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Bladder Infection

Colloidal Silver Testimonials About Bronchitis & Bladder Infection

BRONCHITIS: I used to get a sinus infection that always ended up moving into bronchitis at least twice during the winter season.  Since taking colloidal silver I have not had either. Thank you for being an instrument of Gods blessings. May God’s blessings be upon you and your family always. Sincerely grateful, Mrs. B. K. […]


Colloidal Silver Freedom of Speech

These COLLOIDAL SILVER FREEDOM of SPEECH TESTIMONIALS have been given by Real People (not legal fiction entities or pretend customers) stating their personal experiences as an exercise of their “Freedom of Speech”. COLLOIDAL SILVER is neither a “medicine”, nor is it a “medicine”; it is water and mineral. It’s simply a fact of chemistry and […]