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Cancer Causing Metal Millions Eat Wear and Inject

June 18, 2019; Written By:Sayer Ji, Founder; Aluminum is considered by most government health authorities perfectly acceptable to eat, wear as an antiperspirant, and inject into your body as a vaccine ingredient, but research indicates it has cancer-causing properties, even at levels 100,000 times lower than found in certain consumer products. This article is copyrighted by […]


Super-high Levels of Aluminum Found in Brains of Autistic

Nov. 30, 2017; by Jon Rappoport; (NoMoreFakeNews.com) Aluminium in brain tissue in autism.     (For Part-2, click here.) Here I am printing the abstract of a new study: “Aluminium in brain tissue in autism.” The publication is Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology. The authors of the study are associated with The […]

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Ways to Detox Your Brain From Aluminum

June 12, 2017; (TheTruthAboutCancer.com) According to the Alzheimer’s Association of America, “…few experts believe that everyday sources of aluminum pose any threat.” Really? Not according to Chris Exley, PhD, of Keele University in England who is an expert on aluminum toxicity. Professor Exley has been studying the impact of aluminum on the human body since 1984 and […]