the elderly proves fatal. Being a physician doesn’t qualify me as an expert on falling. But because I am 91 years old, I have mighty good motivation to keep learning. In my experience, […]

Wolf in Sheep

Big Pharma’s Big Advertising

October 16, 2018 Commentary by Ralph Campbell, MD (OMNS Dec 31, 2018; TV advertising and magazine advertising—sometimes 2 to 3 standard pages for a single drug—is expensive. So why do the drug manufacturers do it? Simple– because it is effective. Advertising experts carefully construct their ads for a specific TV audience or reader. Evening news […]

Fake Info

Fake Science Attempts to Discredit Vitamin D With Disinformation Playbook

October 3, 2018; Commentary by William B. Grant, Ph.D.; Vitamin D acceptance delayed by Big Pharma following the Disinformation Playbook; (OMNS Oct 1 2018) A “Disinformation Playbook” has been used for decades by corporations to delay government action on matters of public interest that would adversely affect their income and profit. Some well-known examples include […]