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Did You Know Antibiotics Can Kill?

Did you know antibiotics can kill? A friend of mine named John went into the hospital for a heart attack just before Christmas, 2002. A month later, still in the hospital, he died of Pneumonia, completely unrelated to the heart condition. He left his widow over $200,000 in medical bills and a broken heart. John […]


Free Colloidal Silver

Free Colloidal Silver With $100.00 Supplement Purchase. If you purchase at least $100.00 (not including shipping) worth of other supplements per order you can receive a bottle of Advanced Colloidal Silver or Ionic Silver at no charge. You can receive 2 free bottles for a purchase over $200.00 (not including shipping). (Limit: 2 free bottles […]

Happy Seniors

Senior Citizen Discount

We are offering a Senior Citizen Discount of  “Buy 1 at Regular Retail Price and Get 1 Free” on our colloidal products. That amounts to a 50% savings. (This offer cannot be used at the same time with any other discount.) The requirements are: You must call in to receive this discount. You must be […]