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Feb, 5, 2018; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) Many are claiming this flu season is one of the worst. The reports, official or otherwise, are proving this out. But regardless of the influenza body count, there are questions of whether the flu reports are actually viral influenza or bacterial upper respiratory infections or even common colds. (There are many ways to survive the flu naturally without resorting to dangerous drugs and vaccines.)

It is also appropriate to question the efficacy and safety of flu shot (seasonal influenza vaccines) regardless of CDC promotions that are changed annually. The efficacy of the flu shots has been challenged by health experts that are given little to no voice by the mainstream media (MSM).

The media supports CDC fear mongering to promote the flu vaccine and the media parrots their messages while ignoring the high rate of serious side effects. There also is evidence that the flu shots themselves create more flu victims. And the expensive pharmaceutical solution for the flu, Tamiflu, has been exposed for its lack of effectiveness and strange side effects.

So what other natural options are there to prevent the flu or get over it easily without side effects and high costs? All of these issues will be discussed in the first half of this article, and the reasons why you should use them and not what mainstream media and medicine promotes will be revealed in the second half.

Resisting and Getting Over the Flu Naturally

Vitamin D needs to be at optimum levels in your blood to protect against the flu or common colds. The blood test for that is called the 25(OH)D blood test. That’s the one to request, not the 1,25(OH)₂D test. The Vitamin D Council offers test kit for the 25(OH)D blood test that uses a drop of blood from a skin prick if you don’t want to or cannot use a doctor.

The recommended test reading should be between 40 and 80 ng/ml (nanograms per milliliter) for USA residents. Other nations use nmol/l (nanomoles per milliliter), which is converted from ng/ml by multiplying with 2.5.

The Vitamin D Council recommends supplementing with around 5,000 IU (international units) daily with cholecalciferol vitamin D3 supplements or a high-quality cod liver oil. Using pharmaceutical D2 supplement is discouraged by most not under the thumb of Big Pharma.

Of course, if you can get lots of sun exposure to a large amount of skin often, that is optimum. But most of us need some supplementation. In order to ensure proper distribution of vitamin D3 supplements, vitamin K2 is highly recommended along with a good magnesium citrate supplement.

Studies performed in 2006 and 2008 demonstrated that high blood levels vitamin D are better than what flu shots can offer to prevent seasonal flu occurrences. And colds among those with high vitamin D blood counts were less frequent and shorter in duration among those with high blood levels of vitamin D. (Source)

Colloidal Silver serves as both a remedy and protection against the flu. There are some flu conditions that may come from bacterial pathogens but most are viral infections. Pharmaceutical antibiotics offer nothing against viral infections even though they are commonly prescribed for flu symptoms that are primarily caused by viral infections.

These antibiotics destroy supportive “good” bacteria that are necessary for digestion and immune system support. Fancy that needed friendly bacteria gets wiped out when you need them the most. There have been some nasty side effects linked to commonly prescribed antibiotics.

Colloidal silver offers the best of all worlds as both an antibiotic and antiviral for getting rid of colds and influenza without side effects. It doesn’t harm the friendly bacteria nearly as much as pharmaceutical antibiotics and there is currently no such thing as a colloidal silver-resistant bacteria pathogen.

Many have almost completely eliminated their susceptibility to both influenza and common colds by taking a spoonful of colloidal silver daily. Larger doses are required while experiencing any infectious malady according to its severity. Some use colloidal silver in nebulizers, especially effective with bronchial infections.

Silver is a natural substance that’s been used for centuries for protecting food and water from infectious microbes as well as protecting humans from infectious disease. You can find all you need to know about the truth of colloidal silver and dispel the lies spread about by Big Pharma and its toady compliant mainstream media (MSM).

Colloidal Silver Advanced 8.6 oz Bottle

Vitamin C in larger than normal daily doses is a good way to help you avoid common colds and flu infections. Larger doses can help you recover from viral infections as well. Liposomal vitamin C has almost the same clout for knocking out viral and bacterial infections while sparing the good bacteria as mega-dose vitamin C delivered intravenously (IV).

This is due to the lipid or fat encapsulation of tiny vitamin C particles that manage to penetrate the fatty cell walls and get the vitamin C molecules directly into the cells where they’re needed. Liposomal vitamin C is step up from normal oral dosing even at high levels.

Liposomal Vitamin C

TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 2 (Not yet published):

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