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Incredible Healing Powers of Cucumbers

Feb. 5, 2018; by Briana McDonald- Staff Writer (UtopiaSilver.com) The chemical make up of the human body is a lot like the soil that we grow plants in. For our bodies to grow and heal, our chemical make up has to be full of balanced nutrients just as the soil needs balanced nutrients for a […]

Leaky Gut

Simple Steps to Heal a Leaky Gut

Nov. 09, 2017; by Briana McDonald, Staff Writer-Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine (UtopiaSilver.com) Think of your digestive system as the core operating center for your entire body. With 90% of your immune system being in your gut, the health of your gut will determine the health of your overall being. Complications within the digestive system create […]


Improve Digestion with Mustard Seed Oil

by Briana McDonald; Feb 12, 2017; (UtopiaSilver.com) Proper digestion is essential for optimal health and vitality. Since seventy percent of our body’s immune system dwells in the digestive tract, maintaining digestive health is critical to our overall well being. We don’t always keep the health of our gut on our list of priorities but if […]


Enzymes Play Key Roles in our Health

November 27, 2015 Dateline: Utopia, Texas by Briana McDonald, Natural Health Writer (UtopiaSilver.com) Digestive enzymes unlock the nutrients in your food. In fact, every single metabolic function in your body is governed by enzymes. Your stamina, your energy level, your ability to utilize vitamins and minerals, your immune system — all governed by enzymes. They […]