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Mainstream Medicine and The Fake Media Do Not Report This Fact

January 7, 2020; (Silver Bulletin e-News) THERE ARE NO DEATHS FROM VITAMINS, MINERALS, AND OTHER SUPPLEMENTS. NONE. Mainstream medicine and the fake news media do not report these statistical facts. Could it be that this simple fact might cause people to more favorably compare supplement safety with the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by […]

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Free Access to Nutrition Therapy Videos

Jan. 28, 2019; The article below contains links to six Free Nutrition Therapy Videos. Although the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals within mainstream emergency medicine do wonders in saving countless lives, their counter-parts outside emergency medicine fall far short of the long accepted mandate to “first do no harm”. The first known published version […]

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One in Four Falls in the Elderly Proves Fatal

October 31, 2018; by Ralph K. Campbell, M.D.; (Orthomolecular Medicine News Service); Preventing Falls; A serious matter: One in four falls in the elderly proves fatal. Being a physician doesn’t qualify me as an expert on falling. But because I am 91 years old, I have mighty good motivation to keep learning. In my experience, […]


Much More Than Aging

July 18, 2017; Commentary by Ralph Campbell, MD (OMNS) The recent Orthomolecular Medicine News Service publication about iodine [1] reminded me of the wealth of knowledge among the contributors to OMNS. Many are capable of doing a detailed research that uncovers every nuance of nutritional deficiencies or excesses as they relate to disease, while backing […]