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Holistic Healthcare

Holistic Approach to the Healthcare Crisis

Dec. o4, 2017; by Chris Kanthan; In 2017, America will spend more than $10,000 per person on healthcare, or 18% of our GDP. In every measure of cost – total spending, per capita spending, spending as percentage of GDP – the US is #1. However, the results are abysmal: worst healthcare and 4th highest child mortality […]

Baby Hostage3

Routine Doctor Visit Turned Into A Near Hostage Situation

Dec. 04, 2017; by Dana A., (Natural Blaze.com) Almost 10 years ago when my children were toddlers I took my oldest daughter who was four to Matthews Children’s Clinic in Matthews, NC for strep throat. We had just moved to NC and I had only been to this office a few times and saw a male […]


Sugar Industry Covered Up Serious Disease Link 50 Years Ago

Nov. 27, 2017; By Heather Callaghan, Editor (NaturalBlaze.com) You may have heard of the sugar industry’s attempt to get dietary fat blamed for heart disease when it manipulated results to cover up sugar’s role in cardiovascular illness. There is more to the story… Last year, three researchers turned heads everywhere when they uncovered evidence that the sugar […]

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America with a vintage flag

Taking The Public Out Of “Public Health”

Nov. 27, 2017; by Rosanne Lindsay; There are no mandates in a free society. There is only choice. [As long as one individual does not violate the life, property, an Rights of another.] Today, mandates are what is on the Public Health menu. However, before you take your pitchfork to the bureaucrats, ask yourself this: To achieve […]

Pineapple Fields

Pineapple Cough Remedy More Effective Than Medicine

Nov. 16, 2017; by  Jon Yaneff, CNP (NaturalBlaze.com) Pineapple Juice for Cough: Effective Homemade Cough Remedies. Pineapple is a delicious, nutrient-dense tropical fruit with a lot of health benefits. But when it comes to over-the-counter cough suppressant syrups, is pineapple juice for cough relief a better natural remedy? Pineapple juice for sore throats and coughs […]

Washing Apples

Best Way to Wash Pesticides Off Apples

Nov. 09, 2017; By Heather Callaghan, Editor This is your best bet of getting the pesticides off your fruit…(Hint: it’s not tap water). Recently, we published a shocking report that many items in the produce section carry residues of one or more pesticides. This means that consumers are literally consuming pesticides on their food, despite the safety […]

Cherry Trees

Can’t Sleep? Try Tart Cherry Juice

October 29, 2017; (NaturalBlaze.com) Montmorency tart cherry juice was found to help extend sleep time by 84 minutes among eight study participants, ages 50 and older who suffer from insomnia, according to a new pilot study published in American Journal of Therapeutics1. “Insomnia is quite common among older adults and it can lead to a range […]


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Why Is It On The Increase?

October 30, 2017; by Catherine J. Frompovich (NaturalBlaze.com) Ever since the mid-1970s, I’ve been investigating, researching, studying, tracking and writing about human health anomalies, which I—as well as other healthcare professionals and data researchers—have come to regard as adverse effects resulting from what most people would consider as “progress,” “technology,” “medicine,” “pharmaceuticals—specifically vaccines,” chemicals—including pesticides, […]

Brain Trauma

Were Energy Drinks The Cause Of This Severe Head Trauma?

October 23, 2017; by Brianna Acuesta; (NaturalBlaze.com) Her claims have been controversial, but she’s just lucky her husband is alive.           During a pregnancy, women often want a support group consisting of their partner, family, and friends in order to get through the difficult parts of being pregnant. When Brianna, a young woman […]


Trees Prevent Disease

October 19, 2017; (NaturalBlaze.com) Americans have an obsession with chopping down trees. Whether it’s over pruning their yards or the corporate paving of paradise to put up a parking lot, trees go down. Trees collapse during natural disasters like hurricanes and fires. In other countries, though, the presence of trees can be the difference of […]

Kids Playing

Kids Playing Outdoors May Have Better Eyes

October 12, 2017; by Mae Chan (NaturalBlaze.com) The ready availability of technology may make the children of today faster at configuring a new smartphone, but does all of that screen time affect the development of their eyes? While conventional wisdom dictates that children should do less up-close viewing, sit farther from the television and perhaps […]

Main Food Companies

Companies that Control Almost Every Food and Beverage Brand

October 6, 2017; by Jay Syrmopoulos (NaturalBlaze.com) Only 10 companies control almost every large food and beverage brand in the world. In 2013, Oxfam International created a “Behind the Brands” report, which focused on 10 of the world’s biggest and most influential food and beverage companies. These mega-corporations are so powerful that their policies can have a […]