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Epstein Barr

Real Questions & Answers About Colloidal Silver & Epstein-Barr

Real Question: Subject: Colloidal Silver Do I mix your Colloidal Silver with a bit of water to take internal, or do I just swallow the recommended dosage by itself? Thanks, Charles M. Real Answer: Hi Charles, Always take it full strength. Diluting with any other liquid will only dilute the effectiveness. Read these articles: https://www.utopiasilver.com/laymansguide/ […]


Real Questions With Real Answers September 2016

September, 2016 (by Ben Taylor, …and at times in consultation with Dr Ken O’Neal, MD & ND)  ——-At the foundational level and more than anything else, this Real Questions With Real Answers August 2016 section is about the “God-given Right to Freedom of Speech” which no one and no legal fiction entity or agency has […]