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Pineapple Fields

Pineapple Cough Remedy More Effective Than Medicine

Nov. 16, 2017; by  Jon Yaneff, CNP (NaturalBlaze.com) Pineapple Juice for Cough: Effective Homemade Cough Remedies. Pineapple is a delicious, nutrient-dense tropical fruit with a lot of health benefits. But when it comes to over-the-counter cough suppressant syrups, is pineapple juice for cough relief a better natural remedy? Pineapple juice for sore throats and coughs […]

Malignant Cells

Bromelain Enzyme Suppresses Growth of Malignant Cells

October 30, 2017; by Briana McDonald, Staff Writer SilverBulletin e-News Magazine (UtopiaSilver.com) What if I told you that the pineapple enzyme called Bromelain has been proven to not only be more superior to the chemo agent 5-fluorauracil in treating cancer in an animal model but in fact blew it out of the water! A study […]