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Dr Kens Heroic Fight Against Medical Mafia

[Editor’s Note: Dr Kens heroic fight against medical mafia is a story indicative of any doctor within the medical establishment who dares to practice natural healing rather than prescribing medicines. This medicine company controlled mafia does not permit their own to stray from the medical reservation without an all-out attack and attempts to slander and […]

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Fight Ebola Naturally

by Tony Isaacs (SilverBulletin) Expert opinions are divided on the likelihood of Ebola ever reaching the US, ranging from trying to assure us that it is next to impossible to saying that it is inevitable. Nothing is impossible – including the nightmare scenario of Ebola mutating to an airborne form – and however likely or […]


When Truth Becomes A Lie

October 20, 2014 by Tony Isaacs (FDA’s Persecution of Natural Health) …Continued From Part I: As the advocacy group Drugwatch explained: “The industry demonstrates its power, political might and social influence over the nation’s governments and agencies, its health care systems, its doctors and hospitals, as well as the psyche of the American people. With […]