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Use Natures Best Germ Killing Mineral Safely and Effectively

Oct. 1, 2018, 2018; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin e-News magazine); First an explanation of colloidal silver, then I’ll list nine ways to use Natures best germ killing mineral safely effectively. If you’ve watched any documentaries on health outside the official AMA-Pharma box, you may have seen interview clips of Dr. Jonathon Wright, MD, founder […]

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Reduce Shingles Healing Time With Colloidal Silver

Sept. 26, 2018; by Briana McDonald (UtopiaSilver.com) Shingles is an outbreak of a rash or blisters on the skin that can sometimes bring on severe pain. According to WebMD, “anyone who ever gets it has had a case of chickenpox first, often many decades earlier.” (1) Although it is more common for someone over the […]

Tooth Ache

Natural Remedy to Heal an Abscessed Tooth

August 23, 2018; by Briana McDonald- SilverBulletin e-News Magazine; (UtopiaSilver.com) Living with tooth pain is one of the most uncomfortable ailments to have. It affects your ability to eat, drink, talk — exist! An abscess tooth is caused by a bacterial infection in the pulp of the tooth and is the long term result of […]

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The Truth About The Awesome Mineral Silver

August 21, 2018; by Briana McDonald; Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine (UtopiaSilver.com) Having worked for a company that produces Colloidal Silver I have heard many questions regarding the validity of it’s many uses. I’ve been asked time and time again about people turning blue, about the differences between ionic and colloidal and if it’s really “safe” […]

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When to Give the Mineral Silver to Children and Infants

July 30, 2018; by Briana McDonald (UtopiaSilver.com) Being a mom of three boys I have dealt with more owies, sky-high fevers, runny noses and hacky coughs than I can count. I probably have a gray hair to show for each! Being a mom who always tries to choose a natural approach for treating any ailment […]

Bladder Infection

Eliminate Bladder Infections With Colloidal Silver

July 16, 2018; by Briana McDonald- Silver Bulletin (UtopiaSilver.com) A bladder infection is a bacterial infection of the bladder and is also sometimes referred to as a Urinary Tract Infection, or UTI. Bladder infections are more prevalent among women than men and more than 50% of women will experience at least one in their lifetime. […]

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Colloidal Silver Science-Based Evidence of Efficacy and Safety is Ignored

June 34, 2018; by Paul Fassa- Natural Health Journalist (UtopiaSilver.com) Silver bullets for cancer or silver lining for current cancer treatments? There has been research demonstrating the use of silver nano-particles for treating cancer safely, and the results have been very promising. In the mainstream media and “medicine” Colloidal Silver science-based evidence of efficacy and […]

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

Colloidal Silver for Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

May 22, 2018; By Briana McDonald, Staff Writer- Silver Bulletin (UtopiaSilver.com) Hand, foot and mouth disease is a highly contagious viral illness that affects small children and is usually found in childcare settings where frequent diaper changes and potty training allows the virus to spread quickly. There is no specific treatment for hand, foot and […]

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NASA Approves Colloidal Silver For International Space Station

May 14, 2018; by Paul Fassa, Silver Bulletin (UtopiaSilver.com) News Flash: NASA approves colloidal silver for international space station use. The International Space Station (ISS) has been in low orbit, hurtling 17,500 miles per hour between 200 and 300 miles around the earth’s equator now since its first phase of construction in 1998. It has […]

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How To Use Colloidal Silver For Your Pets

May 3, 2018; by Briana McDonald (UtopiaSilver.com) Our fur family can mean to us just as much as our very own flesh and blood which is why our care for them should be equivalent. They rely on us for all of their needs; food and shelter and in desperate times medical care. Compiled below are […]

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Not A Toxic Heavy Metal At Any Level

Feb. 19, 2018; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) There have been a few commentaries and articles lately positioning silver as a heavy metal, and that like most heavy metals it is toxic. Heavy metals can be toxic at any level, and not all of them are “heavy”. Aluminum is a serious neurotoxin that […]