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Really Good Reasons You Should Have Colloidal Silver In Your Home

Dec. 19, 2018; by Briana McDonald (UtopiaSilver.com) Colloidal Silver is one of those staples our family can not do without. We use it to treat just about everything we come up against and it has more uses than most people realize and despite the propaganda, colloidal silver research and clinical studies are numerous and well […]

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Juicing Turmeric for Added Health Benefits

October 2, 2017; by Briana McDonald, Staff Writer; Silver Bulletine-News Magazine (UtopiaSilver.com) Turmeric may seem like a foreign subject to you or you may be aware of it’s recent hype in the health industry as more research comes to surface about it’s powerful healing components. Turmeric is used more commonly than one may think. It […]

Orange Oil

Glow From the Inside Out with Orange Oil

April 20, 2017; By: Briana McDonald (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) Many products we come into contact with in our daily lives have orange oil, also known as “sweet orange oil” properties mixed in to aid in cleansing and creating a warm aroma that undeniably works wonders. From kitchen cleaners to face washes and shampoos, we’ve […]